43+ Cool Gift Ideas For Even Cooler Seniors

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Looing for a unique or unexpected gift for a senior person that you love? Check out these cool gifts for seniors and the elderly that are just a bit outside of the norm.

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Figuring out what to get anyone can be difficult as it is. For a senior, it can be even more so. A lot of seniors are happy with what they have. They’ve lived long enough to know that material goods don’t always bring about happiness.

However, that doesn’t mean no gift would make them happy. There are plenty of things that you could gift that would add value to their lives whether they know it or not.

We’ve gone ahead and come up with some of the best cool gift ideas for seniors.

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A Few Of The Best Cool Gifts For Seniors

General Advice for Buying Cool Gifts for Seniors

1. Smart Speaker

This is perhaps one of the coolest gift ideas you can get anyone. For a senior, they will feel as if they are in the Jetson’s cartoon show. From someone who has no Internet growing up along with black and white television, it’s amazing to look at what is possible with artificial intelligence. A senior would love a smart speaker.

Not only can it prove to be a decent companion device, but it can make the entire home much more accessible. Whether it’s linking the smart speaker up with the television or to the ceiling lights. A smart speaker can be one of the coolest and most useful gifts you can get a senior. This is especially true if you can figure out other gift ideas they can pair it with to make it even more practical and useful.

2. Easy to Use Tablet

A tablet is another exceptional gift that you could consider giving to a senior in your life. A tablet is such a good device for seniors because it can do so much. Along with being able to do so much, it comes with a large screen that is easy to navigate.

Also, you can get a stylus with the tablet which can allow for artistic expression. Seniors will appreciate being able to video call their children and grandchildren with the press of a button.

A tablet is one of the best options available because it offers such an accessible experience for seniors and it can add so much value to their lives.

3. Smart Robot Vacuum

Any gift that can make someone’s life easier is one that is the definition of ‘cool.’ A smart vacuum is exactly that. A smart vacuum is another one of the devices that seniors probably never even dreamed of having.

Some vacuums can accurately map out rooms and auto-clean on schedule. These vacuums can be fully automized which can make them extremely useful for seniors. Sweeping the floor or vacuuming is a fairly simple task for younger people, but it can be tedious, difficult, and downright dangerous for seniors.

After all, a lot of seniors suffer from accidental spills every single day and end up in emergency rooms. The less time spent doing tasks like vacuuming and sweeping, the better.

4. Get Handy

There are all kinds of different things that you could consider making on your own if you are looking to gift something from the heart. If you are good at sewing, you may consider sewing a blanket. Another good option would be a scarf.

If you are good at woodworking, you may want to make coasters or even a custom medicine dispenser. There are plenty of different ways you can use your creativity to come up with unique gift ideas for seniors.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best coolest gifts doesn’t have to be too difficult. Find something that will add value to their lives and you should feel confident about your gift. Use your imagination and come up with something that would be useful – and fun – to a senior in your life.

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