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At any age, a wonderful adventure awaits those who play games. Gaming also excites the mind and makes you think. In this article, we share a detailed list of iPhone games for seniors to explore and enjoy.

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iPhone Gaming For Seniors

Once upon a time. That’s how all the good stories start. And why should it not be the start of a wonderful adventure, no matter your age? And that is what gaming does. It excites the mind and makes you think.

It doesn’t matter what sort of game you are going to be involved in. If you want some excitement, go first-person shooter or explore an entire world, or solve puzzles. There are many game apps for seniors & the elderly that encourage new synaptic connections and keep older minds alert – and memory sharp.

Research indicates that seniors enjoy games of shorter duration than those that are enjoyed by the younger generation. Between 30 – 40 minutes seems to be the sweet spot. So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

So, what are some of the best iPhone games that seniors should be playing? Let’s take a look.

Best iPhone Games For Seniors

1. OCO

If you want to involve yourself with the creativity of others, then OCO is the way to do it. This puzzle game invites you and others within its community to submit puzzles that others will enjoy.

You can submit your own, and most are pretty simple. But seniors should not get complacent; some of these shape-based puzzles can be fiendishly difficult. This is a great community for those who want to challenge themselves – and others.

By the way – the puzzles look great, and seniors will enjoy the simple-to-use interface. It’s free to download – but there are in-game purchases that can raise the challenge to new levels.

2. It’s Full of Sparks

Remember those games that asked you to navigate a series of gates, and you couldn’t slow down, and then you slammed into a wall and threw your smart device into a wall? Well, this is not at that level, certainly not at the levels where you want to destroy a communication device.

But it is challenging. The animation has received rave reviews from users, and the gameplay is simply fun. At the risk of repeating the developer’s statement – “what is life without sparks?” It offers seniors a great interface and fun gameplay. And It’s Full of Sparks exercises the mind.

You get a limited amount of the “Firecrackers” basically “lives” (if you wait, they’ll refill themselves) – but for a small fee, you’ll get an infinite amount to help you out with the level. 

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Best Free iPhone Games For Seniors


Perfect for seniors who like to be back seat drivers. This has your Mom giving you back seat driving instructions so that you do’ hit the walls. But hitting those walls might not be a bad idea.

You get to thrust faster and enjoy a whole variety of other boosts that provide you with an advantage over other drivers. This time being bad can actually be good.

DATA WING is great for seniors due to the fact it improves both hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. Both of those are issues that can help to offset the onset of dementia.

2. Super Stickman Golf

Who doesn’t like golf with the grandkids? The answer is no one. And Super Stickman Golf gets it completely right with a game that has stood the test of time. It was a classic when it was launched, and it is still a classic now. It helps to focus on spatial awareness and memory.

The graphics are by no means cutting edge – but the characters are endearing. Seniors will love the main character, who manages to be endearing even though he is just made of lines.

And one of the best things is that you can now go against anyone you like – or that family or your friend from across the world. Not only will seniors be challenged when it comes to hand-eye coordination, but they will also be able to enjoy that valuable social interaction.

3. Pocket Run Pool

Pool is one of those games that should seemingly be confined to dingy sports bars or the watering holes that are the usual hangouts of college students. Or is it?

Pool requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, and if you don’t have that skill set, you are not only going to lose the game – but you might also run the risk of losing a whole lot of money. Thankfully, this game is perfect for seniors, no matter how deep their pockets are (pun intended).

Pocket Run Pool is snooker in pocket size. You have eight balls, and you simply have to sink them all.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of time – you can finish the game in under 10 minutes – but seniors will be refreshing those parts of the brain that are responsible for hand-eye coordination when each shot is taken.

iPhone Gaming For Seniors PinOut
PinOut is a pinball game that has a twist.

4. PinOut

Seniors who were in love with pinball (and who weren’t) will play this game. Just like the original in the bricks-and-mortar world, PinOut will get those connections going through the building of synaptic connections.

Hand-eye coordination is always part and parcel of what keeps our brans agile – and what can be better for that than a brisk 15 minutes of pinball? But this is not the pinball of the 70s – it has a twist.

The pinball layouts keep changing to make your experience that much more enjoyable and challenging. It’s the perfect short-lasting game for seniors who simply want to relax and enjoy their leisure time and increase their hand-eye coordination.

5. King Rabbit

Who doesn’t want to be a bunny? Or at least King of the bunnies. This gentle adventure allows you to don the outfit of the knight in shining armor – in bunny form. Collect gold coins and solve puzzles along the way.

The quests are not overly long, which makes it the ideal game for seniors. You can dip in and out – but it’s great fun and gets the synapses firing – so it may be one of those rare games that can stave off the effects of aging on the mind.

King Rabbit helps get the brain going again and provides just enough to be fun without being overwhelming.

