16 Fun and Challenging Game Apps for Seniors on Android Phones and Tablets

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Mental stimulation and entertainment are especially important to seniors. And with Android games available on a tablet or a smartphone, they can have fun playing either alone or with others. So here are 16 Android games I recommend for seniors and the elderly.

Best Android Games For Seniors

Mental stimulation and entertainment are especially important to seniors. And with Android games available on a tablet or a smartphone, they can have fun playing either alone or with others. So here are 16 Android games I recommend for seniors and the elderly.

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Mental stimulation, amusement, and joy are important for everyone, especially for seniors.

At the same time, everyone has those days when they pass the time doing something engaging such as playing Android games on either a tablet or a phone.

In this article, we will cover some of the best games and why they are suited to seniors. 

Best Android Games For Seniors

1. Monopoly – Classic Board Game

This is the perfect game for any senior who loved spending hours as a child trading money “monopoly dollars” for assets. This is a mobile version that allows the players to enjoy this game on their own.

This also means your loved one won’t need other players, and they can still enjoy building their own monopoly empire. 

The gameplay and rules remain the same, and the only difference is that your board will be on a screen of a phone, and the dice roll is digital. The 3D graphics of Monopoly adds excitement and a fun quotient. This classic version from Black Fort Games is free, but it does contain ads. 

2. Fruit Ninja

This is a fast-paced yet simple game, and this is what makes it so interesting and entertaining. The game involves chopping fruits with a sword. As the fruits are tossed up onto your screen, you need to cut them before they fall down.

This is an excellent game for those looking for entertainment and anxiety and stress relief since the game may be simple, but the player will become completely engrossed while playing. The original from Halfbrick is a free game to download, but it will contain ads. 

The game features two versions which include Fruit Ninja Classic or an updated modern version simply known as Fruit Ninja. Other games that are similar in this category include Fruit slice, Fruit Cut 3D, Katana Fruit slicer, Veggie Ninja, and Knife Ninja. 

3. Tricky Test 2

Users on the Play Store have rated this game at 4.8, which is more than enough to pique anyone’s curiosity. You won’t need to know the capital of every country around the world to complete these quizzes. In fact, the answers are all there, but they are difficult to find or figure out. 

What makes this type of game suited to seniors is that while it gets a person thinking, it is not one of those games that are hard on either the fingers or the hands. There is also loads of out-of-the-box and creative thinking involved, which is what makes these games so addictive.

In fact, this game is ideal for getting through bad moods or dull days since a few of the deceptively easy questions or the unassuming answers often leave people laughing at themselves.

This is a game that can be played and downloaded for free, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with ads between plays or while you are playing. 

best Android games for seniors free
Check out these Android games where you can have fun and level up for free.

Best Free Android Games For Seniors

1. Chess

Chess is said to date back to Eastern India well before the 7th century. Since then, this game has come out in several versions. However, it seems that the basics always stay the same.

Every player starts with 16 pieces, which include the King and the Queen. The main objective is to beat the other player or side. 

This free Android game (available on the Google Play Store) is a “digital replica” of the original game. However, unlike physical chess games, you get to undo wrong moves or save your game when you would like to take a break or rest. 

2. Word Connect

This is one of the best games to discover new words and an ideal way to pass the time. Word Connect (available on the Google Play Store) involves swiping between different letters until you form words in the puzzle while sticking to a character limit. 

This is one of the more relaxing games since there are no time limits. The game starts off pretty easy until level 16, but from there, it starts to get harder as you start leveling up. The game rewards you with coins when you complete chapters or solve the bonus words.

These coins can then be used for buying hints when you start to get stuck. This is a free download for Android that does contain ads as you start to progress into the game. Fortunately, these ads only feature photos rather than videos. 

3. Math Master

Basic mathematics forms a part of daily life. It assists most of us in a lot more ways than we know. For some people, solving the more complex math equations seems to be a fairly simple task.

But if you are someone that relies heavily on your calculator, you most probably take a bit more time to solve simple math problems, and this is why you may want to give Math Master (available on the Google Play Store) a try. 

This is one of those games that teaches math in a very entertaining way while you work at a pace that is suitable for you. You also get to choose the complexity and difficulty of the levels. 

Google Play Games For Seniors

1. Games For Seniors

Games For Seniors is one of the newer apps on the Google Play Store that contains the top-rated games for seniors in one app. Some of the popular games include:

  • Tower Blocks – a basic touch-based game where you need to build towers with all the blocks that you can.
  • Memory Games – which includes games such as Number Memory and Memory Tiles.
  • Skyscraper – A basic touch game perfect for seniors where you use a crane that swings to build skyscrapers.
  • Hexx – Involves joining similar blocks of the same color before they leave the hexagon. 
  • Tic Tac Toe – A classic game perfect for seniors where they can either play with other senior friends or their grandchildren.

2. Dog Hotel

Another popular game on the Google Play Store, this version of Dog Hotel is ideal for seniors that once owned their own furry friends or those that still do. This game involves a hotel for dogs where the player becomes the manager.

The responsibilities of the manager include everything from grooming and feeding the dog clients to taking them for walks. When the day in the game comes to an end, the player has to make sure the hotel is clean before they will be allowed to move on to a new day. 

Each day comes with new challenges and new levels as each pooch customer comes with different histories and varying needs. The player’s job as “the manager” of the doggie hotel is to make sure everything is working as it should, and this is where the challenges of the game lie.

This is because things will go wrong, which causes the player to think so that issues are dealt with before they can turn into problems. 

