19+ Great Gift Ideas For Senior Gardeners

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best gifts for senior gardeners are ones that appeal to to their love of nature, plants, and tending to new life. These gift ideas go way beyond a new set of gardening tools!

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Gardening is a hobby that appeals to those who love to nurture new life as it grows towards its fullest potential. There is nothing quite as satisfying as sowing a patch of bare earth with seeds or planting bulbs and seeing those first shoots reaching upwards. The fact that gardening can provide both beauty in the form of shrubs and flowering plants and sustenance in the form of vegetables and herbs only adds to its allure.

Both have their place in the table and in the home, the one to bring the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature to enliven our senses and the other to provide us with the raw produce that allows for the creation of meals that will bring a smile to the faces of friends and family.

Gardening also allows seniors to get some gentle exercise and gets us out of doors – in a day and age where the siren call of electronic entertainment makes it all too easy to simply sit back and let the glow and flicker of machine supplied distraction wash over us.

Recommended Garden Gifts for Seniors and the Elderly

General Gardener Gift Buying Advice

These are some of the reasons why seniors find gardening such an attractive hobby or pastime – and as we approach the season of giving it may be time to turn our minds to the sorts of gifts we can provide the senior gardener that will enrich their experience of growing things.

A gardening gift that will always be welcomed and valued is a book on the subject. Thankfully gardening books never go out of style. One that features vibrant images and easy to follow explanation of approaches to gardening in various regions and during various seasons can be an invaluable aid. Books are the perfect companions for those days where the weather does not allow for an outdoor excursion. An open book can transport one into a world where the sun is shining and the hum of bees can be heard – and the air is filled with the scent of growing things.

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A great artist is one that is gifted with imagination and a deft approach to the use of their chosen medium. They can make a canvas come alive or clay sing in its depiction of life. However, even the greatest of these creative geniuses requires tools of the highest caliber if they are to bring their imagination to life.

The same can be said of the gardener.

The senior gardener will appreciate the thought that has gone into a gift of gardening tools of the highest quality. They will know that it is that quality that will allow those tools to deliver over time. Many of them grew up during a period where quality was taken for granted – it was a world very different from today’s society of disposable and easily replaceable products.

As we age our bodies may not always provide us with a gardening experience that will be delivered without complaint from joints and muscles. However, there are a number of products on the market that can make the gardening efforts of seniors that much less painful – and much more rewarding. Products like kneeling pads take the strain off the knees which are always among the first body parts to suffer as one spends time close to the earth.

Gardening appropriate clothing items and accessories are another type of gift that will always be appreciated. A large sun hat or a peak (or lightweight cotton short) will protect delicate skin and lend an air of style to the senior gardening experience. As we age our skins become more delicate and can do with all the protection we can provide.

Wrapping Up

Gardening can provide hours of fun, allowing seniors to engage with the world of growing things – and have a topic of conversation that will allow them to find common ground with others who enjoy the same pastime. A great gardening gift can enhance that experience – and will always be appreciated for what it is – a gift from the heart.

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