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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for an Older Dad or Grandfather

father's day gift for an older dad

After years of buying your dad and grandfather ugly ties, socks, and golf balls, are running out of ideas? Maybe dad is a little harder to buy for now that he is older. His likes may have changed. I'll bet his needs have definitely changed. Most older dads and grandpas also seem to have everything they want. When looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for an older dad or grandfather, consider gifts that improve safety, security, and convenience. This may be too practical but older dads and grandpas will appreciate that you care. Even if they don't come right out and say so.

Father's Day Gifts Under $50.00

Remote Control Organizer

It's become a bit of a stereotype: the dad in the recliner with the remote in his hand. But, that's probably for good reason. That's the way it is in my house at least! Older dads and grandfathers alike will put a remote control organizer like this one to very good use. This one has 6 pockets for things like remote controls, books, tablets, and cell phones. It also has a tray for a flat place to sit down drinks and snacks. Simply place it on the arm of a recliner or couch and secure it with the enclosed flexible metal clamp. Less than $20.00, check it out at Amazon.

remote control organizer gift for dad

Dad's Garage Signs

I know I have very fond memories of being in my garage with my grandfather. Just the smell of that garage beings them flooding back! Many older men and grandfathers spend a lot of time in their garages tinkering and fixing. For many men, the garage is their sanctuary. Amazon has a cool selection of "Dad's Garage" signs that these older dads and grandfathers will love to display. Below is an example of one of my favorites. Most of these are $20.00 or less.

dad's garage sign for fathers day gift

The Illustrated Art of Manliness: The Essential How-To Guide

Books aren't always the best idea for a Father's Day gift for and older dad or grandfather. However, here is an exception. This gift is both practical and fun, check out The Illustrated Art of Manliness. This hard cover gift book is full of practical manly advice on topics such as chivalry, car repair, self-defense, parenting, and courage. Don't let the cover fool you either - this is a new title released in May 2017. It is available in hardcover or Kindle edition at Amazon for less than $20.00. Of course, most fathers will say they know all this already and could have written the book!

father's day gift book

Father's Day Gifts Between $50.00 and $100.00

​Ancestry DNA Kit

I think it's a natural progression. As we age, we become more curious about where we come from. With the Ancestry DNA kit, dads and grandfathers can get answers to some of these questions! The kit is simple to use. Collect saliva in the enclosed collection tube and mail it off to Ancestry. You can sign up for emails to keep you updated as the sample progresses through their system. In about 6 weeks, Ancestry will send you an emailed report of your ethnic mix and even connect you to cousins through Older dads and grandfathers who enjoy history and telling stories of the good ole days will love this gift. You can order it at Amazon for less than $100.00.

DNA kit father's day gift from ancestry

Towel Warmer

Hey, it's part of life. As we get older and a little grayer, our bones begin to crack and we tend to like cold temperatures less. That is why a towel warmer like this one is a great Father's Day gift for older dads and grandpas. T​his model by Brookstone holds up to 2 over-sized bath towels and gently warms them to 120 degrees within 10 minutes. If I had one, I would put the towels in at the beginning of my shower and they'd be toasty warm by the time I was finished. A great gift idea for dads and grandpas - especially ones with older, drafty bathrooms. You can pick this one up at Amazon for a little over $100.00.

brookstone towel warmer gift

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

Older dads who like to garden and cook will get a lot of use out of a Miracle Gro Aerogarden like this one.​ He can grow his own herbs, small vegetables, greens, and even flowers up to 5 times faster than in regular soil. This kit includes the planter and grow light and 3 starter plant pods. Everything your dad or grandfather needs to get growing is included. There are a variety of kit sizes available at Amazon starting at less than $75.00. The planter comes is 4 colors: black, red, blue, and white.

miracle gro aerogarden gift for gardener

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

Many dads and grandpas start their day with a hot cup of coffee. Many, though, want to do it without any fuss. Especially the ones who live alone. A Keurig Single Serving Coffee Maker may just be the perfect Father's Day gift for these dads. Make sure there is water in the reservoir, pop in a K-cup of your favorite coffee, and hit the button. That's all it takes to make a great cup of coffee! ​I have another article on simple to use coffee makers if you are thinking about a coffee gift. You can get this one for less than a $100 at both Amazon and Walmart.

