Resources: Cycling

Welcome to our resource page specifically dedicated to cycling and bicycle riding for older adults! As we age, it’s important to stay active and healthy, and there’s no better way to achieve that than by hopping on a bike.
Cycling has numerous benefits for seniors, ranging from improving cardiovascular health to strengthening muscles.
To enhance your experience, we provide guides on choosing the perfect bike, be it a beach cruiser or a three-wheel option for extra stability.
Ensuring your safety and comfort is our top priority, so we’ve researched and compiled information on the best helmets and bicycle seats available for older riders.
Dive into our articles to discover invaluable tips on bicycle safety and make your cycling journey enjoyable and hassle-free!

    3 wheel bikes for seniors

    3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and the Elderly (6 Easy Ride Options)

    Three wheeled bikes are a great recreation option for seniors who have slight balance issues or are beginning to have mobility problems. The best 3 wheel bicycles for seniors have a step through design, a padded seat, multiple speeds, and are easy to assemble.

    Bicycle Seats For Seniors

    7 Best Bicycle Seats For Seniors: Banish Biking Butt Pain

    Say goodbye to biking butt pain with our comprehensive guide on the best bicycle seats for seniors and the elderly, focusing on comfort, support, and ease of use. Explore our top recommendations and key factors to enhance your cycling experience and ensure a pain-free ride.

    Bicycle Safety for Seniors

    Biking Safety For Seniors: Staying Visible And Avoiding Hazards

    Older adults are discovering the benefits of cycling. By taking the time to ride safely and defensively, choosing the right bicycle and gear, following all traffic rules, and staying visible, seniors can enjoy maximizing these benefits while minimizing their risks of injury.

    smiling senior couple riding a bike

    The Many, Many Benefits Of Cycling For Seniors

    We all know that cycling improves cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. But, did you know it also has been shown to improve your mental health and even your sex life? Keep reading to learn more benefits of cycling for seniors.