The Best Sleep Shirts For The Elderly

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Help your elderly loved one get better quality sleep each night by providing them with the right sleepwear. The right sleep shirt allows your loved one to sleep better by being more comfortable, breathable and facilitating free movement. Here are my top recommendations.

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A good night of sleep ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. However, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to older adults. Seniors normally sleep earlier and wake up earlier than they used to when they were younger.

According to the National Sleep Institute, older adults need to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Failure to get enough sleep each night can lead to a variety of negative effects including feeling depressed, irritable, facing a higher risk of falls and experiencing memory issues.

Choosing the right nightwear is an important part of creating the perfect conditions for a restful night of sleep. In fact, different fabrics have varying effects when it comes to creating the right sleep environment.

Read on below to find out what to look for in the best sleep shirts for the elderly, as well as a list of recommended products.

What To Look For In The Best Sleep Shirt For Seniors

  • Fabric: Sleep shirts for the elderly can be made using a variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool and polyester among others. Before making a final buying decision, find out whether the fabric used is soft, comfortable and breathable, while still offering the necessary level of temperature regulation to ensure a restful night of sleep.
  • Size: To ensure a perfect fit, which is not too roomy or tight, be sure to choose a night shirt that matches the intended wearer’s size.
  • Style: Night shirts come in a variety of styles. While a plain shirt may be a good option for those who intend to only wear it to bed, fashionable options are multifunctional, and can be worn around the house. Some stylish options even come with extra pockets for utmost practicality.
  • Closure System: From button up, zipper and snap closure systems among others, you can find a night gown that your elderly loved one will find to be easy to put on and take off.

Best Sleep Shirt For The Elderly: Top Picks

Here are some of my favorite nightshirts for elderly people that are comfortable to sleep in and easy to get in and out of.

Cool-Jams Moisture-Wicking V-Neck Nightshirt

Where to Buy:

While many people assume that elderly people are cold all the time, that is just not the case. Menopause, medications, and certain medical conditions like thyroid disorders can make some older folks feel hot and sweaty most of the time.

For these folks, consider these cooling night shirts from Cool-Jams. They are made of a proprietary fabric that wicks away moisture from the skin and can even eliminate odor-causing bacteria on the body. Plus, the shorter length will keep them from getting all tangled up around you or your elderly loved one while sleeping.

This attractive and comfortable style is available in 4 colors and is designed to land just above the knee and features a v-neckline with lace accents. These sleep shirts are also easy to care for, can be machine washed, and are naturally wrinkle-free.

Ovidis Adaptive Nightshirts for Men & Women

ovidis nightshirts for seniors

Some seniors and elderly people need a little help getting in and out of their nightclothes. Maybe they need a little help with fasteners due to arthritis or they could need a lot of help due to being bed bound. That is where adaptive clothing like these nightshirts from Ovidis are really helpful.

This sleepwear for the elderly looks like your standard, everyday nightshirt. However, there is a secret flap on the back, secured by snap fasteners, that allows it to come on and off quickly. It helps preserve a person’s dignity because it functions like a hospital gown without the stigmatic appearance of one.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how this works:

Adaptive Nightshirts - Milo open back

As far as comfort goes, these nightshirts use quality fabrics with a flannel-like feel. They stretch allowing for comfortable movement and turning throughout the night without binding. You can choose from multiple patterns and colors and from sizes S to XL. Plus, they are machine-washable and easy to care for.

Ekouaer Women Zipper Full Length Nightgown

Where to Buy:

More comfortable than a regular bathrobe with a belt, the Ekouaer women’s nightgown is a calf-length sleep shirt that is designed to be both casual and stylish. A great option for aging adults, this short-sleeved gown also comes with a zipper closure and two large pockets.

Made from 5 percent spandex and 95 percent cotton, this product is designed to offer the utmost comfort. Thanks to its striped and contrasting design, the night shirt has a casual appeal; this combined with the two pockets, which can be used to hold a smartphone, remote, or snacks, makes it highly functional even outside the bedroom.

Last but not least the gown’s zipper closure which runs the entire length of the front, from top to bottom, makes for easy wearing and removal.

If you are looking for stylish and comfy nightwear that can also be worn around the house, this women’s sleep shirt is exactly what you need.

Ekouaer Men’s Night Sleep Shirts

Where to Buy:

The Ekouaer men’s sleep shirt is a comfy and stylish option for anyone looking for the best sleepwear for their elderly loved one. The shirt is made of a mixture of comfortable and soft materials including 5 percent Spandex, 45 percent Polyester, and 50 percent cotton. In terms of design, this loose-fitting shirt, which stretches down to the knees, comes with a stripped o-neckline, and long sleeves.

Some of the main reasons to consider this shirt include the fact that it is made using breathable and soft materials that ensure comfort at all times. Thanks to the button-down closure system along the neck strip and stretchy design, this shirt is also easy to wear. For utmost comfort, the shirt stretches as you move.

If you are looking to give your elderly loved one the perfect gift, this stylish night shirt, which is a great improvement over some of the oversized options available out there, is a great option. To ensure that you find the perfect fit, this shirt comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from S to XXL.

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SWOMOG Women’s Zip Up Housecoat

Where to Buy:

Another great option for elderly women, the SWOMOG zip-up housecoat promises to keep your loved one feeling perfectly relaxed and comfortable. Made from soft modal fabric, this night shirt is made using 5 percent spandex and 95 percent rayon. Other features include short sleeves, two pockets, and a front zipper closure.

This easy-to-throw-on and remove sleepwear comes with front zipper closure – a better option over button-up options that can be somewhat of a challenge to put on, especially for seniors suffering from arthritis. A great fit for those looking for sleepwear that can also be used as loungewear, this nightshirt comes with two pockets that can carry a remote and/or smartphone among other things.

This nightgown is a great pick for anyone looking for comfortable, multifunctional, and practical nightwear.

Stafford – Men’s Flannel Nightshirt

Where to Buy:

If you are looking for a great sleep shirt for your elderly father or uncle, this flannel nightshirt is definitely worth your consideration. In addition to being long and roomy, the shirt also comes with relatively long sleeves that ensure your loved one is sufficiently covered throughout the night.

This well-designed shirt is attractive and comfortable and is also considered to be highly durable. Furthermore, since it is made from flannel material, it traps heat within the raised fibers, making it a great option for those chilly winter nights.

The Stafford Flannel nightshirt for men is an affordable option that will definitely serve you for many years to come. This product is great for anyone living in a cold area where the heat retention capabilities of the flannel material will prove to be quite useful.

Since the shirts are generally large, it is recommended that you buy a size down for a better fit.

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Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Cotton Nightshirt

Where to Buy:

Made by renowned sleepwear maker, Alexander Del Rosa, this lightweight cotton nightshirt is exactly what you need to ensure that your elderly loved one has a comfortable and restful night of sleep on a regular basis. This product is made using 100 percent no-shrink cotton. The long sleeved shirt, which extends down to the calves, features a button down closure system.

Thanks to the fact that this product is made from 100 percent cotton, it is a great option for wearing throughout the year. The material is lightweight and breathable. For easy wearing and removal, this shirt features a loose pullover design with a button-down closure along the v-neck.

In addition to being a great piece of sleepwear, this product can also be used in place of regular hospital gowns. It is not only lightweight, stylish and comfortable, but is also easy to machine wash.


Getting the right sleepwear for your elderly loved one is essential to ensuring that they get to sleep peacefully each night. After reading the above guide on how to choose the right sleep shirt for the elderly, you should be able to find a product that perfectly matches the specific needs and preferences of your loved one.

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Assistive Technology Professional

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