Gifts for Elderly Men That Are Thoughtful and Fun to Give

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When the holidays arrive and birthdays pop up, you might be wondering just what kind of gifts you should get for the elderly men in your family. It can be challenging to find appropriate gifts for elderly friends and family, especially those that they will appreciate. Elderly men living in assisted living facilities or dealing with health issues can prove a challenge to buy for.

General Gift Ideas

If the recipient lives in a nursing home or assisted living facility, take into consideration space limitations and whether they are allowed to travel outdoors often. If they live with their spouse, maybe a gift that benefits both people would be appreciated. Or, if your loved one suddenly lives alone, consider gifts that help make that transition easier.

For example, elderly men may have relied upon their spouses in the past to connect with the grandkids, send birthday cards, or tend to the garden. Without that, they might appreciate gifts like a calendar that has a list of birthdays alongside a box filled with greetings cards and stamps so that they can start reaching out.

Perhaps their significant other was responsible for the contacts and phones, in which case getting them set up with a photo phone (one which has memory buttons programmed inside with photos next to each number) or a mobile phone on a prepaid plan is better. Around the holidays, maybe bring them some holiday decorations as an early gift and stick around to help them set it up.

Practical Gift Ideas

Beyond that, you should find a gift that is both practical and provides some value. Think about their hobbies, or what hobbies they might enjoy trying. Consider whether they prefer outdoor based activities or indoor activities. A gift certificate to play golf won’t be as meaningful to a father who prefers staying indoors. Looking for some hobby ideas for a senior man in your life? Check out these suggestions.

Consider their health as of late and whether there is something they could truly use, like a walking stick to get around or an assisted door handle to get in and out of the car. Finally, consider what things they like to do when they relax. Maybe they are active all day but don’t really have any DVD’s at home or music that they can play when not in the car. In such cases, you can find out what their preferences are and make a sound investment.

Specific Gift Ideas for Senior Men

Here are a few ideas that can help you to get started:

Film Collections

The Great Western Collection - Volume 1 (6-Disc Box Set) [Non USA PAL Format]

Get a boxed set  of their favorite films. This will not only take them back to happier times, but give older members of the family a chance to share something they enjoy with the younger members of the family.

Handybar Car Aid

Stander HandyBar -  Car Assist Cane Handle Automotive Standing Aid + Vehicle Emergency Escape Tools...

This car aid is great for those who need assistance getting into and out of the car. If you know someone who recently had back surgery, knee this design  is high quality, durable, with rubber handles and a small band that loops around the wrist.

New Music

The Sun Country Box: Country Music Recorded by Sam Phillips 1950-1959

Research shows us that music reaps positive benefits. In fact, just listening to music regularly makes people happier, improves health, reduces stress, aids in sleep, reduces depression, and elevates moods when driving or exercising. Some new selections  are never a bad idea!

Think about how they will be listening to the music. There are many options for easy to use MP3 players and radios that even people with dementia can use.

RFID Travel Wallet

Passport Holder by Organizer Solution, Travel Wallet with Rfid, Neck Wallet (2 pack, Black+Grey)

If the recipient travels a lot, or enjoys taking cruises regularly, get this travel wallet. Throw in some luggage tags while you are at it. This wallet  is perfect for keeping valuables safe while on vacation, big enough to hold a passport, money, cards, phone, and a few other necessities. Travelling with a senior? Check out my travel tips here.

Craft Kit

US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Wooden Case, Wood Desk Easel and BONUS 20...

Help revive an old passion, or give your loved one the tools to take up a new one with this artistic kit. Doing creative tasks like this is good for better developing the more creative part of the brain and while challenging it will help to teach a new skill, occupy their time, give them something to be proud of, and grow new neurons. A kit with everything  needed in one place will definitely be appreciated.

Plush Bathrobe

Simplicity Unisex Plush Spa Hotel Kimono Bath Robe Bathrobe Sleepwear Steel Grey, One Size

Everyone gets cold, but seniors especially. If you know a senior living in a cold environment, consider a plush robe. These are always well-received. Try to make their lives a little more comfortable with this bathrobe .

Many people suggest that slippers accompany a bathrobe, but you have to take into consideration safety issues with slippers and the flooring the recipient has. I have an entire article about slipper safety if you want to check that out.

BBQ Tool Kit

ThisWear Grandpa Best Grandpa Ever BBQ Grill Multi Tool Barbecue Spatula Grilling Accessories

This is a great gift for the dad or grandpa in your life who loves to grill. The unique spin on a multi-tool means this BBQ accessory  actually folds up into a small pocket knife. Then, when grilling for the family, it opens to include a spatula, basting brush, bottle opener, corkscrew, and BBQ fork.

The pieces detach too so different pieces can be used simultaneously. The laser engraved wood handle highlights how great a grandpa he really is. A storage pouch is included too.


ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6' Ruggedized and Water Resistant Design with 180 Degree (Intel...

For less tech-savvy men, you might ease the transition into the modern world by getting them a new computer like this one  and some basic computer lessons by an instructor who comes to the house. This can teach them how to use things like Skype to reconnect with family and introduce them to senior-friendly programs and apps contingent upon their level of comfort with technology.

I wrote an article a few months back about easy laptops that seniors can use if you are thinking about a tech gift like this.

Fishing Kit

PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Telescopic Fishing Rod Pole with Reel Line Lures Hooks Fishing...

For the outdoor men who love to fish, fishing kits like these can be a great gift. Even better, find out where they love to fish. Then, you can add to this gift by purchasing a fishing or hunting license in their favorite areas for the upcoming seasons. This particular gift  is meant for the man who has always wanted to spend his days fishing and after retirement, is now able to do that. Good for beginners, it has everything one needs including a carrier bag, fishing rod, reel, line, different lures and hooks, and more.

Give the Gift of Help

In addition to these tangible gifts, consider purchasing the gift of help.

  • If the elderly man you know no longer drives, hire someone to take them out once in a while or set up a taxi service with a prepaid amount in it.
  • Some local programs let you purchase memberships and rides just for this purpose.
  • Alternatively, add an extra gift of cleaning services so that the house or yard can get a spring cleaning early.

woman helping a senior manHow to Find the Right Gift

Always take into consideration safety and health concerns. It is best to think about how friends or family members will react. Some of the gifts listed you might think of as beneficial, but they might find insulting. If there is a negative reaction to a gift, be mindful of the reason behind that reaction and remain sensitive to any feelings of loss, loneliness, or dependence they might be feeling.

Maybe you are unsure of how they might react. So, try to find a tactful way to bring up the subject of things like trekking poles to gauge their feelings before you invest the money in the gifts. If you are not sure whether they would like a craft kit, talk to them about their hobbies and what things they would be interested in trying. Maybe if the gift came with homemade gift certificates for family art parties, it might be better received.

If your parent or grandparent seems to have everything they need or want, check out these gift ideas.

The Gift of Time and Caring

Remember, too, that what people value most is you. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gift. As a friend or family member, your loved one will want to know that you care, even if they don’t say it or show it. So when you give them a gift, try to set it up so that you have an afternoon or day together not just to exchange the gifts. Enjoy a family meal or share homemade crafts, pictures, or poems from younger family members. Fun things you might consider in addition to a tangible gift is an outing with the grandkids, games or puzzles they can do together or trips to the museums nearby.

Need more ideas? Check out this gift guide for older dads and grandfathers.

Tell me about your experiences giving a gift to an elderly man. Did you pick a gift that was well received? Or, maybe one that bombed? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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