Best Cordless Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors: No More Repeating!

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Hearing loss causes embarrassment and frustration for many seniors. No where is this more evident that when using a telephone. But, having the right equipment can help this stressful situation. Here are the best cordless phones for hearing impaired seniors who just want to have a normal conversation!

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Are you suffering from hearing loss? Do you get frustrated or embarrassed because you can’t hear the person on the other end? Tired of asking people to repeat themselves?

Maybe you are on the other end of the call. Maybe you are tired of yelling at a parent with hearing loss. Or, just maybe, you are tired of repeating yourself at every conversation.

Don’t worry about that any longer!

These cordless phones for hearing impaired seniors help you use the phone the way you want. They have loud ringers so that you can hear the ring – even if you are in a different room. You can also hear better on the handset too because of the built in volume amplification. Most of these models even have a speakerphone you can use to boost the volume even more! Plus, you’ll notice big, easy to read buttons too.

Top 5 Cordless Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

With so many brands around providing various makes and models of cordless phones, which one should you buy? Here is a list of my favorite phones for seniors who don’t hear so well anymore.

Panasonic Amplified Cordless Phone With Digital Answering Machine


Full Featured Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Extra Loud 112 dB Ringer | Boosts Sound 50 dB | LED Ringer Light

  • Noise Reduction System
  • Big Buttons and Display
  • Power Battery Backup
  • Bright Red Flashing LED
  • Slow Talk Button

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09/18/2021 04:55 pm GMT

Panasonic’s brand name goes a long way when it comes to electronic gadgets. So, it’s no surprise that their cordless phones for hearing impaired seniors make it to the top of the list. This model has everything that you can ask for from a hearing aid friendly phone.

However, because this phone is so feature-packed, there are a lot of buttons on it. Fortunately though the buttons are big and labeled well with contrasting print making them easy to see and understand too. The LCD screen on the handset features big bold print too.

The phone helps you hear the caller better by providing a 50 dB volume boost through the handset. It also has a unique Slow Talk button (on the base and the handset) that slows down the speech of the caller so that you can hear the better and clearer. When using the handset, this system will also filter out background noise too.

Have some fast talkers in the family? Press the “Slow Talk” button on the handset or the base and the phone will literally slow down the caller’s words for you so that you can understand them better. And all that happens in real time too!

The ringer is extra loud on this model with a volume up to 112 dB. If that’s not enough, it also has a bright red flashing LED light on the handset and the base to let you know when the phone is ringing.

More reasons I recommend this phone are the talking caller ID that announces incoming callers out loud and the backup batteries. This allows you to use the phone for up to 3 hours during a power outage in case of emergency!

Clarity XLC3.4+ Big Button Speakerphone


Loud Cordless Phone Designed Especially for Seniors

Loud 95 dB Ringer | Boosts Sound 50dB | Exceptional Speakerphone

  • Loud Adjustable Ringer
  • Noise Cancellation System
  • Talking Caller ID
  • Loud & Clear Speakerphone
  • Dual Battery Power Backup
  • Some Extra Buttons
  • Requires Frequent Charging
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09/18/2021 05:10 pm GMT

You’ve probably never heard of Clarity. Clarity makes phones and other electronics gifts especially for seniors and the elderly who have hearing impairments and other complaints of aging.

Their XLC3.4+ model is one of their best products – especially if hearing on a cordless phone is a problem for you. This phone boosts incoming calls by up to 50dB and outgoing speech by up to 15dB if you are a “low talker.” Additionally, it has 4 tone settings you can use to adjust the phone acoustics to your particular hearing level.

You won’t have any problems knowing when the phone is ringing either. First, the ringers goes up to 95db and is adjustable with multiple sound choices. Second, then the phone receives a call, both the handset and base flash a bright red LED light that will capture your attention – even across the room.

One of my favorite parts of this one is the extra loud, extra clear speakerphone. It makes the incoming caller volume louder and plays it clearly. My own grandmother had most of her conversations on a speakerphone because she could hear it much better. Wish I had gotten her a model like this one.

The buttons are large and have good contrasting print on them so that they are easy to read. The screen isn’t huge, but the print on it is bold and big so most seniors shouldn’t have a problem seeing it. There are a few extra buttons that are needed for various features but not nearly as many as some of the full featured phones.

Other hand features are the talking caller ID and battery backup so that you can use your phone even if the power is out.

The only concern with this product is that there are several complaints about them not lasting very long – a few years at most. Also, the battery seems to drain faster than others so you will need to charge it frequently.

