Why Emergency Apps For The Elderly Are So Important (And Some Choices)

Thankfully today, there are numerous apps that can efficiently and effectively help our aging loved ones even in urgent situations. Keep reading for a detailed list of some of the most helpful emergency apps for the elderly and their specific uses.

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Emergency Apps for the Elderly
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As we age, our reliance on others grows more and more urgent. We may reach the age of retirement and find that our mental faculties are not as sharp as they once were.

We may find that our bodies betray us in certain ways. And we rely on others, friends, and family members to provide us with the help that we require in order to enjoy an acceptable quality of life. However, those who are there for us need assurance as well.

They need to know that they can be there to render assistance when an elderly member of the family or a friend needs urgent assistance.

In years past, that may have involved a telephone or the assistance of a neighbor. Thankfully, today the rapid evolution of technology has provided other options.

There are numerous safety apps to help seniors – and other pieces of software that can take care of the elderly more efficiently and effectively. Emergencies have become less life-threatening thanks to those advances in technology.

So What Does an Emergency App Have to Deliver?

Firstly, it must deliver when you need it most. It must allow both parties, the elderly family member or that person under your care to reach out when they need you most – and it should allow you to reach out when you are concerned.

Secondly, it must offer a combination of value for money and functionality. Many of these apps have free versions – but sometimes, you will need to make use of the subscription versions to get that full functionality.

Thirdly it must offer superior functionality. And that functionality must include such features as the ability to reach out quickly and enlist the aid of those most capable of helping, such as emergency services.

Innovation is to be valued, but simplicity is also important, especially when it comes to use by those who may be suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or other mental impairment.

There is also a difference between those apps that stand alone as downloadable for use on a smartphone and those that rely on supplementary technology such as a smartwatch or other wearable device.

However, each person is unique and has unique needs. Here are some of the emergency apps and other pieces of software that can mean the difference between serious injury or mental harm.

Best Emergency Alert Apps for the Elderly

emergency apps for the elderly MyGuardian
With the MyGuardian app, the caregiver can also monitor the elderly’s daily tasks.

1. Medical Guardian/MyGuardian

This innovative app has a host of features that allow for both monitoring and engagement with those who need monitoring services. Firstly, MyGuardian allows for direct engagement via chat – and then also allows for the caregiver to monitor other daily tasks.

Even the advanced features offer excellent value for money. For $3 per month, these features will include advanced features such as location tracking (and it comes with the MGMove smartwatch).

It also arrives with equipment that compliments the app itself, such as wall buttons in case of emergency.

This package has received uniformly positive reviews from experts in the home care support industry. It may be slightly more pricey than other alternatives, but the quality is exceptional.

Another attractive option is that this system does not look the caregiver into long-term contracts – you are free to cancel at any point. Other systems will lock you into long-term contracts that can be as long as three years.

However, there is a caveat – you are going to require coverage by either AT&T or Verizon.

Users have given unanimous feedback that the system is incredibly easy to set up – and others give the user two-way feedback from a central control facility.

If you are in the market for an emergency app that ticks all the right boxes, then this might be an option you will want to consider very carefully. But again, it is worth considering that you will be charged in the region of $125 for the full home system, including all the equipment and hardware.

If you are going to opt for the full package, there is every possibility that you are going to have to lend a hand when it comes to setup.

2. Caregiver Tracking

Caregiver Tracking from the Bay Alarm Medical company offers a slightly simpler version of the caregiver systems that are today available – but it is still more than adequate. It is especially suitable for those seniors who might be suffering from dementia.

This system offers location tracking. It offers that valuable GPS location service and is, therefore, perfect for those who may have loved ones who might tend to go wandering.

The system is perfect for those who want a networked system that will notify multiple family members should the loved one be in trouble or leave their place of residence.

It also has a weather tracking service which makes it ideal for those locations that are subject to extremes in temperature.

Those can prove extremely dangerous for loved ones that may not be in possession of their full mental faculties, especially given the extremes of temperature that now seem a fact of life for many regions in the United States.

It is also available for both Android and Apple devices. However, there is a single drawback – the app is caregiver centric and offers little functionality for the seniors themselves – it is primarily caregiver centric.

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3. LifeFone

If a service has the stamp of approval from the Better Business Bureau, then chances are that it offers a premium service – and LifeFone certainly falls into this category. It has stood the test of time and has been subject to continual improvement over the years.

It offers GPS tracking and an in-app panic button, but the functionality is perhaps more advanced than other offerings. It offers three levels of alert, from “Panic” to “Concern,” and then another level is ”Medical,” which is when emergency medical assistance may be required.

At the top level of coverage, you will be offered the service for below $10 a month, which is exceptional value. The app also allows for the tracking of up to three family members – which offers exceptional value for money.

However, there is a downside to that exceptional value – and that is that there is no wearable device available – and the apps for the caregivers and the senior have to be separately downloaded.

emergency apps for the elderly BüddyGuard
The BüddyGuard app is ideal for seniors who are likely to encounter home safety issues.

Personal Safety Apps for the Elderly

1. BüddyGuard

For those who are concerned with the safety of seniors in their homes or places of safety, then BüddyGuard is ideal. It provides caregivers with the peace of mind that comes from equipping them with non-invasive devices.

It is designed to offer a simple and intuitive solution to home safety issues – making it ideal for use by seniors that may suffer from cognitive impairment.

The system allows for both the monitoring of safety and the control of medication. It allows the elderly to enjoy a sense of security and safety while still having someone to watch over them.

That sense of security and independence is essential for seniors to have a sense of control over their own lives. That can prevent the onset of depression, a major cause of suicidal thoughts.

A sense of dignity has been recognized as a contributing factor to the quality of life of those who may be suffering from senile dementia or the effects of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. It has all those features that one would expect from a top-flight emergency app.

Other Emergency Alert Devices for the Elderly

2. Aloe Care Health app

This is one of the premier apps for those who want to keep a close eye on the elderly, without being overly intrusive. The collaborative features are among Aloe Care Health’s strong points. It allows a group of caregivers to all cooperate in the health and mental welfare of the senior.

There is a voice-activated Smart Hub and a Smart Hub speaker for those who may suffer from mobility issues. Access to medical information is also part and parcel of the services that are offered by the health app.

3. RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Cell phones can be intimidating for the elderly. Many seniors can become easily confused when it comes to technology.

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is a groundbreaking piece of technology that makes it simple for those with cognitive disorders to easily access the latest in technology. No settings and nothing confusing.

This app provides a single-touch dial feature with a simple interface of three elements, pictures and names, a 911 button, or a button to call on the services of other emergency services.

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The availability of a variety of emergency health apps is something that is revolutionizing care among family members and caregivers. The need of each and every senior is unique, and the apps reflect these needs.

Whether the caregiver community requires one-on-one contact or needs the seniors themselves to be in charge of their own care, the options are numerous.

What is abundantly clear is the fact that technology has revolutionized just how we are able to care for both the mental and physical care of those who are facing the challenges of advancing years.

The availability of apps that are suitable for both Android and Apple devices means that no senior needs ever feel isolated again – and no group of caregivers needs to feel disempowered.

Technology has revolutionized care – and there seems very little reason to believe that this trend will not continue in the available future. A new era of care has arrived – and it bodes well for the love and value that we should place on the older generation.

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