Gifts for an Elderly Woman: Ideas that Won’t Break The Bank

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As the holidays approach, many people naturally want to find the perfect gift for an older family member or friend. But figuring out just what gifts are good at this point in life can be challenging. You have to take into consideration personal quirks, necessities, and lifestyle. For example, some gifts might be better suited to an independent woman who still lives at home with her spouse. Yet others are better for elderly women with dementia or limited mobility. Different gifts are needed for family members in a nursing home or those located far away.

General Gift Ideas

Generally, gifts that show you think about her are always a good idea. Here are few ideas to think about:

  • Subscriptions to favorite magazines or newspapers give recipients reading material and the joy of receiving some mail.
  • A publication from the town in which they grew up, or a foreign country they love, make for exceptional surprises.
  • Videos of their favorite films or artists, of course, go a long way.
  • Books are always an option but for some whose eyesight is going, this might exacerbate an already difficult situation.
  • Books on tape are a nice alternative, or, conversely, a handmade gift card that states you will come by regularly to read excerpts from the book.

gifts for eldery women can be difficult to findPractical Gift Ideas

Many people appreciate more practical gifts. They show you care and understand what her needs are. Here are a few examples:

  • Stationary kits and stamps, especially for those who live far away from their family, are an interesting idea.
  • Electric toothbrushes or personalized toiletry kits make for nice gifts.
  • If your loved one or friend has a hobby they still enjoy, help keep them active by giving them the tools or supplies they need to engage in that hobby. Hobby based gifts are unique, a personal reflection on the recipient. They are also a chance for the person to feel good about their achievements.
  • A small flashlight can be an accompanying gift to help them feel safer. There are even canes that have built-in flashlights too.
  • Women who rely upon walkers to get around might benefit from a basket or bag that attaches to the walker. This gift makes it easier to cart around personal items from their room to common areas.

Specific Gifts to Consider

That said, below are 10 great ideas for tangible items that do not take up too much space and can be a beautiful way to say “I was thinking about you”:


My Adventure Book Scrapbook Photo Album 11.6”x7.5” inches 40 Sheets with 10 sheets Refill Pages...

A scrapbook is a great way to recall happy memories together. Moreover, if you provide not only the book but the crafts, stickers, and pictures to go with it, the scrapbook becomes a family activity that everyone can enjoy during visits. Your loved ones are sure to love the highlights of family gatherings and the afternoons spent putting everything together at home. These scrapbooks  can be filled with different themes, like pictures and keepsakes from a lifetime of birthdays, anniversaries, or travels. Larger sized books are ideal for women with sight concerns too.

Scented Lotions

Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Baskets. 18 PC Large Spa Basket for Birthday Gifts Holiday Gift etc....

Scented gifts like lotions, in their favorite scent, can enhance memory and bring back fond memories. They are also a nice touch to have in the home. This particular sensory gift  offers a combination of different scents so that your friend or loved one can find a scent they love.

Unless you know of a scentthey specifically enjoy, stay away from bold, overpowering smells like heavy floral scents. Light aromatics, vanilla, and food smells are often the best choice. You can find some of my favorite lotions for seniors in this guide.


BOON Cable Knitted Throw Couch Cover Blanket, 50' x 60', Burgundy

Try to include a cozy comfort, basically anything that will keep your loved ones warm and comfortable. The easier it is for them to put the item on and take it off, the better. Things like shawls, blankets, and bed jackets are good too. And while we often consider them “kids toys”, adults appreciate stuffed animals now and again, especially if given by a grandchild as a gift.

Warm afghans like these  make for the perfect senior gift. Prone to cold more than in younger years, elderly women will appreciate the opportunity to wrap up tightly no matter the weather.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Green Air SpaVapor 2.0 Spa Room Diffuser for Essential Oils with Rotating LED Lights - 150...

An aromatherapy diffuser  is a wonderful way to release a healthful mist into the air. This gift will transmit at various settings, so you can let it run for 6-8 hours with a tank of water. Anyone who lives in a home with a furnace or heating system that dries out the air needs a humidifier to put some moisture back into the air. And what better way to do that than with favorite aromas too.

