Best Elbow Compression Sleeves: Reduce Elbow Pain and Improve Joint Support!

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Joint pain is very common in elderly people. And, the elbow joint is an often overlooked part of our bodies. When was the last time you paid any attention to your elbows or carried out exercises meant to target them specifically? However, they are an extremely important joint that allows us to angle our upper extremities. Elbows are necessary in order to extend our arms and grasp objects. They also allow us to place our hands and use them properly. Compression sleeves are useful medical devices that support joints and reduce pain and swelling. Below you’ll find five of the best elbow compression sleeves in the market, in no particular order.

As our bodies age, our tissues go through a natural degenerative process that can result in aching and soreness in different parts of our bodies. Joints are complex structures which we use constantly throughout our lives in order to move our bodies and achieve even the simplest of tasks. As a result, joints are usually the first parts of our body which tend to become affected by our age.

Additionally, certain illnesses can affect joints directly and cause severe pain. Like most other diseases, bone and muscle problems occur more often in seniors.

Recommended Elbow Compression Sleeves for Seniors

1 Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Vantage Elbow Sleeve, Black, Small Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Vantage Elbow Sleeve, Black, Small 608 Reviews $29.50 from $24.05
2 CopperJoint Copper-Infused Compression Elbow Sleeve, High-Performance Design Promotes Proper Blood... CopperJoint Copper-Infused Compression Elbow Sleeve, High-Performance Design Promotes Proper Blood... 1,135 Reviews $25.97 from $18.97
3 Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve - Elastic Support, Tendonitis Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's... Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve - Elastic Support, Tendonitis Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's... 2,418 Reviews $19.99
4 Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) - Support for Tendonitis Prevention & Recovery - 1 Year Warranty... Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) - Support for Tendonitis Prevention & Recovery - 1 Year Warranty... 1,462 Reviews $64.95 $18.95
5 Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves (Pair) – Tendonitis Golfer's Tennis Elbow Brace Support for Men... Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves (Pair) – Tendonitis Golfer's Tennis Elbow Brace Support for Men... 299 Reviews $15.97 from $15.96

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Elbow Sleeve Reviews

  1. Tommie Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve

Tommie Copper Men's Recovery Vantage Elbow Sleeve, Black, Small

This elbow compression sleeve is made of 86% polyester and 14% lycra spandex. This combination provides a comfortable compression level that will support joints and muscles. It features a simple, light, and low-profile design that will fit effortlessly under many clothing items. Since its design is so sleek, it will even look good uncovered! You can choose your favorite from five different colors.

The CopperZnergy fabric has been made to reduce odors and prevent bacterial growth on the sleeve. Its 4D compression and the high copper content will relieve everyday aches, speed up muscle or joint recovery, and help get oxygen to your tissues.

This sleeve also provides SPF 50 to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Use this compression sleeve to prevent or relieve muscle and joint pain, soreness, and stiffness. Unlike other sleeves, you can choose the perfect size to fit your arms. This will ensure the sleeve fits properly without being too tight or loose over your elbow joint.

This compression sleeve’s reviews claims that users have found tremendous pain relief after their injuries. Many state that they have suffered traumatic elbow injuries, and that this sleeve has allowed them to perform their rehabilitation exercises. In some cases, they have even been able to stop or reduce their painkiller intake after being injured.

Reviewers state that this elbow compression sleeve can be worn all day and that it stays in place while you perform your daily routine. Some reviews even claim that this sleeve can last for years if properly cared for and washed. This sleeve can be worn 24/7, or only when you are performing activities that place a strain on your elbow.


  • Copper-infused fabric to relieve aches.
  • SPF 50 will keep you protected from the sun.
  • Choose your favorite color to match your everyday clothes.
  • Having several sizes available means that you can customize the fit of this sleeve.


  • Several reviews state that this sleeve works best if you size down.

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  1. CopperJoint Compression Elbow Sleeve

CopperJoint Copper-Infused Compression Elbow Sleeve, High-Performance Design Promotes Proper Blood...

This copper compression recovery elbow sleeve is made of 88% top quality, copper-infused nylon. Wear it to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. It can also provide 4-way compression and relief to people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, and other conditions that cause chronic elbow pain. Its active copper component is also extremely efficient in eliminating odors and bacteria.

Keep an optimal joint temperature thanks to this sleeve’s breathable, high-performance fabric. It also provides SPF 50 and is made from an anti-itch material. This light, soft sleeve also has moisture wicking properties which will keep you dry even after long periods of use. This elbow compression sleeve will provide you with a cooling effect that will make it easier to perform tasks.