6. Little Alchemy

For seniors, a lack of control can be one of the most terrifying things in the world. For many, there is no choice but to surrender their choices to others – and that can have negative impacts on their ability to plot their own path. This lack of control can lead to depression.

But Little Alchemy is a game that will put the senior mind of anyone at rest because you are in control. Combine factors such as lakes to make oceans and take control of a world – and make it your own.

This is the perfect game for those seniors who may think that the world is slipping out of their control. It will allow anyone of any age to indulge in the fact that where and who they are is controllable – and that can lead to a better frame of mind and a reduction in stress levels.

7. Crush the Castle: Siege Master

This writer must admit that this game is one of his all-time favorites. It’s simple in concept but fiendish to master. It’s perfect for seniors. The controls are simple, but getting that opposing castle down with a variety of different projectiles can pose some interesting challenges.

How high? What trajectory? It’s all about timing and the release. For seniors, the mental agility to advance from stage to stage is something that will create new neural pathways. You simply have to think – and you only get so many attempts to get it right.

Crush the Castle: Siege Master is also tremendous at building hand/eye coordination – along with that release of the rock to smash down the walls of the opposing castle, you need to keep an eye on your projectile. Misses are punished – so seniors will have to be thinking all the time.

8. The Room

So you want puzzle games, but those four-cornered pieces are not doing it for you, and you think that cardboard is a bit “old school”? Well, thanks to this iOS and Android puzzle masterpiece, you can pull up your chair and get away from that tabletop.

Because this game is something completely different for puzzle lovers. Get scared, seniors, because you are in the “The Room.” You only have so much time, and you have to escape. Solve the puzzles and get out – or start again from zero.

The puzzles are challenging and will get you thinking. That gets those synaptic pathways snapping – and for anyone over the age of 60 – that is always a good thing.

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Benefits Of Playing Games On iPhones For Older Adults

People have been playing games since we began to stand upright. They entertain, and they amuse – but they were also part a parcel of what once made us not only take a look above the long grass but also made us think.

Dementia is a real problem – and it is not limited to chaotic mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Rather it is a spectrum of different conditions.

Playing games is fun. But those games also make us think. They open new neural pathways and reactivate those that might have been lying dormant.

Drawbacks Of Playing Games On iPhones For Older Adults

Playing games on an iPhone is great fun. The games help maintain levels of cognition. However, they are no substitute for human interaction.

Seniors may fund it easy to become immersed in the virtual world – but they also need other people to interact with. Social interaction plays an important play in maintaining and growing synaptic networks. 

iPhone Gaming For Seniors easy games
Below are some easy iPhone games for seniors that still bring tons of fun.

Easy iPhone Games For Seniors

For seniors that want iPhone games that are easy enough to provide an experience that is simple to dip in and out of, there are two that will still provide immense fun and satisfaction but still get those synapses firing.

1. Flipflop Solitaire

So you think that you can play a game of solitaire as a senior? Well, guess what you have no idea just how much fun this classic game can be until you have dipped your toes into the shallow end of this version – and the deep end is something else entirely.

This flips the game that seniors are familiar with on its head – and brings a whole new level of excitement to the classic. All the rules go out of the window, and the result is a simple choice.

For seniors who are familiar with the old school solitaire – this one brings something new to the party. That means that those mental pathways are disrupted – and new synaptic paths are built. Flipflop Solitaire is great for memory and strategic thinking.

2. Florence

No list would be complete without something gentler that does not require huge amounts of focus. This interactive story of a girl who simply needs to find her love but is tasked with solving a mystery on her journey has something for everyone. Florence is an intriguing journey.

She is in your hands as you make the choices that will determine her future. It’s not a “smash bang” experience. But more of a gentle exploration of what makes us human. And it is much more charming for the lack of highly volatile action.

Most Popular Online Games For Seniors

1. Minecraft

Minecraft has built a huge following. It exercises the mind and a sense of adventure. Explore an enormous world and build structures that vary in complexity. Gather resources and simply survive.

The blocky graphics may give the impression that this game is simple – but it can become complex as players balance the need for survival with building there one of a kind structures. It’s ideal for seniors to play online with the grandkids (or anyone else).

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

With a huge assortment of puzzles, this online platform is ideal for keeping the mind active. It’s possible to play online with people from around the world or with like-minded friends. Best of all – it’s free to play. 


There is ample evidence to suggest that playing games are part of what makes us human. As we age, our ability to make connections – not only within our brains but with others may become impaired.

Fortunately, there are many game apps for seniors that provide both entertainment and mental exercise. Technology has advanced to the point it can be a boon to those who want to have fun – but also for those who want to preserve memory and other cognitive functions.

We do not roll the dice of genetic chance – but we can do everything in our power to make our lot just that little bit more skewed towards having a great quality of life by simply playing.

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