Manicure Pedicure Kit

Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System - Powerful Electric Nail Drill Kit,...

When the weather is too cold, mobility is a problem, or if the purse strings are a bit tight, this at-home kit is an ideal solution. Trimming in-grown toenails and calluses can be dealt with from the comfort and privacy of the home. The kit has all of the pieces needed for a manicure or pedicure. Moreover, it includes an instructional guide that explains when/where to use each of the attachments.

There is a small LED light built into the tool so that the nails are well lit when being worked on. This makes it easy to tend to cuticles or ingrown toenails no matter the lighting limitations in the room. Such a kit  also gives women a bit of independence and control over the management of their hands and feet. For many, walking around becomes painful as aging sets in with problems like ingrown toenails or calluses. These can be removed as soon as they arise before they get worse.

Consider adding to this gift with a small set of nail polishes, nail polish remover, and toe separators so that they can paint their nails too.

Memory Games

Recall Award-Winning The Fun and Effective Memory Improvement Game

Research shows that memory games are for everyone. Even if you know an elderly woman with a memory as sharp as a tack, that does not mean she won’t benefit from this game. Games like these Games like these improve memory and by doing so, help to grow new neurons in the brain and clean out the plaque that builds up inside the brain.

Recall is not reliant upon memory exclusively, but upon organizational techniques that allow the brain to keep a better filing system. The more we practice this, the better we get at it regardless of age.

This game is fit for anyone ages 6 and older so it is a fun game to break out when family or friends visit too. If you still are not sure, note that it was the winner of the Academics’ Choice Mind Spring Award.

Magnifying Glass

Large 3.9” Magnifying Glass Dome - Genuine Crystal Glass Magnifier - Easy to Glide Paperweight -...

As eyesight goes, this magnifying glass helps women to read small print on medication, newspapers, maps, and books. The optical glass dome provides obstruction free viewing without any distortion.

These magnifiers  are better than handheld designs because they can be put on top of books, catalogs, newspapers, and then slid across the surface while reading. It can be left in place because of the paperweight and will stay right where it is left.

Game Sets

Board Game Set - Deluxe 15 in 1 Tabletop Wood-accented Game Center with Storage Drawer (Checkers,...

When visiting grandchildren arrive, it is always best to have an engaging activity that is something other than sitting in front of the television. Here and there, small things like coloring books, activity books, and markers can make a trip to see grandma or grandpa a lot more exciting for the little ways, and teach them to stay in one place while the adults enjoy a visit too. Large print games can even be played with seniors who have poor vision.

However, as kids age, a great way to keep them engaged is to give the gift of games. This particular design  is not only beautiful, with two reversible wooden tables, but it has drawers for storage built into it so none of the pieces get lost along the way. Play one of fifteen different games using just one set.

Medical Shower Chair

NOVA Medical Products Deluxe Bath Seat with Back & Arms

As mobility is reduced, chairs like these  can make showering much easier. For women who live alone, this is especially important as it provides another layer of safety against serious injuries.

Easy to install, you can help set it up as part of the gift and then rest assured that your loved ones will be safer at home and less prone to injuries. You can learn more about shower chairs in this article.

Bird Feeders

Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages Model AT4

Bird feeders are great for when people are distressed or agitated. Sitting by the window or on a porch and watching the birds can help to calm people down. This is just one of many bird feeder  designs available. Do some research about local birds in the area where they live so that you can also include some bird seed that attracts neighborhood guests.

Gardening Tools

Does your loved one have a green thumb? Why not upgrade her gardening tools with a complete set of tools and carrying case? Everything she’ll need to tend to her plants, inside or out, is included here. Keep her hands safe with high-quality gardening gloves as well. Even if she doesn’t have a garden or plants to take care of, why not spark a potential new hobby for her with this gift?


Animals Ceramic Flower Pot, Bantoye 2 Styles Elephants Succulent Planter Pots Cute White Animal...

