The Best Weather Apps For Seniors (For Planning and for Safety!)

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Best Weather Apps For Seniors

Being updated about the weather all day long will allow you to dress accordingly when going outside. Also, with weather apps, your aging loved ones can avoid weather-related emergencies.

Best Weather Apps For Seniors
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Do you hate it when you step outside and the weather is different from what you had hoped?

If you had dressed for warm weather only to find it raining outside, or if you had dressed for cold weather only to find it extremely warm, you are likely going to feel disappointed. 

Well, if you are stepping out for bingo or for a day at the park with your loved ones, here are some of the best weather apps for seniors that you should consider.

They should keep you updated about the weather all day long. That way, you can dress accordingly and choose the best activities depending on the weather.

Best Weather Apps For Seniors

Weather apps are one of the most popular – and helpful – productivity apps for seniors. By monitoring the weather and the forecast, they can plan their activities and be prepared for any potential weather-related emergencies.

1. AccuWeather 

It’s one of the best weather apps for seniors, with numerous features for day-to-day use. AccuWeather has better planning features.

Even better, you can rely on the weather data to manage allergies, boost productivity and drive safely. It comes with a news section to help you watch relevant news for any upcoming weather events.

2. CARROT Weather

If you love weather updates with a side of sarcasm and snarky comments, you should definitely use CARROT Weather. Relying on data from Dark Sky, you should be able to access weather data every minute, hour, weekly or monthly.

The sarcastic humor is perfect to cushion the gloomiest weather report on the app. The infographics make useful information easy to reach. As you tap and swipe, you will find more detailed meteorological data.

3. The Weather Channel

Here, you will get the best weather information such as wind, temperature, and visibility every hour, day, or 10-day period.

The Weather Channel comes with interactive maps that display the latest data on rainfall data, weather events, and any severe weather alerts in the area. Even better, it comes with a social sharing feature where users can upload tweets, images, videos, and photos.

4. Emergency – Alerts

Created by Red Cross, this is an app that you need to consider having on your phone. It keeps track of everything from floods to hurricanes. Even better, you will have updated information about winter storms and extreme heat. You need to have it installed on your phone at all times.

The Emergency app monitors your local location, and you can also view weather information for other cities, especially if you want to check on your family. Additionally, you will have a map of the nearby shelters in an emergency.

best weather apps for seniors Clime
You can unlock the best features of the Clime weather app with its premium option.

5. Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Clime comes with a real-time radar that tracks any weather changes in your area. You will have access to the standard 7-day and 24-hour weather alerts.

Additionally, you can use satellite imagery that provides a full picture of the temperature, precipitation, and any relevant weather details you require.

With the premium option, you can unlock the best features on the app, including any severe weather alerts for all locations saved on the app. Additionally, you will have access to trackers for lightning, hurricanes, wildfires, and temperatures.

6. 1Weather 

Here, you can enjoy the best features of any weather app out there. For instance, there is a 10-day forecast, severe weather warnings, and live radar maps. Even better, you can enjoy the widgets so you can view the key weather details for the day on the home screen of your phone.

1Weather offers forecasts for rain and temperature every minute and hour. These forecasts are available 48 hours ahead, so you can use them to plan your day. 

7. WeatherBug

Is there a developing weather situation you want to start tracking? Well, WeatherBug is the best app to help you out.

You can enjoy unique features such as hurricane forecasts, air quality information, and pollen count data besides the usual weather information. It gets the data from satellites, weather services, and tracking stations.

8. IQAir AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

With there being too much pollution, you need to know the quality of the air you are breathing. This is a weather app with an eye-catching user interface that presents the most vital data about air quality anywhere in the world.

In the IQAir AirVisual app, you will find the best and most detailed information about air quality. Additionally, you can enjoy the 7-day forecasts, so you can always plan ahead for your outdoor events.

9. Weather On The Way

If you are planning to step out for the day, it’s a good idea to know the type of weather that waits for you.

With Weather On The Way, you can always navigate your way around as you drive and get the best severe weather alerts. That way, you will know whether to expect snow, rain, or any other hazardous conditions.

Additionally, if you subscribe to the premium app, you can enjoy better features such as road visibility, route suggestions, and relevant data about wind speed and precipitation. 

best weather apps for seniors important
Real-time alerts from weather apps can help your loved ones avoid bad weather conditions.

Why Are Weather Apps For Seniors Important?

If you are wondering whether or not it’s important for your elderly loved one to have a weather app, you need to consider the following benefits.

1. Real-Time Data

You should be able to get weather information in real-time. As such, you can prepare accordingly and avoid any situations where you are overdressed or underdressed.

2. Share Data

If you want to share weather information with your loved ones, it’s easy to do so with these weather apps. Even better, these weather apps can function on multiple devices, making it easier to access relevant data whenever necessary.

3. Real-Time Alerts

Weather apps have real-time alerts where you can check the weather online and avoid bad weather such as storms or hurricanes. This way, you will be prepared to evacuate whenever it happens.

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Final Thoughts

Weather apps play an important role in everyone’s life, including elderly loved ones. Whatever type of event you are planning outdoors, you need to know the type of weather in the area to avoid any disasters.

Use any of these weather apps to determine whether or not it’s a good idea for your senior loved ones to spend a day outside. Even better, they should have a clue of the nearest shelters in the event of a serious disaster.


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