Finding The Best Apps For Retirees to Manage Your New Life


Most retired people now own -and use - smartphones. And there are several apps that can make their lives easier as retirees. Keep on reading to find some of the best apps for retirees for you or your loved ones.

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Best Apps For Retirees

Currently, 60% of people who are 65 years or older are smartphone owners. Most of these people most likely use mobile apps daily.

Mobile apps make the lives of retirees easier. From communication, entertainment, and socializing. These apps for seniors make it easy for them to manage their health and finances.

Here is a list of useful and easy-to-use apps to improve and make the lives of senior people easier.

Money Managing Apps

The Survey of Consumer Finances reports that about 60% of people that are 65 years or older have some kind of debt. Whether it’s a credit card, housing, or medical debt. The situation is getting worse since senior debt is rising every day.

But there is a reprieve for seniors who want to avoid financial despair and enjoy their retirement.

Retirees can use the following apps to track their spending, plan for expenses, and manage their budgets:


This finance app helps retirees keep their finances in check and stick to their budgets. Mint lets users add any investment, credit card, or bank account to their portfolio. It brings different accounts to one place and syncs them.

Seniors can stay on top of their budgets and finances just by login in. In addition to setting custom budgets, this app alerts them when they exceed their spending limits. What’s more, Mint uses charts to break down the percentages users spend on different categories.

With Mint, users can set reminders and pay bills directly from the app. Mint also analyzes the spending habits of users and recommends a saving plan.


PocketGuard is a simple and usable budget app that lets users connect their credit, savings, and checking accounts. This app detects recurrent bills and income, then shows the user how much is available for spending.

It does this by subtracting pre-budgeted money, upcoming bills, and contributions for savings.

PockeGuard will categorize expenses by default unless the user wants to set custom categories and limits. Just like Mint, PocketGuard also syncs all financial accounts and automatically tracks your expenditure.

On top of an intuitive interface, this app notifies users when there are offers that can help them reduce their monthly bills. PocketGuard runs on both iOS and Android platforms.


This is another budgeting app that helps retirees track their monthly bills and pay them on time. Prism also ensures users don’t overspend. Seniors can pay all their bills by logging into the app rather than logging into different accounts.

This app’s simple design is its strong point. This financial management tool runs on Android and iOS.

Travel Apps for Older Adults

With just a smartphone, seniors can travel freely without having to be bogged down by maps, postcards, and travel books.

Here are some simple and easy-to-use travel apps for retirees:

Smart Traveller

This app is a travel safety app that offers up-to-date advice, news, and help when you visit a foreign country. It’s a free app that travel novices and seasoned jet-setters can make use of.

Smart Traveller provides detailed travel advice on matters such as security, safety, visas, local news, health, and much more.

best apps for retirees travel
KAYAK app acts as both a booking service and a trip planner.


KAYAK is an app that mimics a travel agent. It acts as both a trip planner and a booking service. This is because the app allows users to find the cheapest rental cars, flights, and accommodations across different travel sites.

KAYAK provides a secure platform for booking and helps seniors pick the best and cheapest times to fly. It sends real-time airport updates once a user locks in their trip. With KAYAK, travelers have all their accommodation and flight details along with other travel itineraries in one place.


Available on both Android and iOS devices, HotelTonight is the ideal app for seniors searching for great accommodation rates.

This app lets users search hotels by budget, attractions, city, and map location. It also lists accommodations that other HotelTonight users have reviewed and rated.

Users can search a variety of accommodations ranging from resorts, B&Bs, luxury hotels, inns, and more, depending on their preference and budget. With just a few swipes and taps, seniors book accommodations with ease.

What’s more, this free app offers round-the-clock support for bookings.


As the name suggests, this app helps users get ready for trips by taking the pain out of the packing experience. PackPoint lets seniors enter the destination and the period of travel. It then prompts them to answer some questions about their trip and the activities they have planned.

Once the user provides all their details, the app uses this information to generate a luggage and packing checklist. The lists are saved to the app, and users can make changes as they please.


Imagine having a public toilet finder in your pocket. This is a traveler’s dream, and it’s what Flush (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) offers. This free-to-use app that runs on Android and iOS platforms lists over 190,000 restrooms in cities around the globe.

Flush uses the traveler’s GPS to find the nearest public toilet. Users can check which toilets are accessible, are reserved for certain customers, or need a code or key. This app can be a life saver for seniors trying to find a place to relieve themselves.

Google Translate

Do you want to travel but are worried about a language barrier? Google Translate makes it easy for travelers to communicate in foreign countries. Users don’t even require to have prior language skills.

On top of that, it offers instant camera translation for texts in images and translates texts between 103 languages. About 53 of these languages have offline translations.

Seniors simply need to turn on Google Translate and point to their phones and begin chatting. The app will do the rest. Translate is a very useful app for easy communication in restaurants, hotels, and stores. It is available on iOS and Android.

Job Apps for Retirees

Once someone retires, it doesn’t mean they can’t get back into the game. With just a quick online search, seniors can find jobs and earn some cash.

Here are some apps that are exclusively for seniors and retirees searching for jobs:


Seniors can use the LinkedIn app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) to search for job listings using their professional profiles as their resumes. They will then see job opportunities based on the experiences listed on their profiles. They can apply for jobs via the app and set up job alerts for job notifications.

Rent A Grandma

The Rent A Grandma app (available on the Apple App Store), which is also available as a website, specializes in work for caregivers, housecare helpers, nannies, personal assistants, tutors, and pet sitters.

Users only need to set up a profile and upload their resumes. They will then qualify to get notifications about potential job offers.

Users who are in non-franchised locations are required to pay an initial $25 fee to cover their membership and background check expenses.

best apps for retirees health
Several apps can help manage and monitor a senior’s health.

