Resources: Family Activities

Discover the joys of connecting generations with our “Family Activities” articles — full of engaging, age-appropriate ideas and inspiration that will bring seniors and their families closer than ever. We understand that finding activities that cater to different ages and abilities can be a challenge, but worry not—our carefully curated articles offer creative solutions to help you bond with your grandchildren in meaningful and memorable ways. Whether it’s finding winter pastimes without snow, diving into exciting games perfect for teenage grandkids, or stocking up your house with timeless toys, this is your go-to resource for all things fun and enjoyable across generations. So go ahead and explore these ideas—because cherished moments with your loved ones shouldn’t be limited by age.

    Fun Activities Grandmother Can Do With Granddaughter

    10 Fun Activities Any Grandmother Can Do With Her Granddaughter

    Grandmothers looking for activities to bond with their granddaughters can find plenty of fun ideas! From baking treats together to a backyard camping adventure, there’s no shortage of ways to create lasting memories and strengthen the special bond between grandma and granddaughter.

    grandkids doing fun activities with grandparents

    Fun Things To Do With Grandparents At Home

    Every grandparent has times when they struggle with entertaining their grandkids without resorting to TV’s and tablets. And, sometimes you just don’t feel like going anywhere either. Show this list of fun things to do with grandparents at home to your grandkids and let them choose an activity. Their pick just might surprise you.