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Bed Steps for Elderly People: Safely Getting In and Out of Bed
Getting in and out of bed is easy when you’re young and healthy. It’s something you do every day. Usually without even thinking about it. But sometimes when you get older, this once easy activity becomes difficult and even dangerous. Weakness in the body, illness or stiffness makes it difficult for seniors to lift their legs into the bed. They may also have trouble maneuvering into a safe position for sitting on the bed. There are a number of aids that can make this every day part of life easier. These aids will also help to protect your senior from injuries or falls during the nightly routine. If you or your loved one has trouble at bed time, bed steps for the elderly person in your life are the first aids you should try out.
The 5 Best Bed Rails for the Elderly Adult Aging in Place
Many seniors begin to notice a decline getting in and out of bed before other symptoms of aging. It becomes difficult getting in and out bed due to tight but weakening muscles. Often, seniors do not want to ask for help. Fortunately, there are several aids that can help the elderly person with this. Bed rails for elderly patients can cut fall risks while getting in and out of bed. They give the senior a stable base of support that the senior can use to help them self out of bed. These bed rails also help the elderly person re-position their body and turn over also. Some even cut the chance of falling out of bed at night.
Using Wireless Bed Alarms for Elderly Fall Prevention
If you are worried about a loved one getting up at night, consider this type of safety device for your peace of mind. This wireless bed alarm for the elderly sets off an alarm when your loved one raises up off of a sensor pad. The alarm sounds when the unit senses decreased pressure from the sensor pad. These devices are very popular among families with seniors suffering from with Alzheimer's and Dementia.