Easy Jobs For Senior Citizens After Retirement

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Sometimes after retirement, seniors need a little extra income to get by. Or, maybe just to help pass the time they now have available. And, they probably don’t want to anything too difficult or that requires a lot of standing and walking. Here are some easy jobs for senior citizens to consider!

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It can be incredibly difficult to live on a fixed income. Many seniors struggle to cover expenses after they retire. While not all jobs are suitable for the elderly, there are plenty of opportunities available to senior citizens that are looking to supplement their income.

These easy, in-demand jobs are ideal for retirees.

Administrative Assistant Roles

Working in an office allows seniors to stay off their feet, and it doesn’t require any sort of physical labor. In some cases, administrative work can even be done out of the home. There are many office roles that are a great fit for seniors, including receptionist positions and virtual assistant work.

Seniors that have worked in an office often find this kind of work to be highly satisfying. Being in an office environment can be mentally stimulating, but it isn’t physically demanding. You’ll find a wide range of opportunities available, including full-time and part-time positions.

Librarian Assistant

Any senior that is passionate about reading should enjoy working in a library. This type of work will give seniors a chance to socialize and talk with people in their community, but it isn’t physically or mentally stressful. Typically duties of the job include answering questions, shelving books, and helping library patrons check out.

Most library assistant roles are part-time. The average hourly wage for a library assistant is $12.74, which means this isn’t a high-paying position. Still, this is a fun and easy way to earn some extra income after you retire.

senior man with easy job at the library


Many stores want customers to receive attention as soon as they walk through the doors. Many retirees are able to find work as a greeter. These positions are typically at big-box stores, such as Target or Wal-Mart. This is an incredibly simple job; you won’t have to do much more than greet guests as they enter a store.

These jobs usually don’t pay well. In most cases, greeters won’t receive much more than minimum wage. Still, this is an easy job that usually has flexible hours. Positions like this may also offer additional benefits, such as store discounts, which can help seniors to stretch their retirement income a little further.

Medical Assistants

Seniors that have worked in a healthcare environment may want to consider transitioning into medical assistant work. These jobs require seniors to take on an administrative role in a doctor’s office or hospital. Medical assistants check-in patients, answer phones, and schedule appointments.

In some locations, it’s necessary to receive a certificate from a medical assistant program before you can start working in this field. However, seniors that already have a medical background may be able to get around this requirement. This is a simple and enjoyable work that pays $16.16 an hour on average.

senior man with easy job at home

Bank Teller

Working in a bank is far less demanding than working in a fast-food or retail position. However, this is a job that doesn’t require any specific training or experience. No matter what your career background is like, you should easily be able to find a role at a bank.

There are both full and part-time positions for bank tellers. While some bank tellers will have to stand throughout the day, there are also positions that will allow tellers to remain seated. These are lower-paying positions that typically start at around $12 an hour.

Parking Attendant

If you want a job that will allow you to relax while earning extra cash, you may want to work in a parking garage. These jobs will require you to sit in a booth and validate parking for people as they leave the parking garage. At some facilities, customers have the option of validating their parking with a machine as well, which means the attendant has even less work to do.

Seniors that work at a job like this will have the chance to listen to audiobooks or catch up with friends and family members on Facebook. This is a low-stress job that gives you a lot of free time. However, there is a downside; these are generally minimum wage positions.


Seniors don’t have to stop earning after they retire. There are plenty of easy, low-stress positions that are available to retirees. The jobs listed above aren’t demanding, but they are a way to get out of the house and earn extra cash.

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