Guides to Recreation 
for Elderly and Seniors

Helpful Guides and Reviews for Elderly and Seniors
to Improve Their Recreation and Have a Little Fun!

The life of elderly people and seniors doesn't have to be boring. It is important to keep the mind and body active for optimal health. Recreation can play a huge part in improving the health of elderly and seniors. TO help, I've written several guides to recreation for elderly and seniors.

Recreation can come in any different forms. Physical exercise is important - but it also must be safe for the elderly person. Falls and other injuries can be very serious. But there are exercises that are safe and easy for elderly.

Mental recreation and fun is just as important as physical exercise. Keeping the mind focused and sharp even improves physical health. Things like games and puzzles are good choices. Activities like these also add a social element to the life of the elderly person. Playing games with friends and family members can strengthen relationships.​

The Latest Guides to Recreation for Elderly and Seniors

Guide to Gardening Tools for Seniors the Help Make the Job Easier
Gardening is a great way to get some sunlight and physical exercise. It’s even been shown to relax people. Plus,[...]
The Best Hobbies for Seniors for Physical and Mental Well-Being!
When you retire and you have nothing to do all day, sooner or later, you will start feeling the emptiness[...]
Games for Elderly People with Dementia
As adults, we may tell ourselves that games are only for children. As we age, we tend to get caught[...]
Finding the Best Gifts for Seniors
It can be hard to buy gifts for anyone. But it’s even harder to buy gifts for seniors. They may[...]
Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors for Fun, Recreation, or Even Practical Mobility!
Having a little trouble getting around? Not ready to give up your favorite hobbies? A great option to consider are three wheel bikes for seniors. These bikes, also called recumbent bikes or even adult tricycles, give them the mobility they’ve lost and let them perform vital tasks. They are also a lot of fun! Plus, they help seniors relive happy childhood memories. These bikes are a good option if you or your senior has difficulty making short trips. Like to visit neighbors in the subdivision or to get to the park. They may even be a substitute for people who can’t drive anymore and want another option to maintain their freedom. Whatever reason or use you have for these bikes, there’s an option that can work for your lifestyle.
The Best Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Seniors for Fun and Stimulation
It is so important that seniors stay active. They need to do regular exercise to keep their body in good condition. They need to make sure they have a fulfilling social life. And, they need to keep their minds active as well. Staying mentally active has a number of mental, emotional and physical benefits. It also improves the overall quality of your life. One way to keep your mind active, regardless of physical or mental limitations, is puzzles. Puzzles encourage creative thinking as well as planning, and they can be a lot of fun as well.
Fun and Simple Card Games for Seniors
Almost everyone likes to play card games. But everyone likes to win! No matter how non-competitive people tell you they are, get them playing some kind of game and suddenly they’re determined to win. For seniors who have arthritis, mobility concerns, or just aren’t interested in certain types of games, playing cards is a fun and challenging option. Here are some fun and simple card games for seniors.
Large Print Coloring Books for Seniors
It is no secret that adult coloring books have become a "thing." Coloring is no longer considered a childish activity only for little kids. The internet is filled with articles about the benefits of coloring for adults. Many of these same benefits apply to seniors and elders as well. But, their needs are different due to failing eye sight or hand control. Large print coloring books for seniors, for example, help elders get the benefits of coloring.
The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for an Older Dad or Grandfather
After years of buying your dad and grandfather ugly ties, socks, and golf balls, are running out of ideas? Maybe dad is a little harder to buy for now that he is older. His likes may have changed. I'll bet his needs have definitely changed. Most older dads and grandpas also seem to have everything they want. When looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for an older dad or grandfather, consider gifts that improve safety, security, and convenience. This may be too practical but older dads and grandpas will appreciate that you care. Even if they don't come right out and say so.
Large Print Games for Elderly People: Time for Some Fun
Most seniors and elderly enjoy playing games. All kinds of games: cards games, board games, puzzles and more. But, as we age, life takes a toll on our vision (among other things!). Low vision, cataracts, glaucoma and more affect out vision later in life. There is no reason though for seniors to stop playing the games and activities that they love. Many of the most popular games are available in bigger, easier to read formats. Here is a list of large print games for elderly that you may not have known existed!
Great Gifts for People in Wheelchairs You’d Never Think Of!
I get asked about this subject a lot in my position as a provider of manual and power wheelchairs. People know that users of wheelchairs need things but they just aren't sure what those "things" are. Many wheelchair users I work with are also too proud to ask. So, I thought I'd put together some ideas for gifts for people in wheelchairs - ones that they will want and will be thrilled to receive.
Best Exercise Bike for Elderly and Seniors: A Buying Guide
As Americans age, they tend to move less and sit more. These decreased activity levels lead to multiple health problems. Because of this the elderly and seniors should keep some level of exercise in their life. Of course, this exercise should be safe and within their ability. Cycling can be a fun and low impact exercise regardless of age. Learn more about the benefits of riding an exercise bike below. and also which is the best exercise bike for elderly and seniors.