stressed caregiver using a computerCaring for a loved one can be a rewarding but also extremely stressful experience. Caregivers often feel frustrated, alone, and even used. Then these feelings lead to additional feelings of guilt and embarrassment. But, you know what? Most caregivers feel this way at one time or another. You are not alone! Reading the experiences of others can help you realize this. So, here are 6 blogs that help caregivers of elderly parents feel less stressed… and less alone!

As Our Parents Age

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My Favorite Post:  Ipad for Dad Series

As Our Parents Age is the blog of Marti Weston and catalogs her experiences taking care of an aging parent. The blog offers personal insights, stories, and advice based on the personal experiences of Marti and her husband. There are many posts about Medicare, fall prevention, and dealing with the death of a parent. Other key categories are: aging parents, caregiving, medical care, and senior health. If you want to understand caring for elderly parents from a personal perspective, this is a blog you will want to check out.

David Solie’s Second-Half of Life Blog

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Example Post: Why Would An Aging Parent Say That?

David Solie is an author, lecturer, and educator who specializes in the area of communication with the geriatric and with elders. He is the published author of two books: How To Say It To Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders and Caregiver Mind Maps: New Tools for Eldercare.  His blog focuses on improving communication with seniors and the elderly and the psychology of aging. Understanding the what is going on in the head of the elder will help improve your communication with them. This blog is very easy to navigate and you will have no problem finding articles that will help.

Transition Aging Parents Blog

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Example Post: A Daughter’s Last Words to her Mother

Transition Aging Parents is the blog of Dale Carter, an author and elder care expert. She started the blog to share her personal experiences as she helped her own mother through declining health problems. Dale strives to educate her readers on how they can help the elderly in their lives thrive as they enter the final stages of life. She also offers a book, articles, and an eCourse on her site to help caregivers of elderly parents. Unique to this blog is a section about helping senior drivers. I think you will really find that section handy.

Caregiver Stress

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Example Article: Caregiving Tips from the Pros: 8 Words of Advice is the online blog of HomeInstead Senior Care Services, a home care company based in Omaha NE. This site has tons of resources for caregivers. There are great tips and tools to help manage the everyday life of seniors. But the site is also an awesome resource for caregivers and how to deal with the stress of caring for someone else. The site has section titled Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others that is a must read forstressed-outt caregivers. While there will be some ads for their home care services, the articles are free and extremely helpful.

The Caregivers’ Living Room

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Example Post: How Caregiving Changes Us – What Dies, What Grows

The Caregivers’ Living Room is the personal blog of Donna Thomson, a disability activist, author, consultant and writer. Donna has a unique perspective on caregiving being the caregiver for a son with severe disabilities and an elderly mother as well. Her blog is extremely personal and she articulates well thoughts many caregivers feel but are afraid to express. She is also author of the book The Four Walls of My Freedom which is about the lessons she has learned while caring for her son. Reading this blog is at times painful but often redeeming as you learn that there are others who feel the same as you.

The Caregiver Space

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Example Post: You can prevent compassion fatigue

The Caregiver Space is much more than a blog. It is also an online community for caregivers where you can ask questions and get answers in addition to reading helpful articles. The Caregiver Space grew out of the Caregiver Survival Network started by Adrienne Gruberg after caring for her husband and mother-in-law. A great place to start with this site is the articles by author Harriet Hodgson. Most of her articles have a positivity about them that will have you feeling better in no time at all.

Do you have a “go to” resource during times of stress? Do you know of other books or blogs that can help caregivers of elderly parents? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!