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Guides to Technology
for Elderly and Seniors

Guides and Reviews of Technology That Can Improve
the Quality of Life for Elderly and Seniors

It's not really a secret that many elderly people and seniors are intimidated by technology. Many are even scared of using it - afraid they could mess something up or do something wrong. But, there is technology for elderly and seniors that can benefit them greatly.

Basic technology like cell phones and alert systems helps communication during emergencies​. Items like DVD players and entertainment devices can help fill some of the loneliness or boredom. Computers and tablets provide medical information, games to improve memory function, and tools to manage daily living.

Elderly and seniors just need someone to take the time and show them how to safely use these devices. The benefits and improvement to their life is tremendous. To help, here is a list of my guides to Technology for Elderly and Seniors.​

Latest Guides to Elderly and Senior Tech

Finding the Simplest Laptop for Seniors
Computers have sure come a long way since I sold them in college at our local Sears store. And they sure are a lot easier to use than they were too. Desktop and laptop computers are used in nearly all parts of life now: at work and at home. Many seniors have embraced computers but some still have a fear of the technology. Here is a guide to finding the simplest laptop for seniors who are afraid they can't learn or that they may mess something up.
The Best Landline Home Phones for the Elderly and Seniors
It is important for elderly and seniors to be able to communicate with their family and friends. This is especially true when there is an emergency and they need to call for help. Sometimes, though, dementia and Alzheimer's keeps them from being able to use a phone properly. Other problems such as poor vision and hearing keeps a senior from using the phone too. But there are options for elderly people in these situations. Here is how to find the best home phones for elderly and seniors.
What is the Best Computer Mouse for Arthritic Hands?
t is no secret that using a computer mouse a lot causes hands and wrists to ache. This is especially true in our high tech society. It seems like a computer is required for even the most basic tasks. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) like these are common problem. But, add the pain of arthritic fingers and wrists and using a mouse can become unbearable. Don't give up though - there are solutions. I am going to help you find the best computer mouse for arthritic hands!

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