A Festive and Fun Holiday Craft: Easy Christmas Wreaths for Seniors


Nothing brings out the holiday spirit like crafting a beautiful Christmas wreath! Get inspired with these creative ideas for making DIY Christmas wreaths with older adults this holiday season.

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Easy Christmas Wreaths for Seniors

Craft projects are standard fare at nursing homes, care homes, and assisted living communities. They are also extremely common Christmas activities for seniors and the elderly.

Many of these easy Christmas crafts are a festive way for seniors and the elderly to make the perfect door decoration at home – alone or with the grandkids.

Of course, easy holiday crafts should be seen as something other than childish provided just for entertainment.

So, we found the following Christmas wreath ideas that older adults can use to make a lovely Christmas decoration this holiday season – without feeling like one of the kids. 

NOTE: many of these craft ideas suggest using a hot glue gun. If this isn’t a good idea for your scenario, use an advanced liquid craft glue instead that works with paper and fabrics at room temperature and can be cleaned up easily.

1. DIY Fresh Sage Wreath

Making great-smelling holiday decor wreaths out of fresh sage is simple and fun. Depending on how much sage you grew yourself last summer, you might have a huge bush that will eventually go to waste if you don’t use it. 

The materials and tools for this simple wreath-making craft are tiny styrofoam wreath form, floral pins (also called greening pins), lots of sage, ribbon, and scissors.

The first step is to remove the sage leaves from the branches; typically, you will find a group of 4 or more leaves when you separate them from the main stem.

Then, using the floral pins, attach a cluster of leaves—probably 5–6 large ones—to secure them to the wreath’s base. Pin continuously until your base is filled.

Use a lot of sage to fill the wreath, as it will shrink as it dries. Hang it with a thick roll of bright red ribbon to embellish it.

Then, enjoy the warm aroma this rustic wreath provides!

 (See this holiday wreath tutorial at Handmade In The Heartland)

2. Wrapping Paper Wreath

Use any extra paper after you’ve finished gift-wrapping to craft this brilliant wreath.

To recreate, here’s what you will need: a 12” foam wreath, 6 feet of sturdy wrapping paper (thicker is better), a hot glue gun, invisible tape, and a red velvet ribbon for hanging.

Since you will be stacking paper tubes on top of one part, tie a ribbon around it first. The remaining steps are reasonably easy to accomplish and take around an hour.

To make the first layer for the wreath, cut one long strip 8 inches wide and then cut that strip into two-inch wide sections. Roll them up into cylinders and secure them with tape. Glue them onto the wreath form. 

Finish the process by adding three more layers of rolls, each layer shorter than the previous one. Finally, hang your wreath on your door where it will attract lots of attention!

(Tutorial at Centsational Style)

Easy Christmas wreaths for seniors card holder
Adorably showcase your holiday cards or family photos with a card holder wreath.

3. Card Holder Wreath

This clever and adorable DIY Christmas wreath is made by simply using clothespins to hold your holiday cards or family photos.

If you don’t have Christmas cards lying around, create this gorgeous collage using colorful clothespins to hold your family’s portraits together.

Needed supplies are a clothes hanger, a yard of ribbon, a pack of clothespins, green spray paint, pony beads, wire cutters and pliers, a glue gun, and an empty box.

Clip all of your clothespins on the box after removing the flaps. Spray them with the paint getting as much of it as you can between the two pieces and underneath. Allow them to dry.

Remove the hook from your wire hanger, then from it into a circle. Next, alternate clipping a clothespin on the wire followed by a bead until you have covered the entire wire of the hanger.

Leave the last inch and a half of the wire uncovered. Tie a wide ribbon here and secure it in place with a hot glue gun. 

Tie a bow on your wreath with the rest of your ribbon, then glue it on your hanger. 

(Tutorial at Gwenny Penny)

4. 3D Paper Star Wreath

If you have a ton of extra Christmas wrapping paper, use it to make these simple yet adorable 3D paper star wreaths!

It uses patterned papers, a scoring tool and board (a sharp knife and cutting board could work), a hot glue gun, wreath form (cut your own out of chipboard or a wooden one from the craft store), buttons, brads, and ribbon. 

Cut out stars between 3″ and 4″ wide. Then draw a line down from the top of each point to the opposite inside corner.

Next, you use a series of folding motions along these lines to make the star appear in 3D. Or, for simplicity, you could leave them as is. 

Glue a button at the center of each star and glue them to your wreath form. Tie on a ribbon as a door hanger for a distinctive wreath decoration!

(See this paper Christmas wreath at Little Birdie Secrets)

5. Mixed Ornaments Wreath

These fun DIY Christmas wreaths use ornaments to make a stunning and vibrant Christmas door hanger

To make these wreaths, get one of those tubs of cheap plastic Christmas ornaments from the dollar store and a wreath form from your local craft store. You may want something more decorative than foam because your form may show.

You’ll be working from the back. Glue the ornaments to the inside rim of your wreath form with the tops pointing towards you. Repeat for the outside edge. 

Then, flip it over and glue ornaments on the front edge to fill in the gaps. Smaller ornaments work best here.

Tie a ribbon on your wreath and have a more formal but dazzling wreath.

(Tutorial at Live Love DIY)

Easy Christmas wreaths for seniors pom-pom
Add color to the holiday season with your very own pom-pom wreath.

6. Bright and Colorful Boho Holiday Pom-Pom Wreath

These cheerful pom-pom Christmas wreaths are a super simple craft.

It can feature the usual festive Christmas season colors, but the color palette is totally up to you. Be as wild as you’d like if you prefer a more colorful decoration.

Grab several bags of pop-poms that fit your style from a crafting store, along with a styrofoam wreath.

Then just start gluing away and attach your pom-poms to your wreath base. 

If you have one, you could also use your leftover yarn and a pom-pom maker.

(Tutorial at Curbly)

7. Winter Village Pom-Pom Wreath

This gorgeous winter wreath is a variation of the pom-pom Christmas wreath described above. 

To keep the white winter theme, wrap a styrofoam wreath in white felt to start in case any of it shows through on the final design.

Then, cover the wreath form by gluing all-white pom-poms to make a delicate, snowy base.

Then add small decorative elements like cottages, snowmen, mini sisal trees, winter greenery, mini gift boxes, artificial snow, red berries, candy canes, and painted pine cones or cinnamon sticks to embellish your wreath and create your unique winter scene.

(Via Modern-Glam)

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8. Holiday Gift Bow Wreath 

This striking DIY wreath is a great way to use up those bags of self-stick bows you probably have lying around. 

To make these holiday wreaths, you just need cheap bows (the more, the better), a wreath form, and a hot glue gun.

Starting on the outside edge, begin gluing your bows around the circle. Then, keep repeating rows, working your way to the inside until you’ve covered it completely. Glue them in a pattern or make it completely random – it’s up to you!

These wreaths can be made in as little as 30 minutes or less.

(Tutorial at Design Improvised)

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Wrapping Up

Christmas wreaths are an excellent way for seniors and elderly adults to decorate their front door or interior living space for a little extra holiday spirit.

Older adults will enjoy making these Christmas crafts in a nursing home, an assisted living, or retirement home. Of course, making them at home with the kids and grandkids is a perfect idea! 

Plus, wreath making lets them get creative, fills up some downtime, and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

Most of these DIY projects can be easily modified for older adults of different abilities. 

We hope that you found this list of easy-to-make Christmas wreaths for seniors helpful and that you can’t wait to try one or more of them.

If so, please share this guide with your friends on social media. Also, please tell us about your favorite wreath crafts in the comments below.

Merry Crafting from Graying With Grace!

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