Since this version does not require loads of button-clicking, this is ideal for the elderly who may find it difficult to play a mobile game due to issues with their finger joints.

The gameplay also improves recall and memory retention and enhances the opportunity to take on information, which is perfect for many senior gamers. 

3. Bejeweled Classic

Named the most popular and best match-three game, this is a free classic version that provides hours of entertainment. The initial levels are easy and help you to get used to the game, but things start getting more difficult as you move up the levels. 

At its core, the gameplay is very simple, basically involving matching 3-like gems. At the beginning of Bejeweled Classic (available on the Google Play Store), the matching is easy, but as you start to progress, it becomes harder to swap the gems in order to match 3 together.

These games are known for increasing dopamine levels with boosters and bombs, which are the rewards that will increase your score. 

This is one of the simple games that does not require fiddling with lots of buttons, making it the perfect choice for seniors. The design of the game also stimulates your visual senses using varying shapes and striking colors.

If you find that you are enjoying this game, you can pay around $4 for each of the versions, which will allow you to play this game in Diamond Mine Mode, where you hunt for matching jewels.

The Poker Mode lets you make pairs and flushes, while the Lightning Mode includes time restrictions for each player. 

best Android games for seniors iPhone
Some of these well-known Android games can now be played on your iPhone.

The Best Android Games For iPhone

1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a highly popular vocabulary-based game for both tablets and smartphones. It is essentially the “digital version” of Scrabble, along with social components that allow the players to either play against family, friends, or even strangers with similar skill levels. 

Some of the notable features you will find in Words With Friends include:

  • Practice Mode
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Word of the Day
  • In-app Dictionary
  • In-game Chatting
  • Detailed Game Statistics (for improvement and performance tracking)
  • iMessage Playing: for iPhone users

If you enjoy word games or you want to train your vocabulary, Words With Friends will never disappoint. The game can be downloaded for free on either the App Store or Google Play. 

2. Knotwords

Having reimagined word searches, chess, anagrams, solitaire, and pool, Zach Gage has now turned his attention to developing crosswords.

And similar to the other games he has produced, Knotwords is a subversion exercise where you get to play with familiar forms, yet the game still leaves you with a unique element. 

Rather than having to solve clues, Knotwords involves a crossword that is empty and comprised of Tetris-like shapes with letters inside. The player then arranges these letters into spots to complete the crossword.

3. Drop Wizard Tower

This game is one of the love letters to the 1980s arcade games such as Bubble Bobble. After being locked inside a dungeon, a heroic and titular wizard has vowed to give the “bad guys” a serious beating, which involves climbing up a tower and dealing with anyone along your way to the top. 

But rather than the traditional jump/fire/move controls, the game Drop Wizard Tower (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) includes an auto-blaster and an auto-runner.

This makes it an ideal game for seniors since the sprinting wizards can either be directed to go right or left, where he blasts his magic as he lands. 

It may seem a bit disorientating in the beginning, but players soon start to enjoy the streamlined and clever control method which works with touchscreens. 

Best Android Games For Tablets

From word games, role-playing adventure games, and puzzles to brainteasers, there are so many games for tablets for seniors available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Below are some of the top-rated games to play on a tablet.

1. Mister Smith & His Adventures

This is a quiz app that features a twist. It provides interactive gameplay following the “life” of Mister Smith.

You will get to choose an adventure and then make choices for the character. You can either make him kind, flirty, wacky, or smart, and each choice that you make takes the storyline to different outcomes.

As you start to progress through this story, you will also be required to complete mini-trivia rounds. The questions contain a mixture of pop culture, history, and general knowledge. 

This is an incredibly entertaining game that will test a senior’s knowledge. Mister Smith & His Adventures is also a free download and can be found on the App Store and Google Play.

If you don’t enjoy having your game interrupted by ads, you can also choose to upgrade to the ad-free Premium Version for just $2.99. 

2. 2048

This is an entertaining tile-swiping game that includes a 16-square grid that slowly fills with tiles featuring numbers.

This is a really enjoyable game for seniors to play on a tablet and involves combining tiles that feature the same numbers. The goal of the game is to reach the coveted 2048 tile. 

It may sound like an easy game, but it actually involves a vigorous mental workout that can become quite addictive. If you prefer uncomplicated games when you want to relax and spend a bit of time on your own, 2048 is a fun and entertaining distraction.

This game can be downloaded for free on either the App Store or Google Play. 

3. Tetris

Playing this version of the classic Tetris game often brings about memories of your “good ol’ times.” If you have ever played one of the brick game devices before, this is a game that can be really nostalgic and fun. 

The rules are basically the same where you will need to keep your playing area clear in the way of fitting blocks so that they create horizontal lines. This version also includes a few cool upgrades such as:

  • Marathon Mode
  • Power-Ups System and Coins
  • Multi-Level Puzzle Mode
  • Leaderboard
  • Social Media High-Score Sharing Component

Progress Tracking

You can download this revamped version of Tetris on the App Store and Google Play. This is a perfect game to play on a tablet, and if you prefer to skip the ads, you can upgrade to the paid version for $4.99. 


Games for seniors offer a convenient way to have a lot of fun, either playing with others or alone. And, thankfully, mobile device apps give them so many options. You can see my favorite game apps for seniors in this guide for even more choices.

The best Android games for seniors relieve boredom, eradicate stress, and can make other social engagements or parties easier, less intimidating, and more enjoyable. Gameplay is also an excellent way for seniors to exercise their brains. 

Some of these games are also beneficial for concentration, memory, mood, imagination, and reasoning. Games are also helpful for seniors when it comes to learning new things and keeping their brains active and working.

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