Hamilton CapTel 2400i Captioned Telephone


Speech to Text Phone System for the Hearing Impaired

Adjustable Volume Ringer | Boosts Sound 40 dB | Converts Call to Text

  • Good Call Amplification
  • Call Displayed as Text
  • Big Bright LCD Screen
  • Big Easy to See Buttons
  • Caller ID & Answering Machine
  • Requires Phone & Internet Service
  • Ringer Volume Could Be Louder

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09/18/2021 04:35 pm GMT

While this isn’t really a cordless phone, I felt I should include it on this list because of the speech to text feature this phone provides.

When receiving a call, this phone automatically converts the incoming speech to big, bold text you can read right on the phone base. The display screen is touch enabled and you can adjust the font size right there too. This is a great feature if you find yourself missing occasional words and want to fully understand what is said.

Note, though, to get this feature working, you need to connect the phone to both a standard phone line and a high speed internet connection too. The internet service is needed because that is how the actual transcript is created.

As far as operating the phone, the other features will be familiar to anyone who has used a touch button phone in the past. The number buttons are easy to find and see. Other buttons are labeled good as well.

The handset volume is boosted by up to 40 dB which should be enough for most seniors with hearing difficulty. This helps provide louder and clearer calls.

This phone system for the hearing impaired also includes caller ID displayed on the screen and an answering machine too.

Panasonic Digital Cordless Answering System


Loud Cordless Phone System That Looks Like a Standard Model

6 Ringer Volume Settings | 5 Handset Volume Settings | Talking Caller ID

  • Backlit Easy to Read Keys
  • Boosts and Clarifies Incoming Calls
  • Multiple Loud Ringer Settings
  • Comes with 2 Handsets
  • Can Be Wall Mounted
  • A Bit More Expensive

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09/18/2021 04:59 pm GMT

Some seniors are self-conscious about having products around that look like they are “special” or “medical.” Many don’t like calling attention to the fact they need special equipment to get through their daily lives. Know a senior like this? I bet so!

This model from Panasonic has many of the volume boosting features I have recommended in the other phones here. But, there is one difference. It looks like a standard cordless phone anyone would buy!

You get multiple volume settings for the ringer, talking Caller ID, and an answering machine functions. The handset volume has 5 different settings too so it can be adjusted based on your personal hearing levels. Plus, it filters out background noise for clearer calls.

It has fewer buttons than the other Panasonic model and they are a bit easier to read too. You get two handsets also so you can keep one in a bathroom maybe and carry the other with you. It is also wall mountable so you’ll always know where it is.

Clarity E814CC Amplified Corded/Cordless Combo

  • Full featured cordless phone system
  • Corded handset included
  • Easy to read buttons and backlit screen
  • Volume boost up to 40db
  • Answering machine and speakerphone volumes are boosted
See It At Amazon
09/18/2021 04:43 pm GMT

I always recommend that seniors have a corded phone somewhere in the home that they can find quickly in case of emergencies. This is also good advice for power outages. That’s why I recommend this phone – it has both!

And, you get all the volume boosting functions that seniors with hearing impairments need.

The ringer is very loud on this phone too and is supplemented by a flashing red light like several of my other recommendations.

Buttons are big with bold print that is easy to use. There are several one-touch dialing buttons right on the base too. These could come in really handy during emergencies.

Because the phone has so many functions, there are lots of buttons on the base. This could intimidate some users if they are afraid they might mess something up. The cordless handset isn’t quite as bad and has buttons only for the main functions.

If you are looking for a simpler phone for a senior or yourself, I have some recommendations here.


As you can see there are lots of great phone choices for seniors with impaired hearing. To decide which is best for you, think about what options you need.

Also, be honest with yourself about where your shortcomings are. Do you need help hearing the phone when it rings? Do conversations sound muffled? Are you occasionally missing words?

Honest answers to questions like these will help you quickly narrow down which cordless phone for hearing impaired seniors is best for you!

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  1. This article has some good information and several of the phones listed are great for consumers. There are some concerns with the write up on Hamilton Caption phone. First, it is going through a relay customer agent who hears the speaker and converts the message into text which then is sent to the captioned phone, in this case via internet, I order for the words to appear on the captioned phone. It is not automated speech recognition which many individuals believe. Second, there is a cost of around $2 per minute for captions to appear on this phone (rate re-assessed and posted July 1 annually). Hamilton isn’t the only company that offers CapTel 2400i. Hamilton happens to be just one of the relay providers who provides the captioning service for CapTel phone. Third, individuals must register the phone using name, date of birth, address, and last 4 of social security number.
    There are a number of states that can evaluate individuals with hearing loss for adaptive telephones for free. Most states offer phones that are cordless, higher decibel rating, many have additional features for arthritis, vision loss, memory, and can train individuals how to use such equip to ensure it will meet their needs. Many states may also offer visual, auditory, or vibration signalers to the phone and or wireless telephone accessories. is a way for individuals to find out what their state has to offer and eligibility requirements.

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