Along those lines, if she doesn’t have room for a full garden (or just doesn’t want one), a planter or terrarium is a great little gift to put some life into her living space. Many come with all the seeds and nutritional additives you’ll need to grow the plants themselves, and they’re incredibly easy to take care of. They often come in fun, quirky styles, like these little elephant-themed terrariums . For something a little more creative and aesthetically pleasing, check out macrame hanging planters as well.


Grandma Gifts For Valentines Day for Mom from Daughter | Mother Daughter Necklace Floating locket...

A beautiful piece of jewelry can make your loved one feel beautiful and pampered, especially if it has significant meaning to her. Find one that matches her style, or maybe take a look at birthstone necklaces  if this is a gift for her birthday. Pick her brain a little and find out what her favorite stone is, and maybe get her a whole matching set (necklace, earrings, rings, and a bracelet) that features that stone.

She’ll also need a place to house all of this new beautiful jewelry. Have you noticed that the jewelry she has is just laying on her vanity? Help her organize and showcase it with a quality jewelry box, like this one.


Leather Diary With Lock - Unlined Notebook and Journals to Write in By Rustic Town

A journal/diary is a great gift for people of any age, but especially for an elderly woman because it allows her to relive her life’s experiences, recount her favorite parts of her day, or can serve as a creative outlet as well. Whether she was a writer, wants to take it up, or has never written in a diary in her life, a journal  is always a great gift.

Family Tree

Check out an ancestry service that can help you trace your family’s roots on her side back generations, and allow her to explore her history and learn things about herself and her family she may have never known. This is a deeply personal gift, and a great conversation starter.

Candle Set

AIMASI Scented Candles Jasmine,Lotus,Lilac Blossoms & White Gardenia,Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel...

You can also help her relax with a therapeutic candle set . The natural light of the flame, along with some scents she enjoys being diffused into the air, can create a sense of calm and peace in her home, and allow her to relax and pamper herself. If she has candles that she enjoys already, you can also get her a beautiful candle holder that matches her home decor.

Teapot/Set of Tea

Teabloom Teapot Gift Set – Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with 2 Blooming Teas & Removable Glass...

If she’s a tea lover, get her a high quality set of tea accessories  including a beautiful, but functional, teapot, a tea infuser, and a set of flavors you think she’ll enjoy. She may have been using the same teapot for decades now, so she’ll appreciate the upgrade.


Everyone loves a good pair of slippers. A soft, comfy, stylish pair of slippers can be a huge relief on older feet and make their daily life much more comfortable and enjoyable. For elderly women, there are some specific things you should keep in mind when shopping for slippers, though. Read about it here.

Therapeutic Eye Pillow

Asutra, Weighted Silk Eye Pillow Filled with Organic Lavender and Flax Seeds, 100% Hypoallergenic,...

Along the lines of comfort and pampering, a therapeutic eye pillow , particularly one that is infused with lavender (one of the most relaxing essential oils), can add a level of calm and relaxation to your loved one’s life that they may have never experienced. Having a weighted pillow rest on your eyes can provide a lot of relief, especially in this age of screens. This is an especially thoughtful gift if she has eye issues and needs some relief.

The Gift of Time

Overall, remember that what loved ones appreciate more than anything is you. So, rather than just sending one of these gifts their way, add a personalized touch. If you are nearby, visit them and make a day out of the gift giving. Help them set up their bird feeder outside the living room window or bring other family members to play some of the new games they received.

If this is not feasible, sending cards and recordings they can listen to over and over are also appreciated. Video or audio recordings of the family saying hello, telling individual stories about their days, or reading books out loud can give family members and friends something beautiful to listen to. They can even do this while they are wrapped up in their new Afghan. And while watching birds land on the new feeder. Or, even while smelling the aromatherapy oils now released into the home.

Also, check out these guides for seniors who have everything.

What ideas do you have for gifts for an elderly woman? Have you given a gift in the past that was a huge hit? Or maybe not so much?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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