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Guides to Wheelchairs for Elderly and Seniors

Wheeled mobility products including manual and power wheelchairs to improve senior mobility.

Insurance Classifications for Manual Wheelchairs: HCPCS Codes and Differences
  K0001 Classification Standard Wheelchairs These are your everyday wheelchairs that you probably see the most often in hospitals and[...]
What is An Ultralightweight Manual Wheelchair?
Ultralightweight manual chairs are chairs that are extremely light weight and easy to propel and maneuver.  These chairs are typically[...]
Transport Wheelchairs: Advantages and Disadvantages
Transport wheelchairs, also called transport chairs, are small, lightweight and easy to transport chairs that are intended to get a[...]
How to Clean a Wheelchair to Improve Equipment Life and Usability
Wheelchairs can get messy. They’re in constant contact with the ground. That means that mud and debris can get caught in the spokes. And, because the people using them sometimes drop food, the upholstery often gets dirty. This means that they need to be cleaned both for your comfort and to avoid infections. Clumps of hair or dirt will cause permanent damage to the chair or prevent it from working properly. That’s why this you must clean your wheelchair regularly.
Transport Chair vs Wheelchair: Which One Do You Really Need?
Unfortunately, as we get older our physical abilities change. This results in a decline in our ability to walk long distances. Sometimes, a wheelchair becomes necessary for day to day mobility. There are a number of options these days for seniors who need to rely on wheeled mobility products for daily mobility. This is good news for people who need the help, but it can also make shopping for these types of supplies more confusing. Because there are so many options, it’s important to know the differences between them and which ones to use to best enhance your life. To help you with that, I've compared a transport chair vs a wheelchair to determine the best use for each piece of equipment.
The Best Lightweight Folding Wheelchair – Reviews and Buying Guide
If and when the time comes for a wheelchair, the last thing you want is a heavy, clunky wheelchair that is hard to push and travel with. Wheelchairs come in a shapes and sizes... and weights! There are many factors that make up the weight of a wheelchair. Some of these are in your control while some are not. As someone who works with wheelchairs every day, I put together this buying guide of the best lightweight folding wheelchair reviews. After reading these reviews and comparisons, choosing the best lightweight wheelchair for you will be easy!
How to Buy a Wheelchair Online: The Definitive Guide
Does the thought of buying a wheelchair online scare you a little? Well, don't worry, wheelchairs are nothing to be scared about! After learning some of the basic wheelchair lingo, choosing and buying a wheelchair online isn't a big deal at all! I work with wheelchairs everyday as a custom wheelchair specialist for a durable medical equipment company. So, I am going to share my experience with you in this buying guide - the definitive guide if I do say so myself!. By the end of this article, you will know how to buy a wheelchair online and feel confident doing it!
Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair Reviews for Portable Mobility!
A power wheelchair can make a huge, positive impact in the quality of life for the elderly and disabled. I see it every day in my job as an Assistive Technology Professional at a home medical equipment company. It is exciting to see a bed bound patient get up and move about the house on their own. Wouldn't it be nice if this experience could be portable and used out in public. But, aren't power wheelchairs heavy and hard to transport? Some are.... but some are lightweight and some even fold up! Here are some lightweight folding power wheelchair reviews that will make mobility portable for you or a loved one!
What is the Most Comfortable Manual Wheelchair?
The pursuit of comfort in a wheelchair is often challenging. It can be difficult to enjoy sitting in a steel and vinyl chair that is made for the masses. There are many important factors that can make a wheelchair comfortable or miserable. The problem is most people aren't aware of their options. But, don't worry! I am going to sort out for you what is the most comfortable manual wheelchair!