The manufacturer also offers a 100% money back warranty if you are not satisfied with the product. A wide range of sizes will allow you to choose the perfect fit for you or your elderly loved one. Its latex-free materials make it ideal for people with allergies.

Reviews for this compression sleeve state that it has allowed users to treat and avoid injuries in their elbows. They also mention the fact that even after wearing it for several straight days, this elbow sleeve doesn’t retain any unpleasant odors.

Other reviews state that they wear this sleeve while participating in sports and other physical activities without experiencing any sort of pain. People suffering from arthritis, nerve damage, fractures, and other health conditions have benefited from using this sleeve.


  • Top quality, copper-infused materials help your tissues heal faster.
  • Odor and bacteria resistant fabric.
  • Anti-itch and latex-free material make it ideal for people with allergies.
  • Several sizes available.


  • Some reviews state that the sleeve isn’t as durable as other options in the market.

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  1. Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve - Elastic Support, Tendonitis Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's...

Venom’s elbow compression sleeve features a seamless, lightweight design that prevents bunching and irritation while allowing unrestricted movements. These characteristics make it ideal to be used while performing rehabilitation exercises and other types of physical activity. This compression sleeve will improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and reduce pain and discomfort.

This sleeve features an anti-slip design that will grip your skin firmly yet flexibly. This allows the user to focus on the task at hand instead of having to worry about readjusting the sleeve. Buyers also get a complimentary PDF guide that contains several exercise programs meant to aid injury recovery after an elbow injury. The sleeve is available in several sizes.

Reviews for this sleeve praise it for relieving pain after arm and elbow injuries such as bicep tendonitis, tennis elbow, and hyperextension, amongst other conditions. Other people have bought this sleeve to prevent injuries while practicing sports like tennis, baseball, and crossfit.

This compression sleeve’s reviews highlight the fact that it is very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. They also state that its seamless design means that it doesn’t bunch up or move even when they’re performing their rehabilitation exercises. The level of pressure it exerts is comfortable yet effective in relieving elbow pain.


  • Seamless design doesn’t bunch or move.
  • Anti-slip material will grip your skin comfortably.
  • Complementary PDF will allow you to learn new elbow rehabilitation exercises.


  • Some reviews state that their sleeves have suffered minor fraying.

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  1. Nordic Lifting Elbow Compression Sleeves

Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) - Support for Tendonitis Prevention & Recovery - 1 Year Warranty...

This option features not one, but two elbow sleeves. These unisex elbow sleeves are made of top-notch Nylon yarn and reinforced with Spandex and Latex yarn for added compression. They are made following rigorous quality standards and will comfortably support your elbows. They will aid in the rehabilitation of new and old elbow injuries, and help prevent possible elbow damage. They can help relieve pain caused by tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, golf elbow, and general elbow pain.

The sleeves will reinforce and support your elbow joints, which will alleviate elbow pain and swelling. These effects will make muscle recovery faster, and will even rejuvenate your tissues. The material retains heat, which will provide a warming effect that will reduce stiffness in muscles and joints. They feature an ergonomic design that will allow you to attain full range of motion while wearing them. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.

These elbow compression sleeves have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Several reviews like the fact that these sleeves are longer than most other elbow sleeves in the market. This means that, along with your elbow, most of your forearms and biceps are also protected by the sleeve. Many have achieved pain relief simply by using this sleeve while they practice sports or rehabilitation routines.

Other reviewers love that these sleeves come in pairs. Some people simply like the fact that they have a back-up sleeve in case one becomes damaged. Others prefer to wear one sleeve on each arm while exercising. Many wear these sleeves while weightlifting at the gym, or while doing strenuous activities around the house, such as shoveling snow.


  • Two sleeves mean that you have a back-up, or you can protect both your elbows at once.
  • Heat-retaining material provides a warming effect that relaxes muscles and joints.


  • Some reviews claim that the material snags easily.

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  1. Elbow Compression Sleeves by SPARTHOS

Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves (Pair) – Tendonitis Golfer's Tennis Elbow Brace Support for Men...

These sleeves are also amongst the best elbow compression sleeves you will find online. They are made of high-quality spandex, nylon yarn and high-elastic latex yarn. This combination will provide targeted compression that will improve blood flow to fasten your injury recovery. These sleeves are meant to relieve symptoms of tendonitis, joint inflammation, tennis elbow, golf elbow, and other causes of elbow pain.

