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Discover the world of “Games and Puzzles” designed specifically for seniors and the elderly. This category addresses common pain points, such as limited mobility, memory challenges, and dwindling social interactions. We strive to enrich the lives of your loved ones by sharing the best card games, engaging large print options, and simple yet enjoyable board games tailored to meet their unique needs. We also offer solutions for dementia patients, bedridden adults, and seniors who prefer solo activities. Embrace the healing power of fun, inspiration, and connection through our carefully curated articles, and brighten the golden years for you and your loved ones.

    two elderly ladies enjoying a large print game

    Large Print Games for Elderly People

    Most seniors and elderly people enjoy playing games to pass the time. But, sometimes failing vision gets in the way. Here are the best large print games for elderly people that will help.

    Games for Elderly People to Play Alone

    9 Types of Games for Elderly People to Play Alone

    Solitaire may be the go to solo game for seniors but there are many more beyond this familiar card game. Here are the top 9 game ideas that elderly people can play alone to pass the time and provide stimulation and entertainment.

    seniors playing games

    What Are The Best Board Games For Seniors & the Elderly?

    Getting older doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Here are the best board games for elderly and their families to play for fun and group socialization. Includes games with large pieces and large print for easier play for seniors.