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The Best Sleep Shirts For The Elderly

Help your elderly loved one get better quality sleep each night by providing them with the right sleepwear. The right sleep shirt allows your loved one to sleep better by being more comfortable, breathable and facilitating free movement. Here are my top recommendations.

The Best Scissors for Arthritic Hands: Easy to Grip & Squeeze

You may be pleased to learn that there are scissors that can help people with arthritis cut without straining your hands, fingers and thumbs. Cutting for home, school, work, or hobbies becomes so much easier when you use the right scissors for arthritic hands. Here are my top recommendations.

About Scott Grant

Scott Grant ATP
Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS
Assistive Technology Professional
Custom Wheelchair Specialist
Medical Equipment Guru
Dad and Grandfather

Prior to being fortunate enough to work on Graying With Grace full-time, I served disabled adults, seniors, and the elderly in the durable medical equipment industry for over 25 years. In my own quest to make it to 100, I grow my own food, love to be outdoors, and exercise when I can. I am also a lucky dad to four awesome daughters and grandfather to three pretty terrific grandkids.

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