Spreading Holiday Cheer with a Fun Twist: Christmas Bingo for Seniors


Wanting to plan a full-fledged game of Bingo this holiday season for some seniors you love, complete with holiday decorations and accessories? Here is a full guide on how to plan a Christmas Bingo game for seniors and the elderly for small groups and large groups.

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Christmas Bingo Game for Seniors

A rousing and fun game of Bingo is a great party game most seniors will love. It allows them to enjoy conversation and friendly competition with their peers or families.

This fun Christmas activity for seniors can entertain both small and large groups and is an excellent way to liven up an office holiday party or even a Christmas Eve gift exchange with family members and friends.

But, a lot goes into planning and organizing a Christmas Bingo party appropriate for seniors.

This guide will tell you what you need to do to transform a traditional bingo game into a clever Christmas game for seniors that is full of holiday spirit.

How to Plan a Christmas Bingo Game for Seniors

Here are some of the more important considerations when planning a Christmas Bingo game for seniors.

Things like venue decoration, choosing the appropriate Bingo cards, preparing the right tools, and ensuring the seniors will have fun during the event.

Do it right, and this single event could become one of their favorite Christmas memories!

Decorations for the Venue

Since the event will be during Christmas, choose appropriate holiday decorations: Christmas lights, wreaths, a Christmas tree (or several), and other festive decorations.

The decor should not be too bland, but be a bit cautious because flashing lights and flood music may overwhelm some of your bingo party guests.

Make sure you have plenty of tables and chairs to seat your guests. Try to find out how many seniors will participate by using a sign-up sheet and prepare accordingly.

Ensure that the chairs and tables are safe for seniors and leave space for some seniors who may use wheelchairs.

Place snacks and food where it is accessible to everyone. Seniors with mobility problems shouldn’t have to walk far to get a drink.

Place multiple refreshment stations strategically throughout the venue. Put some snacks on the Bingo tables for seniors who want to nibble while playing.

Bingo Equipment

The essential equipment needed for a Bingo game is Bingo cards, Bingo balls, daubers (markers), and an optional Bingo cage. 

You can use traditional bingo cards, but Christmas Bingo cards are available to add some holiday cheer to your event.

However, you’ll need to print and cut the cards, so you may need a few days to prepare them. We’ve provided our favorite sources below.

Try to find green and red Bingo balls to fit the Christmas theme, and decorate your Bingo cage with Christmas decorations like tinsel and mini bows or mini ornaments.

Buy holiday-themed daubers and markers for players to use. However, ensure that the items you buy are senior-friendly, easy to hold onto, and safe to use.

Event Activities

The main activity for this event is, of course, Bingo. However, you may also include other activities and games to serve as icebreakers before the main event.

For example, you may have some older children sing Christmas songs for the seniors’ entertainment, play Christmas trivia games, or even have a Christmas Scavenger hunt.

Type and design a program agenda for the event to help the evening go as smoothly as possible.


When it’s time to play Bingo, as the host, be as entertaining as possible. Insert some witty commentary before every announcement and interact with the players to ensure they enjoy the game.

Slowly and properly enunciate your words so that the seniors will not mishear you. Use a microphone and speakers to make your voice louder.

As a host, you can try to wear a costume or have Santa hats available for the attendees to wear. Provide necessary accommodations and be culturally sensitive since some older adults are sensitive about various things.

Practice your hosting duties before the event to ensure you are ready.

Most importantly, relax and have fun during the event.

Christmas Bingo game for seniors cards more festive
Here are some fun ways to make your Bingo cards look and feel more festive.

How to Make Standard Bingo Cards More Festive

If you’d prefer to use standard Bingo cards rather than Christmas-themed Bingo Cards, here are some ideas to make different cards more festive:

Put Christmas-themed Stickers on the Cards

Put various Christmas-themed stickers, such as Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, and snowmen, on the Bingo cards to make them feel more festive.

Or, give a pack of stickers to the players and let them personalize their Bingo cards by putting the stickers on the card themselves.

Use Christmas-themed Bingo Markers

There are lots of Christmas-themed Bingo marker ideas that you can use as bingo chips. Find green and red items that can serve as fun markers. Just make sure that they are appropriate and safe for seniors to use.

One of the most festive Bingo markers you can use is various Christmas candies because they are easy to get and most are safe for seniors.

Our favorite candies to use as markers are green and red M&Ms or Skittles. Their colors represent Christmas perfectly, while their round shape and small size are just right to put on top of Bingo cards. 

Wrapped Hershey’s Kisses is another festive way to track your five in a row. Because each is individually wrapped, it lessens the chance of smudging the Bingo cards.

The paper strip on top of the wrapper serves as a handle making it easier for older adults to hold.

Use Christmas-themed Daubers

There are a lot of Christmas-themed daubers available at the market that you can use in your Bingo games to make your players feel the Christmas spirit. You can probably find one in a store near you or order online from a Bingo specialty store.

Here are some of our favorite holiday-themed daubers:

You can also give these daubers a gift for your senior loved ones who like to play Bingo.

Sources of Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Many sources of holiday bingo cards online are available for free download as a PDF file so that you can print as many as you need.