Health Apps for Retirees

Sometimes old people may find it hard to keep up with their doctor appointments, prescriptions, and general well-being. Memory issues may pose additional challenges. But, smartphones app may be able to make things easier for seniors and caregivers.

There are several apps that can offer seniors useful information regarding aspects of their health, including information and management. Caregivers can also use these health apps to take care of seniors.

This Health App Encourages Retirees to Get Up and Get Moving

Physicians commonly encourage their retired patients to walk more as a form of low-impact exercise. I mean, you have the time now, right? So, if your doctor told you to start walking, take a look at the 99 Walks app.

This app encourages seniors to participate in a virtual walking challenge through fun activities, classes, and team competitions. Plus, you can earn a bracelet each month for meeting your walking goals! There is a monthly fee after a free trial period.

Here are some other health applications to make the lives of seniors and caregivers easier:

Caring Village

Caring Village is an Android and iOS app that serves as a planning, communication, and reminder tool. Caregivers and seniors can communicate and coordinate care through a virtual village.

Users can customize their calendars to make to-do lists, track appointments, coordinate schedules, and distribute tasks and responsibilities.

The app is very convenient since it has alerts, reminders, and notifications to stay on top of important tasks and appointments.


Seniors, especially those who wander off because of Alzheimer’s, can really benefit from this app. The Life360 Android or iOS app is designed to help seniors to stay connected with family.

The app lets seniors and their caregivers exchange real-time information about their location at any time.

Users can chat among themselves via the app. Life360 also has a Driver Care Support feature that will connect users with a live agent over the phone.

In the event of a collision, health emergency, or vehicle breakdown, the agent can send emergency assistance to the user’s location.


For seniors who have to take several different prescription medications, managing all these medications may prove to be difficult. But, the Medisafe app can track and remind seniors to take their medication.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this app has a huge database of medications.

This enables users to choose their specific prescriptions and sets reminders for the same. Once they take the medication, users can mark them as taken. This removes any uncertainty they may have about the last time they took the medication.

In addition, this app has a built-in drug interaction checker and reminds users to refill their prescriptions. Medisafe also generates reports every day, week, and month to share with doctors and caregivers.


Caregivers and seniors can use the WebMD iOS or Android app to quickly view information on different health conditions. Users can look up symptoms or specific ailments. WebMD will find relevant and reliable information on the same.

This app can help seniors understand a symptom or health condition they might be experiencing better. WebMD also offers first aid information for certain medical emergencies, discounts on prescription medication, and a medication reminder feature.

Additionally, users can find specialists or doctors in their vicinity using the apps directory.

Blood Pressure Diary

Since seniors are more vulnerable to the effects of fluctuating blood pressure, tracking blood pressure is crucial. Traditionally, doctors are responsible for tracking blood pressure.

However, seniors don’t have to rely on doctors thanks to apps such as the Blood Pressure Diary app, which is available on Android.

This app lets users input their blood pressure information from their home blood pressure monitor. The app then generates an easy-to-follow graph or chart for a doctor’s analysis.

While it is true that old age comes with some struggles, apps like the Blood Pressure Diary app make life more convenient. It takes the hassle off menial tasks allowing caregivers and seniors to focus on more important issues.

best apps for retirees social
Through social apps, seniors can frequently keep in touch with their loved ones.

The Best Social Apps for Retirees

According to data from The Pew Research Center, almost a third of people over 65 are social media users.

Seniors don’t need the latest devices and amazing tech skills to stay in touch with their families and the world in general. All they need is an internet connection and a simple smartphone.

Check out the following social apps for seniors:


This is arguably the most rampantly used social media app in the world. WhatsApp started as a messaging app but evolved into a multi-purpose medium that offers different forms of communication, including video and audio calls.

Up to eight people can participate in the same audio or video call. With both international and domestic calls having similar rates, WhatsApp is quite affordable. For seniors looking to stay in touch with their loved ones, WhatsApp is the go-to choice.

In addition to being available on Android and IOS, there is also a web version for PCs called WhatsApp web.


Skype is another social app that has been around for a long time. Unlike WhatsApp, Skype has different user interfaces and didn’t start as a messaging app. It was always inclined towards providing high-quality video calling services.

Seniors can use the Skype app to video call their loved ones. What’s more, users can call landline and cellphone numbers, albeit at a fee.


When it comes to popularity, no social media platform comes close to Facebook. Even though it has lost popularity among the younger generation, many adults still use the app actively.

This app allows users to access friends, family, and many more people around the world. Facebook allows users to customize accounts to suit their desires.

For instance, seniors can set up custom friend groups and choose what and what not to see, among many other preferences.

Entertainment Apps for Retirees

With old age comes lots of free time. Seniors need to keep themselves entertained or busy.

Here are some apps to keep retirees busy and entertained:

Words With Friends

This is a popular word game that mimics Scrabble. Words With Friends allows users to play against or with friends. It’s a fun and relaxing game that lets you socialize with friends and family.


Seniors can use Elevate brain training app to improve cognitive skills such as attention span, processing speed, and memory. It offers a series of different personalized games and sessions for every user.

Older people can keep their minds sharp using Elevate, which is available on iOS and Android devices.


Spotify lets users listen to any song from the comfort of their smartphone, no matter the place or time. Seniors can get a free version of this app on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

On top of having all of the world’s music in one place, there are now loads of podcasts on Spotify.

Final Thoughts

Though smartphones are considered to be a thing for the younger generations, seniors can also benefit a lot from them. There are numerous apps that can help make the lives of old people and their caregivers much easier.

Thanks to these apps, senior citizens can manage different aspects of their lives. They can stay on top of their social life, health, finances, job searches, travels, and entertainment just by swiping and clicking on their phones.

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