Best Daily Check-In Apps for Seniors (That Aren’t Intrusive!)

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Daily Check In Apps for Seniors

Want to know that your loved one is safe without pestering them all day long? Use these apps to check in on your older loved ones without being intrusive!

Daily Check In Apps for Seniors
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As we age, it is inevitable that we will come to rely on family and friends to ensure our safety and well-being. A simple slip and fall can quickly become a life-threatening emergency.

Seniors need to be able to reach out to loved ones for assistance quickly and efficiently – and those loved ones need reassurance that they too can reach elderly members of the family in a way that allows those members to respond in a way that is easy for them to use.

Fortunately, the continued evolution of online services has made this easier than ever before. There are today a wide variety of safety apps for seniors that make checking in simple itself.

For those who want to stay in touch and ensure the safety of elderly family members, the following apps are well worth evaluating.

Best Check In Apps for Seniors and the Elderly

daily check in apps for seniors Snug Safety
Snug Safety is a simple and effective app for the elderly that has built a large and loyal following.

1. Snug Safety

Snug Safety has built a large and loyal following. It has been written up in publications as diverse as Forbes magazine, the AARP Magazine, and Senior Home Central. Best of all, it does not rely on the user to alert someone when they may be experiencing difficulties.

It sends a message to them, and if they do not respond within an allotted time period (by simply pressing a button on the app), it will alert someone of their contact list.

This removes the need for a senior to familiarize themselves with the complexity of apps that they might otherwise find intimidating.

The basic functionality of alerting those on the contact list is free. Advanced functionality that will call the user – and then, if there is no pick, will alert family members or other contacts.

If there is no answer from those contacts, the app will request a wellness check by services such as police, fire, or EMS personnel. It’s simple and highly effective.

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2. Patronus

Another app that is simple to use and perfect for seniors who may wish to alert contacts in the event that they are in trouble. The app also has some intelligent features that can summon help not only in the event of an injury – but also when the senior is under threat from criminals.

In that case, the app will request that a passcode be entered. A valid passcode will cause security to be disabled. A false passcode will mimic disabling security and send out a panic alert. It also has features that will detect if the user is in a vehicle.

The app will also send out regular requests for updates on status. If the user does not check-in or if the Internet connection is lost, Panic Mode will be triggered.

The sheer number of options on the app means that it caters to a wide variety of scenarios for that added sense of security.

3. Kitestring

Kitestring differs from other services in that it doesn’t even require a smartphone. The app will check up on the elderly when they leave their home or another place of residence.

It uses a simple SMS messaging service to request an update from the user. If the user does not update their status, then Kitstring will notify a list of emergency contacts.

The advantages of the system are simplicity and its usefulness to family members or other contacts who may have to cope with those who suffer from dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s – and who may wander from their place of safety.

daily check in apps for seniors remote
You can now check in on your senior parents regardless of the distance with the following apps.

Apps to Check on Elderly Parents Remotely

1. bSafe

bSafe adds video and location services to a rich offering. In the event of the user encountering difficulties, a simple press of a button on the app will inform emergency contacts of the person’s location – and send a real-time video of their status.

In fact, the app does not even require that simple press of a button – it can simply be voice-activated. The app also is equipped with a siren that can be activated to deter would-be aggressors.

Another smart feature is the ability for any one (or many) of the contacts to virtually accompany the user on their journey. This ability to engage with the user is especially useful for those who might be lacking in person-to-person interaction.

Sharing in the experience outside of the residence can foster a sense of family – and help to stave off the effects of depression that so often accompany that sense of isolation that many elderly people must cope with.

There are also a number of apps available that can help caregivers reach out to their loved ones remotely. These apps can help loved ones remind the elderly of medication schedules and help them to track the whereabouts and status of the elderly.

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2. Medisafe

On the subject of medication, the Medisafe app can be incredibly useful. It has received high marks from publications such as Readers Digest and CNBC.

It can store details such as when medications should be taken, whether or not they should be taken with a meal, side effects to note, progress reports, as well as many other useful features.

Of particular interest to caregivers is the app’s ability to put caregivers in touch with a variety of healthcare providers. This can make the provision of holistic healthcare far easier.

The ability to reach out to experts can mean the difference between a stressful care experience and one that leverages a wider support network.


There are many apps that can be downloaded from either the Play Store or Apple’s app store.

However, it is important for caregivers to realize that a combination of apps may be required in order to provide them with both the assurance that seniors are safe – and that they can engage with them on a regular basis. The needs of each senior may very well be unique.

What is obvious is that technology can make the job of a caregiver simpler and more effective. Many of these apps have free versions – and functionality can be added to suit their individual needs, providing the elderly with a better quality of life.

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