The seamless design on these sleeves provides a snug fit that will support your joints and muscles regardless of what you are doing. The material is breathable to keep away moisture, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. These sleeves can also be used to prevent elbow injuries. The manufacturer offers a 100% money back warranty and they are available in several colors.

Reviewers include people with conditions such as hypermobility, tennis elbow, tendonitis, arthritis, and golfer’s elbow. These users love the sleeves for providing instant pain relief after putting them on. Others use the sleeves while doing weight training and practicing sports, and praise them for their comfortable compression.

Buyers have also been satisfied by the quality of the materials used to make these sleeves. They are happy with the way these sleeves stabilize joints and provide support. Users also like the fact the top of the sleeves doesn’t roll down when performing physical activities. The sleeves also remain in place for extended periods of time without being too tight.


  • Two sleeves so that you can wear both or keep one as a back-up.
  • Seamless design is snug but not uncomfortable.
  • Several sizes and colors available.


  • Several reviews advise to size up to make them more comfortable.

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older woman holding a painful elbow after exercisingWhat are Compression Sleeves Used For, and How Do They Work?

There are compression sleeves designed for many parts of the human body. These devices are usually made from different elastic materials that provide compression and support for joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Compression sleeves can be used over your elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. Compression stockings are also used over the entire lower body.

The compressive effect of sleeves improves blood circulation, which in turn makes it easier for your tissues to heal after an injury. They also help relieve and/or prevent swelling, since they combat fluid buildup. The support they provide will also relieve pain and stiffness before, during, and after exercising.

By keeping your joints and muscles safe in place, compression sleeves also help prevent injuries. These sleeves are usually made from materials which retain heat, and the resulting warming effect will help your tissues relax and loosen.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

There are many possible causes of elbow pain in the elderly. Elbow pain can develop due to acute or chronic injuries. In the elderly, osteoarthritis can develop over time and affect any joint, including elbows. Other types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, infectious arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. This disease is one of the main causes of elbow pain in the elderly. Gout and fibromyalgia are also common causes of elbow pain in the elderly. (source)

Seniors also have an increased risk of suffering acute elbow injuries. Elderly people can suffer fractures, fissures, sprains, or dislocations after falling down or going through any other sort of trauma that affects their elbows. Bursitis and tendonitis can also develop after a traumatic injury.

How Can They Help Seniors?

If your elderly loved one has developed an elbow injury, wearing one of the best elbow sleeves available will make it much easier for them to complete their rehabilitation exercises. The pain relief and anti-swelling effect will help also them carry out their daily activities without constraints.

Seniors can benefit from wearing elbow compression sleeves even if they aren’t injured. Wearing one of these sleeves while performing strenuous activities will help prevent any damage to their tissues. By increasing blood circulation, they can improve performance and help decrease any fatigue a senior can experience after giving their arms a workout.

senior woman having her elbow examined by a physical therapistFeatures to Look For In an Elbow Compression Sleeve

In order to make sure you purchase the best elbow compression sleeves for your elderly loved one, there are certain characteristics you should look for. At the end of the day, however, we all have personal preferences and these will determine exactly which sleeve you should buy. Here are some of the features to look for:

  • Seamless design: this will make sleeves more comfortable to wear. Seamless sleeves also tend to be more durable.
  • Copper or no copper? Many compression sleeves ae infused with copper. While manufacturers claim that copper promotes health and acts as an anti-microbial agent, there is no scientific data to convincingly back up these claims. However, many people still prefer to wear copper-infused sleeves and feel its benefits. Choosing the best elbow sleeve for you will depend on your preferences and personal experience with these materials.
  • Warming effect: a sleeve made with heat-retaining materials will provide a warming effect that will keep your tissues relaxed and pain-free.
  • Sizing: the fit of a sleeve is perfect when it is snug without being painfully tight. Look for sleeves that offer a variety of sizes to make sure you buy the one that fits you best.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Wearing an elbow compression sleeve can have many benefits to heal injuries or prevent new damage. They will help your elderly loved one get back to top shape and let them stay active without fear of injuries and pain. All the options listed in this article are of great quality, but my personal favorite is definitely . They are made from a great combination of materials, provide a relaxing warming effect, and come in pairs! They also provide a great price value. If you want to help your loved one avoid injuries or relieve chronic elbow pain, any of the options I listed will get the job done and provide huge relief.

Have you used elbow compression sleeves for pain relief? Which sleeve did you use? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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