Best Weight Loss Apps for Seniors (For Motivation and Tracking)

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Best Weight Loss Apps for Seniors

Starting with proper diet and exercise, older adults will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Using apps to track and monitor your progress can be helpful and motivating.

Best Weight Loss Apps for Seniors
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As you grow older, it is also a good idea to lead a healthier lifestyle. You need to improve your health by eating right and exercising.

If you are looking to lose weight as you age, you need to use the best apps and devices to help you achieve it.

Here is what seniors need to know about using exercise apps to lose weight and how to use them it properly.

Best Overall Weight Loss App For Seniors

Mighty Health App

mighty health app (1)

Most people know that for sustained weight loss, there is no magic plan or single way to do it. To lose weight, you often need to look at all areas of your life, from diet and nutrition to activity and exercise.

The Mighty Health app does exactly this. It helps you manage your nutrition plan by logging what you eat every day. It will also help you increase your activity by providing activities and exercise programs based on your individual abilities and needs.

The best part? You even get a personal health coach to guide you on your weight loss journey. The app even sends you reminders and encourages you to keep your app updated so that it can keep you on track!

Free Weight Loss Apps For Seniors

1. MyFitnessPal

Do you know how much food you eat every day? Well, you may not have an idea of how many calories you are eating per day, and that may be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

With MyFitnessPal, you should be able to set a calorie goal to log all your food and drinks to avoid going overboard. Even better, you can log in your exercise, track your weight loss achievements, and even make it a group event for the best results.

2. C25K

It’s the best weight loss app for beginners, especially seniors who are just starting out on their weight loss journey. If you don’t like exercising or trying out weight loss activities, this is the app to motivate you to achieve it.

If you get started today, you should be able to run 5 km within 8 weeks. C25K is a very popular app, especially among seniors, because it has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals.

You simply need to work out 30 minutes every day and become a fitness guru.

3. Nike Training Club

Here, you can find more than 100 workouts for seniors looking to start their workout journey in their old age. Nike Training Club is an amazing app that’s free for anyone looking to start working out immediately.

If you have any equipment available, you can sign up on the weight loss app and customize it accordingly. Even better, you should be able to target specific areas of your body with varying mobility, endurance, and strength exercises for the best results.

4. MapMyWalk

If you are tired of your usual walking route or want to extend it, this is the right weight loss app for you. Here, you can set goals and track everything about your speed, distance, and duration.

If you are working out with your friends, MapMyWalk is also a great way to discover new routes for the best results.

best weight loss apps for seniors 7 Minute Workout
You can enjoy effective and fast routines with the 7 Minute Workout app.

5. 7 Minute Workout

If you always say you never have time to work out, you don’t have another excuse with this app. It simply takes 7 minutes to do it. The 7 Minute Workout app has over 20 million users, and you could be the latest addition to this community.

Here, you can enjoy effective, fast, and various routines free of any equipment. Even better, you can create a routine based on your weight loss goals. You should be able to get strong, lose weight or become fit.

Additionally, you can follow the illustrations to make sure you are exercising the right way to avoid injury.

6. Daily Yoga

If you are not interested in running or fast-paced workouts, you can try out this amazing workout app. With Daily Yoga, you can enjoy a daily routine of mobility and strength exercises for every individual, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Even better, you can try out the meditation and Pilates classes. Additionally, if you want to advance, you can try out new classes and poses for the best results.

The Best Weight Loss Apps For Menopause

Have you recently hit menopause? Are you in your menopausal years and are looking for the best way to work out and remain healthy?

Here are some of the best weight loss apps to consider.

1. MyFitnessPal

Download MyFitnessPal today and enjoy more than 5 million food items. It’s one of the best food tracking apps out there. Here, you can lose weight by tracking the food you eat.

Even better, you should be able to save your favorite meals and foods. You can always add new recipes and prepare the best meals as you track your calories effortlessly.

2. Fitocracy

The principle behind the Fitocracy weight loss app is simply making fitness as addictive as anything else. You can use it with your friends for the best results.

3. Noom

Noom is one of the best weight loss apps for menopausal people. Here, you can break bad weight loss habits and adopt the best ones.

You can log in meals and gain access to some of the best recipes. Track your weight loss goals for the best results.

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How To Choose The Right Weight Loss App For Your Health Goals

With there being thousands of weight loss apps, you may have a hard time finding the right one for your weight loss goals.

Here are some of the tips to help you find an ideal weight loss app.

1. Community Of Weight Loss People

You need to download an app that features a community of other dieters. Here, you can discuss your weight loss measures and get the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

2. Daily Reminders

It’s easy enough to forget when to work out. Therefore, the best weight loss app will have daily reminders to help you remember to work out every day and achieve your weight loss goals.

3. Personalized Professional Support

If you need additional assistance, you can always count on personalized professional support from dieticians and nutritionists. Therefore, you need to look for the best app that offers these options for the best results.

4. Proper Recipes

If you are not sure how to eat healthy to achieve your weight loss goals, the best app should help you by creating the best recipes depending on your weight loss goals.

Therefore, don’t rush into choosing the first weight loss app you come across without looking at these and many more features for the best results.

best weight loss apps for seniors nutrition apps
Nutrition apps can assist older adults in managing and monitoring their nutritional needs.

The Best Nutrition Apps For Seniors

As we grow older, our nutritional needs will change. Well, if you are looking for the best nutrition apps to try out in your old age, here are a few to help you get started.

1. MyFitnessPal

With MyFitnessPal, you will have access to the largest food database with over 6 million foods from different cultures and cuisines. You should be able to monitor your calorie intake and set the best weight loss goals for yourself.

2. Yummly

If you feel like you have run out of recipe options when preparing dinner, this is the best way to get back on track.

Here, you have access to more than 2 million recipes, and you can also personalize the Yummly app, especially if you have food allergies or preferences.

Even better, you should be able to type in what’s available in your fridge, and the app will come up with a great recipe for you.

3. Waterlogged

In your old age, you are likely going to suffer from dehydration, especially if you are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Most people end up taking up less water than required. Well, Waterlogged is the best app to ensure your loved one takes enough water throughout the day.

With reminders and personalized charts, you should be able to guarantee that your loved one is not dehydrated and takes the recommended amount of water.


Getting healthy is the best lifestyle even as you grow older. If you are having a hard time tracking your weight loss goals, try out these amazing apps and get back on track.

If possible, do these weight loss apps with your friends for the best results. Make sure your loved ones and friends have an idea of what you are doing to avoid any injuries.



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