6 Promising Technologies for Seniors in 2018: Now Aging Gets Easier!

4 seniors looking at a laptop computer screen together
There are many technologies that can improve the daily lives of seniors

In the passing decade, the world has seen the development of new tools every now and then to overcome different challenges of life. As far as senior care is concerned, you will easily find a number of ways how technology has raised the level of safety and health among elderly. Here are 6 advancements which are going to be important for seniors.

Robot Assistance for Better Health Care

While there are assisted living homes to take care of your elderly, the next level of advancement is robots. Do you know there are some memory care facilities which are using robot pets as a tool for helping residents with dementia? These robots are believed to bring comfort and relaxation to the patients when they’re dealing with bouts of anxiety.

Researchers are also now trying to come up with robot caregivers. You can expect them to provide even more of the care that your seniors can expect, as they age. Certainly, these robot caregivers aren’t meant to replace human caregivers. However, these would be helpful to lighten the heavy load caregivers face nowadays.

Wearables Market Expanding Its Reach

You might have come across different types of wearables which are made specifically for seniors. Wondering how these wearables are helpful? Actually, they provide seniors with added safety, easy reminders, and even activity tracking. These usually include smart watches, stylish bracelets, and much more. You can easily buy them and bring them to use as per your convenience.

Just like popular wearable devices like the FitBit, these devices tend to take technology further. How? Nowadays these can be used to track the wearer’s blood pressure, monitor vital signs, and much more. Plus, these are amazingly helpful for the elderly with vision loss as these help them to navigate their way through the world. Brands are highly interested in pursuing the senior market. And the evolution of new wearable products makes certain that in years to come, these will become more sophisticated.

Self-Driving Cars to Make Traveling Safe

It is probably one of the most exciting and talked-about technological developments. And undoubtedly, it will improve seniors’ lives to a great extent. The arrival of self-driving cars in the market seems to be a blessing for both elderly and their loved ones. So, in the coming few years, people don’t need to worry to take their seniors for a drive or doctor’s visit. Even they will have no reason to stop driving.

control panel for a smart house system mounted on a beige wall
Smart homes can help seniors accomplish many tasks simply by using their voice.

Voice Activation for Smarter Homes

Nowadays more and more homemakers are switching to smarter homes. Yes, people are becoming very interested in making investments to adapt to smart technology. For example, voice-activated smart devices are becoming common home tools. While for some consumers, it is about the convenience and a charm factor, to others it can be an aid for elderly with mobility issues.

Just imagine, your seniors can talk to a device like Amazon Echo and ask it to turn lights on and off. Isn’t that amazing! From putting the sprinklers on and off to turning thermostats up and down, these devices are helpful for seniors with difficulty walking and with visibility. You no longer need to worry about their risks of a fall!

Technology to Keep Closer and Happy

If asked about the biggest fear of growing age, it’s loneliness for most of the elderly. However, thanks to technology, it aims to provide some help with this as well.

The biggest example is of the current trend which features different social networks. These platforms are helpful to seniors, assisting them to find companions. While they can connect with other seniors online, it offers them an opportunity to start new friendships when they have lost someone close to their heart.

Social networks are providing multiple solutions to help seniors avoid being alone. They will stay social as they age and can also enjoy more solutions for a better and healthy life by connecting with other seniors, doctors, professionals, and so on.

The elderly can also use services like Skype and FaceTime to connect with their loved ones any time they want, without having to leave or move from where they are. This helps keep them connected with their families and makes them feel much less alone.

Senior Safety Improves with Technology

When it comes to the market for tech products which exist to make seniors safer specifically, it is very large. You already have a long list of medical alert systems, home monitoring devices and GPS monitoring devices to help elderly. The major benefit of these devices is for families who want to ensure that their senior loved ones get medical help quickly, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, there are companies working on technology like Senior Growth which aims to help home health caregivers. Basically, these tools will assist them to track a senior’s health and behavior in a better way. Doing so, they will be able to quickly identify the potential risks and treat it as soon as possible.

The world is already introduced to medical diagnostic devices which will monitor heart health or measure oxygen. Now different brands are working to make this technology easily accessible and more affordable. While some of the technological innovations stated above are already available, others will be accessible in few months. Altogether, these simply indicate a future of an easier, safer, and better life for seniors.

Now that you are aware of the upcoming technologies for seniors, don’t you think aging is going to be more comfortable and secure?

Let us know your thoughts on the role of these senior living advancements.

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JJ Koll has a broad experience of over 20 years in the senior housing industry which comprises of census growth, team building and leadership to achieve business goals & objectives. Currently, working as a senior housing executive at Courtyard at Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR to take care of all the senior living facilities in the community.

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