Best Medical Alert Apps for Seniors (Quick, Mobile Emergency Help)

As our parents grow older, it is natural for us to be cautious and worry about their safety at all times. Here is a comprehensive list of the best medical alert apps for seniors without having to install a complicated system.

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Best Medical Alert Apps for Seniors
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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Watching our parents grow old is an unavoidably difficult and heart-wrenching part of life. But it’s a beautiful thing because now it’s our turn to take care of them.

However, being with them throughout the day can be impossible, no thanks to our capitalist economy.

When we have to leave them, it’s natural for us to worry about their safety. After all, the CDC says that 95% of all hip fractures in the aged are as a result of falling and that at least 25% of people over 65 years fall at some point in their lives1.

Medical alert systems and applications can however give you the peace of mind you deserve while keeping your seniors independent.

Rest easy knowing that if an accident occurs, your senior can receive emergency medical attention right away with these helpful safety apps for seniors.

Best Medical Alert Apps for Seniors

1. MyGuardian Caregiving App

This is an app by Medical Guardian, an award-winning medical emergency alert system. The app is free and limited to iOS users. It works with existing Medical Guardian medical alert systems to offer the best that medical alert apps offer.

Some of the app’s features include enhanced location monitoring, system status reporting, and a chat capability to check in with family members or caretakers. And it is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Caretakers use the app to make sure that independent seniors are safe through activity alerts, task reminders, and secure medical history and emergency contact storage.

All you have to do is download the app, and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory on this easy app. Note that although the app is free, you will need to pay an additional $3 per month for premium services like advanced emergency notifications.

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2. Lifeline Cares

Lifeline, a well-known company with a positive reputation for reliable hardware and helpful customer support, created this app.

Lifeline Cares is a free app that communicates directly with the company’s medical alert systems. It is a helpful tool for those who wish to easily remain in touch with many caregivers and family members.

Seniors can use the app to create a “care circle,” and any time the user presses the alert button, the members of the circle are alerted.

Not just that, but users also get to send images and messages to the circle, creating a collaborative alert system that helps users interact with their caregivers on the go.

3. Red Panic Button

It was created in 2010 for both Android and iOS devices. At the push of the red button on the app, you can reach the people you need in a jiffy. It is a true lifeline that comes in handy when you feel threatened or are in distress.

Simply press the red button, and this will deliver an emergency message and your GPS coordinates to a predetermined list of contacts through SMS, email, or tweet if you have a Twitter account.

Though the Red Panic Button app is free, by subscribing for $4.99 per month, you can enter an unlimited number of emergency contacts and disable annoying ads.

A commendable fact about this app is that it can be accessed via your smartwatch, offering quicker and more effective protection.

best medical alert apps for seniors Senior Safety App
The Senior Safety App has built-in sensors that can detect a fall or when there is excessive background noise nearby.

4. Senior Safety App

This one is excellent for carers who wish to keep an eye on a loved one while they are away because it has several interesting features. First, it features advanced GPS tracking that notifies you if your loved one walks outside of a predetermined border.

Senior Safety App also features in-built sensors that can detect when there is excessive background noise nearby or when a fall is detected.

Caregivers can keep track of their loved ones using GPS tracking, low-battery alarms, and inactivity alerts to stay notified if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

There is a less feature-rich free version of the program, but you can upgrade to the pro version, which includes GPS tracking, scam & fraud protection, and safety alerts, for only $45 a year, or $4.50 per month.

5. Bay Alarm Medical – Caregiver Tracking App

The bay alarm medical app is basically just a tracking app that works with your phone’s GPS. It offers real-time location tracking and low battery alerts. It is perfect for family members who want to know where a loved one struggling with dementia or a severe mental illness is.

The Caregiver Tracking app can be downloaded by many multiple users, meaning all family members can be alerted of their loved one’s whereabouts.

This app, however, barely has any tangible benefits to the senior- it just shows their whereabouts. Nonetheless, it has one of the best mobile medical alert systems, thanks to its highly ranked smartwatch.

6. FallSafety Home

This app is excellent for older folks who are prone to falling and are looking for an innovative medical warning app at a great price. It works with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

FallSafety Home offers covert protection for independent elders with a high heart rate detection, fall detection, and a “send help” button.

Although the app is free to use, users are only allowed to add one emergency contact. You can, however, add up to 5 emergency contacts by paying $4.99.

Whenever you tap on the ‘send help’ button, 5 people are notified, increasing your chances of getting immediate help. The app also has a siren warning feature that lets emergency personnel find you in emergencies.

Medical Alerts Apps for Smartwatches

Young and old, smartwatches are enhancing our health. They keep an eye on your heart rate, level of exercise, and sleeping patterns. Doctors then use this information to gain valuable insight into your health.