Custom Christmas Bingo Cards from DLTK

The Custom Christmas Cards from DLTK may have the most straightforward design out of all the Bingo cards in this list, but they are fully customizable in size, theme, color, title, and bingo spots.

You can choose whether you want to use pictures or words, but we recommend using images to make reading easier for older adults. After customizing, it will generate the corresponding calling cards too!

The instructions on customizing the cards are all included on the website.

Christmas Bingo Cards Free Printable from Grace and Good Eats

The Christmas Bingo Cards from Grace and Good Eats contain colorful cards with adorable holiday-themed illustrations. 

The cards have pictures of stockings, penguins, gingerbread men, elves, Santa Claus, holiday candies, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, reindeer, candy canes, wreaths, snowflakes, gifts, and other cute Christmas images that you can download for free.

You can download ten free Christmas Bingo cards (2 cards per page) on their websites, complete with Bingo callers that you can cut into small squares and put into a small container.

Printable Christmas Bingo Game from The Girl Creative

Girl Creative’s Christmas Bingo cards have designs with black and white illustrations of Christmas items such as mittens, snowflakes, penguins, reindeer, birds, and much more!

Like most of her other free printable Christmas games, the cards are available in English and Spanish.

Black & White Line Art Bingo Cards

This set of Black & White Line Art Bingo Cards is the perfect option if you don’t have a color printer ready or prefer black and white. These cards will not require a lot of ink to print, making it a cheap option too.

These cards include 10 Bingo cards that you can print for free.

Free Christmas Bingo Boards from One Creative Mommy

Christmas bingo cards from One Creative Mommy are some of the cutest Bingo cards we found in our search. They all have adorable illustrations, such as candy canes with tiny faces. 

You can download a family set with ten boards or a classroom set with 30 boards, a convenient option if you have a lot of players participating.

Christmas Bingo Cards from Crazy Little Projects

The Christmas Bingo Cards from Crazy Little Projects have a colorful design that immediately attracts your guest’s attention.

It has all the expected Christmas-themed illustrations, such as Santa and stockings, penguins and snowflakes, presents, ornaments, lights, and more.

You can download eight Christmas Bingo cards with their respective calling cards. Don’t miss their free printable Christmas coloring pages too!

Free Christmas Bingo Printable Game from Design Dazzle

Design Dazzle’s Christmas Bingo game will delight older adults with lively, fun illustrations like birds, gingerbread men, presents, owls, snowmen, and sleighs. The colorful designs will catch their eye and keep them focused on the game.

You can download eight bingo cards with calling cards for free!

Christmas Bingo Game from Crafting Chicks

The Christmas Bingo game from Crafting Chicks is a set of stylish cards with red and teal-colored patterns.

The card’s Bingo spots use illustrations of reindeer, wreaths, greetings, candles, snowflakes, bells, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, candy canes, stockings, and gifts.

The download includes two sets of Christmas Bingo cards with two cards each and calling cards.

Snowman Bingo Game from Crazy Little Projects

The Snowman Bingo Game from Crazy Little Projects comes with a free set of snowman-themed Bingo cards that will make you really feel the winter season. It’s the perfect way to let seniors experience winter without exposing them to the cold. 

You can print up to eight game boards plus the calling cards.

Christmas Bingo Cards from Simply Fresh Designs

The Christmas Bingo Cards designed by Simply Fresh Designs come in various colors with intriguing designs and illustrations.

The cards come in red, green, and pink with unique patterns and easy-to-see photos of Christmas-themed objects, perfect for seniors with poor eyesight.

This set of free Christmas Bingo cards comes with six game cards and a game piece sheet.

Silent Night Bingo from Prepared Not Scared!

Silent Night Bingo has a unique name and design compared to other Christmas Bingo cards in this list.

As you can tell by its name, the cards have “Silent Night” themed illustrations in the Bingo spot, such as a camel, an angel, the three kings, and more!

You can also download three more Christmas-themed Bingo games from the same source with their unique name and theme.

The “Jingo Bingo” card has a more festive theme with red and green in the background and Santa Claus, snowmen, and stockings on the Bingo spots. The “Ho… Ho… Ho!” card has a similar design and content, only differing in the title.

The “Follow the… Star” card has similar features to the Silent Night Bingo card. Its Bingo spots contain illustrations of Silent Night-themed objects.

This card set is excellent for many players because you can download 24 cards in each theme and their matching calling cards.

Customizable Christmas Bingo game for seniors
These Christmas Bingo cards from DLTK are fully customizable.

Merry Christmas Bingo Cards and Markers

This unique Merry Christmas Bingo card has “MERRY” written on top instead of “BINGO,” perfect for your senior-friendly Christmas party

You can download ten different bingo cards, calling cards, and even Santa Claus Bingo markers.

The set also includes unique cards for different Bingo games, such as T’s Bingo, U’s Bingo, and Blackout Bingo. It’s a versatile source of Christmas Bingo Cards if you want something different from your typical Bingo game.

Santa Claus Bingo Cards and Markers

The Santa Claus Bingo Cards and Markers have the word “CLAUS” on the cards instead of “BINGO.” 