coffee maker fathers day gift for older dad

Black & Decker Automotive Vacuum

My dad and grandfather always kept their cars spotless. And I do mean literally spotless. Not even a spec of lint. For the guys like that, here is a great Father's Day gift idea. This car vacuum from Black and Decker plugs into the car cigarette lighter socket for easy and convenient cleaning. No more lugging out the big shop vac or the large upright vacuum from the house. It even includes the attachments needed to get to all those hard to reach places in a car. This vacuum is small in size for easy storage but also has strong cyclonic suction for deep cleaning. Pick this up at Amazon for less than $50.00.

corded vacuum for the car fathers day gift

Foamtreads Men's Physician Slipper

For a more traditional Father's Day gift, older dads and grandpas may appreciate these supportive and safe slippers. They offer a firm sole for traction and an easy velcro closure for a custom fit. This is a great option for men with swollen feet who want support as well. Check out more slipper options in my post about the best slippers for seniors from earlier this year. Pick up a pair of these slippers at Amazon for less than $100.00.

slippers for Father;s Day gift

​Father's Day Gifts over $100.00

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

​The Ring Video Doorbell allows dads and grandpas to see, hear and speak to anyone at the door via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The camera is motion-activated or activated as soon as someone presses the doorbell. It even allows 2 way communication so that the owner can talk with the person at the door. This device offers safety and protection by allowing the user to know who is at the door. It installs in minutes and includes a tool kit and installation guide. It is available at Amazon or Walmart for less than $200.00.

ring wifi enabled video doorbell

23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry Service

If your dad or grandpa will like the idea of a DNA test but be more concerned about health and wellness markers found in DNA, then this is the DNA kit to buy. You get reports about ethnic composition of DNA too. In addition though, you get specialized reports about health risks like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, carrier status reports of more than 40+ hereditary diseases, and more than 15 reports of genetic traits in the family such as hair loss and taste perceptions. Some may find this scary to know, but older dads with a love for science will enjoy a gift like this. You can pick this up at Amazon for less than $200.00.

DNA test kit for fathers day gift for older dads

Emergency Medical Alert System 

For older dads or grandpas who live alone or at risk for falling, consider an emergency medical alarm. These life saving systems provide a way for seniors and elderly adults to get help 24 hours a day in the event of a medical problem or a fall. By simply pushing a button on a pendant around their neck or on their wrist, they can call for paramedics or family members. National Medical Alarm is one of my favorite companies for this type of service. They offer alarm monitoring in all 50 states and also offer landline and mobile based systems. Even better, it is a pay as you go service with no contracts or monthly minimums. They also offer my readers a $5.00 off of monthly monitoring service FOR LIFE.

eResponder Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) with U-TDOA Locate helps seniors to get help anytime, anywhere

GreenWorks Pro Cordless String Trimmer

If you got a dad who like to keep a perfect looking lawn, take a look at this cordless trimmer by GreenWorks. It runs up to 45 min on a single charge without the bulk and weight of a gas powered trimmer. This eco friendly lawn trimmer weighs less than 10 lbs but offers the same power as a 32 cc gas motor!​ Check it out at Amazon.  Less than $200.00

Get a cordless string trimmer for dad

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

​Nostalgic dads and grandpas would love a camera like this one for Father's Day. The Fujifim Instax camera is simple and easy to operate with point and shoot operation. It also prints the pictures out immediately like the Polaroid cameras of years gone by. No more downloading, saving, and printing pictures. Cameras like these help instantly capture and enjoy photos in the moments they are created. Available for less than $150.00 at Amazon. Don't forget to pick up a pack of film too!

Nostalgic camera gift for Father's Day

So, what do you recommend for the perfect Father's Day gift for an older dad or grandpa? Please share your ideas or questions in the comments below. As an older dad myself, I might use them as a hint to my daughters!

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