This may be fantastic for the safety and wellbeing of independent elders when combined with a medical alert app. The following apps work with smartwatches:

1. Fall Alert – My Medic Watch

It is a ground-breaking smartwatch app that analyzes data obtained by wearable sensor technologies using unique and creative algorithms. It instantly detects if the wearer has fallen and summons quick emergency aid using cutting-edge algorithms.

In addition to automatically detecting falls, the Fall Alert app also notifies carers of your status and GPS location. You also have access to all of your medical episodes’ real-time data as part of your subscription.

If you want your caregivers to review your medical data, you can decide to grant them access as well. Live your life as you wish, knowing that protection and security are at your beck and call.

2. Red Panic Button

As mentioned before, when you press the red button on the phone app, your emergency contacts are alerted.

This software can be synced with smartwatches, so you can use the panic button on your wrist. And Red Panic Button is free to use if you only want to use its basic features.

3. Lively App

This app connects medical alert systems to seniors’ smartphones. To use the alert system, simply press the app’s help button, and the Lively app will notify an emergency operator.

The Lively app can be used not just on iPhones but on Apple Watch or Alexa-enabled smart speakers. The app is offered in several bundle options with monthly prices ranging from $19.99 to $39.99.

What to Consider When Looking at Medical Alert Apps

With a myriad of medical alert apps available, what factors should you consider to narrow down to the best? Here are 6 important things to look for.

Live 24/7 Monitoring

What use is an app if the response team is only available at certain hours of the day? Accidents can occur at any time, without warning.

That’s why you need an app that provides live, round-the-clock monitoring to maximize your level of safety. By doing this, a real emergency response representative will always be ready to help you whenever you need medical aid.


Claiming that you’ll be available when I need you to be is one thing, but really being available is quite another. Apps are no different. You require a reliable app to feel safe.

You want a medical alert app that will function when you need it most. That way, you feel secure knowing that it will provide safety and protection in the event of a medical emergency.

best medical alert apps for seniors GPS tracking
Prevent your elderly loved one from getting lost with the help of GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking

Knowing your GPS coordinates is necessary for people to find you after an accident. This is especially true for elderly people who suffer from dementia and other forms of memory loss.

GPS tracking can be the thin line between safety and danger. When an app continuously provides your GPS coordinates, you can feel more at ease knowing that your family and caregiver are aware of your whereabouts, even if you get lost.

Two-Way Communication

When an app allows 2-way communication, you can explain any issues that arise even before a medical operator comes to your destination. Such apps also allow caregivers to get in touch with their patients in case of minor emergencies.

Furthermore, if you push the help button and the operator can’t hear you, the majority will automatically dispatch emergency services.

Activity Monitoring

This function follows the app to track the user’s movements, much as automated fall detection. If a loved one hasn’t displayed any signs of movement for a long time, for example, the app alerts family members and friends, which can save lives.

Innovative Features

Choose an app that has cutting-edge features that will come in handy in case of an emergency. Some include medication reminders, smartwatch apps, activity monitoring, and a couple of other unique ones. Such advanced features can go a long way in keeping you safe.

Standalone Apps vs. Medical Alerts Systems

Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert system combines cutting-edge computer and communication technology to alert emergency assistance when a senior needs help.

It is also known as a personal emergency response system (PERS) or fall button. There are two different kinds of systems: mobile systems and in-home systems.

In-home systems are installed in homes and come in the form of landlines or similar gadgets. Mobile systems come in many forms. They may be discrete, lightweight bracelets or pendants that match clothing, or they could be smartwatches.

In case of an emergency, all a senior has to do is touch a button, and the end receiver will call or dispatch emergency assistance to their GPS location.

Standalone Medical Alert Apps

On the other hand, a standalone medical alert app is downloaded directly to your smartphone. With some apps, a wearable smartwatch, like the Apple Watch, can track your location and heart rate and provide an emergency button you may press if needed.

Most stand-alone medical alert programs provide you the option to decide who will be contacted if you fall or press the emergency button — they won’t connect you to 911 or an emergency operator.

Which is better? Stand-alone apps are fantastic since they let those closest to you know about your condition, have cutting-edge features like two-way communication, and are typically relatively affordable.

On the other hand, because of their integration with top medical alert businesses, medical alert systems are frequently more comprehensive and make it simple to connect to emergency services and/or a trained emergency operator.

That said, the decision is ultimately up to you because both provide excellent services!

Feel Safe, Sane, and Independent With These Vital Life-Saving Tools

If you’re concerned that your elderly relative will be alone in the event of an accident, you might want to consider one of these medical alert apps.

They provide quick medical assistance when seniors are alone, bringing a measure of safety at the push of a button.

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These life-saving tools help seniors and people with health issues age comfortably while maintaining their freedom by ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Some actually offer extra features that can help your loved one as well, such as medication reminders or dispensers, mobile GPS location tracking, and online portals for family members and caregivers.

Let a medical alert app give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be able to get the help they need in the event of an emergency or accident. Get yours today!



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