You can download up to 10 Bingo cards plus the calling cards and some Santa Claus Markers that you can use instead of typical markers.

Printable Christmas Bingo Game from the Many Little Joys

The Printable Christmas Bingo Game from the Many Little Joys has a clean look that is not too overwhelming to the eyes, perfect for seniors who have poor eyesight.

It has a simple red border as its background, a large “Christmas Bingo” text on top as its title, and cute illustrations of the gingerbread man, sweaters, Santa Claus, and others on its Bingo spots.

Christmas Bingo Printable from Incremental Mama

These Christmas Bingo Printables from Incremental Mama come with 20 card pieces that you can print for free. They have a cute design with a red and white stripe pattern at the sides and adorable holiday illustrations in the Bingo spots.

The illustrations include angels, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, stars, Christmas hats, and other Christmas-themed objects.

Christmas Bingo Free Printable from Crayons and Cravings

The Christmas Bingo cards from Crayons and Cravings have a simple design making them easy to see for aging eyes. Each card has a white background, large text for the title, and colorful illustrations.

The cards feature bright and colorful pictures of items such as ornaments, Santa, a gingerbread man, presents, a holly, a snowman, a sleigh, a holiday card, a reindeer, a fireplace, hot cocoa, mittens, and more. It also comes with calling cards.

Happiness is Homemade Christmas Bingo Game

The Christmas Bingo Game from Happiness Is Homemade contains six cards with a red and green patterned design. The Bingo spots have illustrations of Santa Claus, penguins, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and more.

You can download six cards for free, but if you want to print more, you will need to buy their upgraded version.

Prizes for Christmas-themed Bingo Games

Who doesn’t like prizes?

Giving prizes will encourage seniors to play and become competitive with their peers. And, of course, since it’s Christmas, you should choose rewards that fit the theme.

Here are some ideas on prizes for Christmas-themed Bingo games.

Holiday Essentials

Many seniors value practicality, so giving them prizes that they can use is something you should consider. However, don’t make the prizes something too dull and ordinary.

Consider shirts, lotions, scarves, mittens, DVDs of Christmas movies seniors will enjoy, and other things seniors might need during winter.

Cash Prize

Everyone loves to have a bit of extra cash in their pocket. Giving away cash prizes to those who win a bingo game will motivate older adults to participate more.

You don’t have to give away a lot of money. Just give an appropriate prize according to your budget, and I’m sure that the seniors will appreciate it nonetheless.

If you are hosting the Bingo game in a nursing home or other healthcare facility, schedule an outing to dollar stores so they can freely spend their prize money. 

Holiday Candies

Most everyone loves munching on candy regardless of the time of year, so why not give them a prize to put a smile on their faces and sweets in their mouths? 

Choose holiday candies like candy canes, chocolate, peppermints, and others. Make sure these candies are appropriate for older adults, so they can safely enjoy their sweet prizes.

Christmas Treats

Aside from holiday candies, you can also give away packed snacks as prizes. Treats like gingerbread cookies, gourmet hot chocolate mixes, pretzels, and muffins are all excellent choices.

You can also try to put them in small gift baskets to make them more presentable when you give them away.

Christmas Gift Basket

Seniors will keep their eyes on a gift basket full of holiday items all night long. You can fill it up with snacks, candies, gift cards, coupons, and other things that might be useful to seniors. 


A bottle of wine, a pack of tea, or coffees are some possible drink prizes you can give.

Puzzle Games

Buy some holiday-themed puzzle games and give them away as a prize. Seniors who love to solve puzzles during their free time will love winning a prize like this.

Christmas Home Decorations

Christmas ornaments, wreaths, or anything they can use to decorate their living area is excellent prizes for the winners of the game.

Bingo Materials

Chances are the winner of the game is someone who already loves to play Bingo, so why not give them a prize that will elevate their bingo game?

Examples are holiday-themed daubers, markers, shirts, tote bags, aprons, or chips they can use when playing Bingo.

Comfort Items

Comfort items to keep the winner warm and cozy, like blankets, are something seniors will want, especially during winter. You can buy inexpensive throw blankets, neck pillows, or soft sweaters.

Christmas Fidget Toys

Look for some Christmas-themed fidget toys to give as a prize. Fidget toys are fun for people of all ages and could even help older adults improve their fine-motor skills.

Christmas Activity Books

Crosswords, sudoku, and other puzzling activity books are good prize ideas to be given to seniors. Puzzle books stimulate the mind and fill downtime. Choose Christmas-themed activity books for your Christmas bingo party event.

Bingo Money

Make your prize unique by giving seniors “Bingo money” whenever they win a game of Bingo. You can set up a “shop” where they can use the money they earn to buy other items.

If you plan to serve up this festive fun all night, the seniors will stack up some “cash,” so get a grand prize that requires a considerable amount of Bingo money.

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Wrapping Up

Christmas Bingo is a great way for seniors to participate in a fun holiday activity and enjoy the holidays without exerting too much effort. It encourages a competitive spirit and collaboration.

Planning the perfect Christmas Bingo night for seniors may take time and effort, but seeing the smiles on the faces of your loved ones will make it worth it.


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