Resources: Reading Aids

Welcome to our resource page dedicated to helping seniors rediscover the joy of reading comfortably and with ease.
We understand that age can bring about certain challenges when it comes to enjoying your favorite books or magazines.
That’s why we have compiled a selection of articles to provide you with valuable information and tips on reading aids, ensuring the best possible experience.
Our topics cover large print magazines, the benefits of various reading aids, lighted magnifiers, lamps, and optimal lighting to improve safety, as well as recommendations for comfortable reading pillows and neck support.
Dive in and explore our collection of articles curated for seniors seeking to enhance their reading experience.

    coloring books for seniors

    Best Coloring Books for Seniors – Creativity Has No Age Limit

    Looking to make coloring achievable, relaxing, and fun in your golden years? This article provides expert recommendations on the best senior-friendly adult coloring books, arthritis-friendly tools, visual assistance techniques, and easy creative activities to reduce stress and spark nostalgic joy.

    Audiobook Players for Seniors

    Audiobook Players for Seniors (Enjoy Great Stories Again!)

    Audiobook players are digital devices that read books out loud for seniors with failing eyesight or other conditions that make reading difficult. The best audiobooks for seniors and the elderly have large clear screens, easy to understand instructions, and loud speakers or good headphones.

    Best Reading Pillows for Seniors

    Reading in Complete Comfort: Best Reading Pillows for Seniors

    Whether you want to read your favorite book or use your laptop before going to sleep, the bed is probably the most likely place where older adults prefer to sit back and relax. Reading pillows like these provide great support and comfort for seniors with neck, shoulder, or back pain when sitting in bed.

    lighted magnifier

    The Best Lighted Magnifier For Reading

    As we all age, reading small print and intricate crafting tasks like jewelry-making, embroidery, and sewing becomes a challenge for older adults. That is where high-quality lighted magnifiers like these come in handy.

    Reading Aids for Seniors

    Unlocking the Benefits of Reading Aids for Seniors

    Reading aids can help seniors to remain independent and engaged with the world around them, improving their quality of life. From magnifying glasses to digital readers, there are a variety of devices to suit all abilities and budgets. These are our favorites.

    Best Neck Support Pillows For Seniors

    Best Neck Support Pillows For Seniors (That Aren’t a Pain in the Neck!)

    One way to prevent you or your elderly loved one from getting neck pain when sleeping is to sleep with the right type of pillow. Read on to see the best pillows for supporting your neck, to understand how the right pillow can prevent neck pain, and, to get tips on how to choose the right pillow.