Are Bidets Good for Elderly People? (Absolutely For Many Reasons!)

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Bidets Good for Elderly

Bidets are good for the elderly because they are more gentle on delicate skin, improve hygiene, and are safer too because elderly people can clean themselves with minimal movement.

Bidets Good for Elderly
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Caring for the elderly means considering aspects of daily living that can change significantly.

One such aspect is their capacity to use regular bathroom facilities with the same agility and efficiency as they did when younger.

To reduce any problems with twisting, bending, or reaching in the bathroom, which can be difficult for those with mobility issues, a bidet adds a simplistic, safe, and hygienic approach to using the toilet.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of a bidet, then check out my guide to the best bidets for the elderly here for more information.

Is the Bathroom Dangerous for Seniors?

The bathroom is one of the locations in the home where the most accidents occur, and the risks are especially high for seniors.

According to statistics by the CDC, one out of four seniors will have a fall accident each year. These fall accidents account for 32,000 deaths annually.

There are several factors that make the bathroom a dangerous place. It is essential to understand the risks your elderly loved one is facing so you can plan a way to avoid any injuries or dangers.


The average adult will use the bathroom more than seven times daily. This number will increase with age. While the duration of bathroom use may not change much, increased bathroom use also increases the potential for accidents.

Small Spaces

Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the home. So, in case of a fall, there are many hard objects nearby that could break a fall and cause injury. The danger of falling and hitting heads, bones, and joints on a sink or toilet is a genuine danger.

bidets good for elderly improve senior safety
Bidets offer security and safety in the bathroom for seniors.

Improve Senior Safety at Home with a Bidet

The bidet is a very common component of bathrooms in European and Asian countries, but they are still taking time to enter the mainstream market in the US.

But these highly hygienic and efficient amenities offer an improved method of cleaning the perineal area. They clean using a small wand that delivers a washing stream of water to the affected area.

For those seniors and relatives of seniors committed to supporting independence, the bidet offers safety and security in the bathroom.

A bidet or a bidet seat eliminates the need for stretching, turning, reaching, twisting, and risking a loss of balance and subsequent injuries.

But bidets can offer other significant advantages for your senior relative’s health.

A Gentler Way to Clean Delicate Skin

Elderly people have sensitive skin and conditions requiring a gentler means of cleaning delicate body regions. A bidet is also an excellent option for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

Improved Hygiene

Bidets provide a convenient and hands-free way of cleaning up after using the bathroom. Their hands-free aspect is perfect for those with dementia issues who may not always remember to wash their hands.

Keeping Seniors Safe in the Bathroom

Adding a bidet in your senior relative’s bathroom is one possible step toward preventing serious injury in case of a fall. But it is only the first step in protecting your aging relative.

Here are a few other essential details that can improve the safety of a bathroom seniors will be using.

bidets good for elderly toilet grab bar
A toilet grab bar provides additional support when standing and sitting on the toilet.

Toilet Grab Bar

This is the easiest thing to install and has saved countless lives. A thick toilet handrail allows additional support when sitting and standing from the toilet and navigating the bathroom.

Elevated Toilet Seats

Many seniors have difficulty getting up from and sitting on a toilet due to a variety of medical issues. Elevated toilet seats are helpful for this situation because, by raising the overall height of the toilet, it is easier for the elderly to stand and squat.

Fortunately, you can even use bidets with elevated toilet seats to get the benefits of both.

Non-Slip Mat

Mats and floor rugs can spell trouble for elderly folk who don’t always pick up their heels when moving about. Ensure any floor fabrics are securely in place and will not cause your elderly loved one to trip.

Accessible Storage

Keeping the bathroom clean and organized for easy access to all bathroom items can protect seniors from accidents.

The more time they spend locating and reaching for needful things, the longer they will take in the bathroom. For seniors with mobility issues or dementia, this can be dangerous.

Summary and Final Recommendations

As we have discussed, bidets are an excellent option for keeping elderly people safe from injury.

The good news is that they are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit every need.

If you are interested in a bidet to improve the quality of life for an elderly friend or relative, check out our article on choosing the best bidet for your elderly loved one.

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