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There are few things in life as stressful as caring for an elderly person. Especially if that person is a parent or other close loved one. Watching their quality of life degrade can be overwhelming and lead to a feeling of helplessness. Caring for a loved one around the clock can even cause the caregiver to feel alone. All of these emotions increase the stress of an already stressful situation.

Sometimes the elderly person makes the situation worse. They may lash out at the caregiver seeming unappreciative and even mean. It is important to understand that these behaviors are just responses to the stress they are feeling. Remember, they are facing the loss of independence and are often looking their mortality in the eye.

Caregivers need to reach out to others who understand how they feel. Maybe because they have been through the same experience. Maybe they are even going through it now too.

I created this page to be a resource to caregivers with helpful articles and advice on dealing with caregiver stress. I'll also include links to other resources on the web where caregivers can network and learn to manage their stress and emotions.​

Caregiver Resources from My Blog

Helpful Books About Managing Stress for Caregivers of Elderly Parents
Caring for an elderly family member is a rewarding experience. But, care giving is also a source of stress, frustration, and even depression. Caregivers often run the full range of emotions in a single day. It is important though for caregivers to know they are not alone. They need to understand that stress is a normal part of the process and that management of stress is necessary to prevent burnout. To help, here is a list of helpful books about managing stress for caregivers. Many of these books were written by people with personal care giving experience that stressed out caregivers will appreciate and benefit from reading.
6 Blogs That Will Help Caregivers of Elderly Parents
Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding but also extremely stressful experience. Caregivers often feel frustrated, alone, and even used. Then these feelings lead to additional feelings of guilt and embarrassment. But, you know what? Most caregivers feel this way at one time or another. You are not alone! Reading the experiences of others can help you realize this. So, here are 6 blogs that help caregivers of elderly parents feel less stressed... and less alone!

Caregiver Networks and Forums

The Caregiver Action Network

​Caregiver Action Network (CAN), the National Family Caregiver Association, is a non-profit organization providing education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers across the country free of charge.

The site offers a "toolbox" of tips and articles for caregivers as well as an active forum to network with other caregivers.​

Caregiver Action Network

Caregiver Forum at

The Caregiver Forum at is an active and well organized forum for caregivers. There are 16 main topics ranging from Caregiver Burnout to Dealing with Alzheimer's & Dementia. These main categories are further divided into numerous subcategories. An "Ask a Question' form and helpful Search Bar make this an extremely helpful site to learn and network. 

Caregiver Forum

Online Support Groups at offers 53 online support support groups to help caregivers deal with their stress and not feel alone. These support groups are categorized by disease, sex of the caregiver, type of caregiver and more. This site offers something for every caregiver!

Online support groups for caregivers