35+ Top Gift Ideas For Seniors Who Don’t Need Anything

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Some examples of great gift ideas for seniors who don’t need anything include gourmet coffees, subscription boxes, and unique personalized items. And who doesn’t love decadent chocolates, snacks, or a basket filled with goodies? Here are our favorites.

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Are you planning to buy a gift for a senior, but you’re struggling because you don’t know what to get them? You want to get them something they will love but you don’t feel they really need anything?

Don’t worry, there are a lot of things you can consider getting. With that said, here are the top gifts you can get for seniors who actually don’t need anything, and reasons why they make for great gifts.

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Recommended Gifts for Seniors Who Don’t Need Anything

General Gifting Advice for Seniors Who Don’t Need Anything

1. Gourmet Coffee

Many seniors enjoy having a cup of coffee and start their day at the coffee maker, so it makes sense to buy it as a gift. However, you don’t have to purchase regular coffee that they already drink regularly. Instead, you can surprise them with gourmet coffee. This is an idea gift because it tastes great, doesn’t cost much money and it’s something useful. Here’s a tip, buy a few different types of gourmet coffees to create a gourmet coffee gift box.

If the senior you’re buying a gift for isn’t a coffee drinker, then no worries. You can opt for tea. Like coffee, tea is available in an array of flavors, so feel free to mix and match them.

2. Audio Books and Audio Book Players

As seniors age, they often have difficulties seeing and this means they have trouble reading traditional books. Whether the person you’re buying a gift for has a bad eyesight or not, you should consider getting them an audio book player. Find out what their favorite types of books to read are or make a list of books you know they will love.

After you have an idea of what to look for, go buy those books in audio book form. If the person enjoys all kinds of books, then this makes it easier. Audiobooks.com has a subscription service where they can get new titles every month. They can then browse as many audio books as possible before deciding which ones to get themselves.

3. Personalized Items

Does the senior have grandchildren or do they have a favorite pet? If so, then order a customized blanket with them on it. It doesn’t have to be those, as you can create any kind of design or include anything that has special meaning to the senior. Even if they don’t use the blanket, the chances are they’ll keep it somewhere they can see it regularly.

Blankets aren’t the only items that can be customized. Just about anything can, including dishes, coffee/tea cups, calendars, clothing and the list goes on. With virtually endless possibilities, you can bet there is something they will love.

4. Chocolate Basket

Seniors who don’t need anything often love receiving some sort of snack as a gift, which is exactly why chocolate makes for the perfect gift. You can opt for gourmet chocolate or whatever their favorite type of chocolate is. There are chocolate gift baskets you can buy or you can create your own from scratch.

Furthermore, you can customize the packaging. If you want, you can have a photo of their loved ones placed right on the wrapper. This will impress them and it will take them by surprise because it’s a truly thoughtful gift.

5. Hygiene Products

Hygiene products are useful, but you should buy products that they might not use everyday. This includes high-end luxury soap or a gift basket for seniors that contains dental care products.

Many seniors enjoy being independent or they try to be as independent as possible. Having access to hygiene products allows them to maintain their independence to an extent, but what you decide to include in your hygiene product basket is up completely up to you.

Wrapping Up

Those are the top gift ideas to consider for those older loved ones who don’t need anything. All you have to do now is think about which idea you like the most. The good news is you can’t go wrong with any of the above.

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