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What are Arthritis Gloves and Do They Really Work?
Arthritis can be a serious issue for a lot of seniors. It can affect almost any joint in the body,[...]
Ten Home Remedies for Arthritic Hands that Don’t Involve Drugs!
In the US, arthritis is the single most common cause of disability. The annual cost in lost wages and medical[...]
What Time is It? It’s Time for Easy to Read Watches for Seniors!
For any people, checking the time and date is as easy as a quick look at your cell phone. Some may even still use a flick of the wrist. Especially if they are wearing an expensive smartwatch or a fitness tracker. Many elderly people, however, feel that most watches fail them. Most watches do not address the few basic needs that they have. So, something as “easy” as telling the time actually becomes hard to do. This greatly affects the daily life of seniors - especially the ones who have maintained the same schedule all their life. Easy to read watches are an important help for seniors with failing eyesight.
Best Shoes for Elderly to Prevent Falls & Improve Safety in Walking
As people get older, their bones and muscles weaken. This often makes it difficult for them to keep their balance while walking. Other factors affect walking in seniors. A few examples are arthritis, the reduced ability to focus on multiple activities at the same time, and even blurred vision. Unfortunately, these problems can result in falls. Falls which lead to injuries many of which are serious and life-threatening.
Toenail Clippers for the Elderly for Safe Senior Foot Care
Old age restricts many elderly people from being able to do simple activities of daily living which we take for granted in our young days. One such activity is personal grooming, and specifically, clipping toenails. In their advanced years, many seniors find it difficult to handle small tools like toenail clipp in their hands and fingers. However, there are many special toenail clippers that are now available which the eldery can easily use for taking care of their personal foot hygiene. In this post, we will learn more about buying toenail clippers for the elderly for safe, independent foot care.
Choosing a Safe Step Stool for Seniors: Which is Best?
I once walked in to my grandmother's house to a frightful sight. She was standing on a dining room chair cleaning her ceiling fan. Obviously with senior falls being so dangerous I made her get down immediately. Keeping a senior or elder safe at home sometimes means getting them the right tools for the job. Like in this example. She was still pretty spry at the time so a safe step stool for seniors like her would have been helpful. And much more safe. Here's how to choose the best step stool for you or an elderly loved one.
5 Simple Alarm Clocks for Elderly and Seniors
Personally, I think it's a shame that seniors and elderly even need to use alarm clocks. But, it is a reality. More and more senior citizens continue to work well into their golden years. So, unfortunately, an alarm clock may still be needed. Simple alarm clocks for elderly and seniors are becoming very important. Of course, not every older person needs one. But, some seniors with confusion, hearing problems, and vision difficulties many need to look at an alarm clock that is easy to use and assist them better in their daily living. Here is what seniors should look for in an alarm clock and a few of my favorites.
Cheap(er) Hearing Aid Alternatives that Actually Work
Let me state the obvious. Hearing aids are expensive. Learning that Medicare and other insurers do not pay for hearing aids is frustrating. Why is age-related hearing loss not considered a medical condition? It is important to daily life to be able to hear for senior home safety. Hearing the smoke detector or the telephone saves lives. Many seniors though cannot afford to pay for a hearing aid and try personal sound amplifiers first. Here are some more affordable, low-cost, and cheap hearing aid alternatives to help you hear better.
Does Medicare Pay for Hearing Aids?
Some of my patients have told me that the loss of their hearing was actually worse than their loss of mobility. Not hearing family and friends talking, their grandchildren laughing, or even able to hear the news on TV is isolating. It increases the feelings of loneliness and created embarrassment. Many seniors go to Medicare to help with equipment like this. But, does Medicare pay for hearing aids? I'm afraid I have bad news.... Read on to learn what to do about it.
The Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Elderly People and Seniors
Keeping a clean house isn't just important to many elderly people, it is mandatory. They grew up in a generation where women were judged based on the cleanliness of their home. Right or wrong, it's a fact. However, as they age, become weaker, and even begin to lose mobility, it seems that housekeeping becomes harder and harder. This often leads to a sense of failure and embarrassment. But with the proper tools elderly people can still take care of their homes. One tool to consider is the vacuum cleaner. Most are too heavy and klunky to be functional for seniors. Here is how to find the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for elderly people.
Safe Slippers for Elderly People: Keep Them From Falling!
There are very few things more important that keeping an elderly person from falling. The reality of a serious fall is that it can be life threatening. At a minimum, a fall will alter the overall mobility and independence of the senior. One item to take a good look at is the elderly person 's footwear. Many seniors like to wear house shoes or slippers because they are comfortable. But some are not safe for use by seniors. Here is how to find safe slippers for elderly people.
The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Elderly and Seniors
Making sure that seniors and the elderly take their medication properly is an exhausting task. So many pills look alike. It is difficult to remember which pill is which. It is perhaps even harder to remember which pills to take at which time. For the senior who may also be dealing with dementia, Alzheimer's, or just getting a little forgetful, managing medications becomes impossible. And even dangerous. While there are many medication management tools on the market, here are the best automatic pill dispensers for elderly and seniors to help out.