woman showing hand with arthritic joint pain

11 Expert Approved Ways To Relieve Arthritic Joint Pain

When you live with arthritis it affects every part of your life. Each of these tips and tricks to relieve arthritic joint pain are backed by studies and science. Discuss these with your doctor and give one or more of them a try!

senior woman taking her medicine

Automatic Pill Dispensers For Elderly Medication Management

These automatic pill dispensers help the elderly take the right medicines at the right time. The best automatic pill dispensers are programmable, lock securely, have loud audio alarms and visual alarms when it is time to take the medicine, and notify you if a dosage was missed.

diabetic feet with well trimmed toenails

Safe, Easy to Use Toenail Clippers For Diabetics

Diabetics have to be especially careful when trimming their toenails because small cuts can turn into large problems. Here are some safe and easy to use toenail clippers for diabetics who choose to cut their own toenails.

woman showing well manicured fingernails hold a cane

Electric Nail Clippers for Seniors: Are They Worth Using?

Electric nail trimmers work by grinding or filing nails instead of actually cutting them. This provides a safe nail cutting experience for seniors but also a much slower one. Many of these devices aren’t well rated because of that. Keep reading to learn more!

senior woman having nail care done by caregiver

The Right Nail Care for Seniors and the Elderly

You can have healthy, beautiful nails regardless of your age. Following tips like maintaining a proper diet and keeping your nails clean, dry, trimmed, and shaped are important. Consider your choice of nail care tools too. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to care for the nails of seniors and elders.

senior woman with sciatica back pain

The Best Seat Cushions for Sciatica Pain Relief

The best seat cushions for sciatic pain distribute weight off of the tail bone to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. They do this through several different methods including U shaped foam cutouts, memory foam, and gel layers.

woman helping senior use a hearing aid to deal with her hearing loss

Tips for Dealing With Hearing Loss In Older Adults

Hearing loss is, unfortunately, a common part of aging so it is likely you will encounter seniors in your daily life who have trouble hearing. Use this guide to learn how to deal with hearing loss in older adults and elderly people you love.