Best Jobs For Senior Citizens

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Want to get back out there into the workforce? Looking for an additional source of income to support your extra expenses? There are plenty of opportunities out there for seniors – maybe more now than there have ever been before! With the rise of contractual, freelance, and part-time work opportunities and the vast use of the internet for remote work all over the world, there are plenty of easy ways for seniors to make some extra money with either a full or part time job suited for the elderly. Here are some of the best jobs for senior citizens to consider,

Sometimes, especially if you’ve been out of a job for awhile for whatever reason, it can be daunting to think about going back into the workforce. After all, it has changed quite a bit. However, you’d be surprised at how many jobs you’re perfectly suited for, given all of your experience over the years. People really seek that kind of wisdom in certain professional situations outlined below. But first, let’s get into some reasons why getting a new job could be incredibly beneficial to you.

Why Might Seniors Want A Job?


Of course, there are the monetary benefits. People are currently living much longer lives than they did at the time the typical retirement age of 65 was set. Back then, people really only lived another 10-20 years, but now, that number could be double. That means you’ll need extra sources of income to keep you going in the final years of your life.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to keep your 9-5 forever though. Sixty-five is typically the age that you lose some steam, and the desire and drive to work that hard anymore. It’s time to enjoy your life! Working part time, or from home, can help you find that work-life balance you deserve after so many years of hard work.

piggy bank on a stack of money
The most common reason for seniors needing a job is not enough money for retirement.

Sense of Purpose

Many people, especially those who are very passionate about their work/profession, tend to find retirement a little devoid of purpose. It could be good for any retired senior to get back into the workforce, in a limited capacity, just in order to keep up those interests or get out of the house every now and then. Getting up for work everyday can provide a sense of routine, purpose, and increase your general life satisfaction levels.

Turning a Hobby into Income

Along those lines, you may want to get as far away from your old profession as possible and dive head-first into one of your beloved hobbies. Luckily, there are most likely plenty of part-time jobs out there that match up with those hobbies and interests you’ve been wanting to explore. This can allow you to finally follow your passion, and make an income at the same time!

Best Jobs for Seniors


First, along the lines of staying in your lifelong profession, many companies are looking for seasoned advice from career professionals about the best ways to run their business, and they’re often willing to pay large sums of money for this advice. A simple one hour per week meeting with top officers of your old company, or one in a similar field, could give you all the income you need.

Part-Time Work

You could also look into working for your old company again, but in a more limited capacity. There’s likely an opening for someone who knows the business or company, and your previous position, inside and out. Whether it’s simply managing calendars from home, to larger work like preparing reports or more, there is likely a task you could help your old business with that they’d prefer someone with experience to do over a newbie.

Freelance Work

Freelancing work has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. Contract work like this is great because it often allows you to work from home, utilize any special skills you developed over the years, and manage when and how much you work! You could choose to work for 9 months out of the year with this option, taking the holiday season or summer time off to enjoy the company of family and friends, or you could take on enough work to keep you as busy as you were at a 9-5! It’s completely in your control, so this is a great option for someone who wants as much flexibility as possible.

close up of a computer keyboard
Many jobs can be done at home with a computer or laptop.

Etsy Shop Owner

Along the work-from-home lines, and in the spirit of turning your hobbies into an income, if you love crafting of any kind, why not open up an Etsy shop? These are easy to manage online markets that you can sell your goods on, and make a decent amount of money with depending on how much stock you have! You can sell anything from hand-knit scarves to woodwork to custom shirts and more.


You can also look into part-time clerk positions at your favorite hobby store, like a craft shop, a home improvement store, etc. These are great positions because they’re low stress, they usually have a set, predictable schedule, and best of all, you can probably get a decent discount on the merchandise!

Call Centers

Many call centers all over the country and world are always looking for workers to help them collect data or push for their cause. You can often work from home with this position as well, provided these companies provide you with a headset and all the information you’ll need to make calls.


Keep your brain sharp by working in a library or bookstore! These positions are also low-stress, and often provide a very soothing, relaxed environment for employees. On your break time, sit down with your favorite book, discover new authors, or learn something new from nonfiction books. This is perfect for book lovers, or anyone who would like a little extra mental stimulation in their post-retirement life.

Local Government Job

Many local governments always have positions open for people with all kinds of experience and backgrounds to take advantage of. They pay just enough to keep you going, and allow you to get to know people in your community on a face-to-face level while getting involved in local groups, issues, or causes you never even knew about.

professor teaching in front of a blackboard
Teaching is a great option for seniors to consider.

Substitute Teacher/College Professor

While you may think you need a teaching degree for these, many public institutions care more about your professional experience than anything. For example, if you were a scientist, you could easily substitute teach an elementary class. If you were a business professional, community colleges often provides professors with enough flexibility to teach the class in the best way they think the students will retain the information. These positions are great for keeping your mind sharp and providing you with a sense of purpose – that is, helping the new generation come into the workforce. Talk about coming full circle!

Summary and Sources

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs out there for senior citizens. It can be very beneficial for a senior’s lifestyle to do a job that gives them a sense of fulfillment (and an income!).

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