Front Closing Bras for Elderly Women with Arthritis

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An underrated, but incredibly useful bra feature for elderly women (and women of all ages, really) is a front closure. Whether its a velcro enclosure, a snap, or a hook and eye feature like a typical bra, having it at the front of your bra is wildly easier than trying to maneuver the latch behind your back. This is especially true for older women who can’t quite bend their shoulders and arms backward due to arthritis or other aches and pains.

A shout out to my friend Shannon who wrote this article based on reader requests. I decided I wasn’t exactly qualified and it was a bit too “delicate” for me to tackle 🙂

A front closing bra is as easy to use as a button-up shirt. Basically, put your arms through the holes, secure it in place, and hook the latch together. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing, and no need to bend your arms in all kinds of crazy directions trying to get that latch together.

Below are some of the best front closing bras on the market, specially made for older women. Check them out, and see how much of a difference this simple feature can make your daily life easier while getting dressed.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Front Close Sports Bra

Sports bras are a great option for everyday wear, even if you’re not especially active. For senior women especially, sports bras tend to provide more support and overall comfort than traditional underwire bras, which can be very irritating on the skin. Sports bras are often made with soft, flexible materials while keeping everything in place all day long.

Fruit of the Loom makes an awesome, high-performance sports bra with that all-important front closing feature as well. It’s 95% cotton, so it’s very soft but durable and supportive. It provides full coverage with a scoop neckline so that it’s easily hidden under any clothing.

The closure is a hook-and-eye function, which is easy enough for anyone to use if you can see what you’re doing. This sports bra actually comes in a 2 pack as well, so it’s a great deal. It’s relatively affordable and has great customer reviews, so this is a great purchase for someone looking for a front closing bra.

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Sports Bra
302 Reviews
Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Close Sports Bra
  • Shirred front for improved shaping
  • Hook and eye closure
  • Perfect for every day
  • Full coverage
  • Scoop neckline

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Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

If you need the extra support of an underwire, Bali’s front closing bra gives you perfect shape and added support with their “Comfort Revolution” bra. It’s top rated on Amazon and comes at an affordable price, although you only get one in the pack.

It comes in 4 colors, mostly nude tones for a subtle look, and the cups are nicely padded to give you lots of comfort and full coverage. This bra’s front closing feature is a simple latch that hooks right into the other cup, so it’s easy to use and very versatile with adjustable straps as well.

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra
2,512 Reviews
Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra
  • Front-closure bra featuring adjustable straps and tonal pattern at cups

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Playtex Women’s Front-Close Bra with Flex Back

Playtex is another well-known underwear and bra brand name, and they make comfortable, practical front closing bras for everyday wear. It’s a hook-and-eye function, which you’re already used to from your back closing bras.

The frame is wire-free, so no need to worry about that digging into any sensitive skin areas. The M shape of the frame is also fully adjustable and incredibly comfortable, with adjustable wide straps and added flex padding on the back to put less weight and strain on your neck and shoulders.

The cups of this bra have a beautiful floral design, and it comes in a huge variety of colors – 11 to be exact! Most of this bra is made out of elastic and polyester for customized, comfortable fit. This is a great in-between option from the two options listed above.

Playtex Women's Front-Close Full Coverage Bra with Flex Back #4695
2,626 Reviews
Playtex Women's Front-Close Full Coverage Bra with Flex Back #4695
  • Bra with floral-pattern microfiber cups featuring hook-and-eye front closure and breathable mesh paneling
  • Wire-free M-frame for adjustable fit and support
  • Padded adjustable straps for cushioning
  • Crisscross elastic back for a custom fit

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Just My Size Women’s Front Close Soft Cup Bra

Finally, a lesser known brand called “Just My Size” also makes a high quality front close bra that’s highly rated by users. It’s a fairly standard construction, with hook and eye closures at the front, full coverage cups, and wide cushioned shoulder straps. The back is also very stretchy and made out of satin.

However, this bra is unique because of the cup construction. It’s wireless, which is great for elderly women who don’t want that irritation, but the cups are layered 3 times over for awesome lift and shaping without the wire.

The outside is textured with a beautiful floral design as well, and best of all, this high quality bra is machine washable! That’s a tough feature to find outside of the sports bra realm, but this bra has it.

This bra comes in 3 colors – white, beige, and black – and there’s also an option to get a 2 pack of each. If seams tend to irritate your skin, Just My Size also makes a seamless version of this bra for a little extra money, but it would be worth it for your all-day, everyday comfort.

Just My Size Women's Front Close Soft Cup Plus Size Bra (1107)
1,213 Reviews
Just My Size Women's Front Close Soft Cup Plus Size Bra (1107)
  • Padded front-hook closure makes dressing easier than ever. No more reaching around to fiddle with pesky back hooks
  • Seamed 3-section cups provide superior lift and shape. (More seams = better support.)
  • Supportive laminated inner cups
  • Stretch satin back with adjustable straps
  • Extra-wide cushioned straps help relieve pressure on shoulders

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Summary and Final Recommendations

The only common limitation I see from all of these bras is the limited sizing options. Many older ladies need larger sizes, so that could be a problem when browsing for front closing bras. Check your local department store as well. They may have associates who can properly size you and find the best front closing bra for your body – shopping online for these kinds of items can be a bit arbitrary.

Nonetheless, if one of the bras listed above seems to fit your lifestyle and sizing needs, try it out! It’s definitely an adjustment after using back closures your entire life, but it’s also a major improvement. One that will make your life so much easier and more comfortable. Click here to see more bra recommendations for elderly ladies.

Do you have any experience with front vs. back closing bras? Share below!

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  1. Hook and eye closures, at least for busty women, are a near impossibility for the mobility impaired. I have rods in both wrists as well as my neck, can’t raise my arms and have dexterity issues with fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis. I actually found a magnetic closure bra by Anita but living on disability income makes shelling out $90/bra a joke. We need mainstream products that are affordable. Until then, the girls get to dance. ?

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