35+ Top Gifts For People With Arthritic Hands

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best gifts for people with arthritic hands are ones that reduce the pain associated with common daily tasks, gifts that improve overall quality of life, and health enhancing gifts. Don’t know where to start? Here are our favorites.

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A gift-giving occasion is a time to showcase your appreciation for those you care about.

There is no better way to showcase your appreciation to someone dealing with arthritis than by gifting them products that can make their life easier. Unfortunately, 23 percent of all adults have arthritis. It can lead to limited mobility and chronic pain.

Having arthritis in your hands can make even basic tasks difficult. Continue reading to learn about some of the different gifts that would showcase your true appreciation for someone dealing with arthritis in their hands.

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Here Are The Top Gifts For Arthritic Hands

General Gifting Advice for People With Arthritic Hands

1. Pain Management Gifts

It can be very painful dealing with arthritis in the hands. After all, the condition leads to swelling and inflammation in the joints. This can make it difficult to do seemingly basic things like opening the door or getting keys out of your purse.

There are several gifts that you could consider gifting to someone dealing with arthritis in their hands including disposable ice packs for immediate pain relief. You can even gift a pair of arthritis gloves which are meant to relieve both aches and pains in the region through compression. There are even pain relief moisturizers that you could get them which could help.

2. Quality Of Life Gifts

Living with this type of condition can be very difficult. It can make it difficult for seniors to be able to take care of themselves when they are dealing with limited usage of their hands due to swelling and inflammation.

To find good gifts that can enhance their quality of life, you should be looking for things that they would be able to use daily. This can include various kitchen gadgets like an automatic can opener or even an automatic wine opener. Opening cans and wine bottles may seem easy for the average person.

However, when you are dealing with pain and swelling in your hand joints due to arthritis, nothing is as easy as it seems. Even something like tying a shoe can be increasingly difficult for someone dealing with an inflammatory condition like arthritis.

By gifting these types of gifts, you will be able to make a real difference in their daily life which makes for a fantastic gift.

3. Health Enhancing Gifts

While arthritis is not something that cannot be cured, there are ways to effectively cope with it.

Certain supplements and dietary choices can make a big difference when it comes to the symptoms of the condition. You could potentially gift supplements like Tumeric, fish oil, and many others recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

Gifting supplements could show that you care about how they are feeling.

4. Useful Gifts

As mentioned, doing simple everyday tasks can be an absolute struggle for anyone who is dealing with arthritis in the hands.

One of the best ways to showcase your appreciation through a gift would be to eliminate the need for them to cook their meals. You could do this by gifting them a subscription to a meal delivery service to make the entire meal prep portion of their life much easier and more convenient.

Also, you could even volunteer to prepare and cook meals for them for a specific period to assist them in getting a healthy diet without having to do it themselves.

Wrapping Up

There are several different gifts that you could consider getting for someone with arthritis in their hands. You want to try to find gifts that help them manage to live with arthritis. That way, you will be able to showcase how much you care about them.

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