seniors flouride in toothpaste

Do Seniors Need Fluoride In Their Toothpaste?

In addition to recommending a fluoride toothpaste, dentists frequently recommend that seniors use other fluoride products to keep teeth in good health. Using an oral rinse with fluoride can help to rinse away food particles that weren’t brushed away, and it can also ensure that older teeth have protection from this beneficial mineral.

what to do with no teeth

Here’s What To Do When You Have No Teeth: 8 Options

The majority of maturing adults lose a significant number of their teeth as they age. The elderly can completely or partially lose their teeth with aging. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, you’ll be happy to hear that tooth loss doesn’t need to be permanent as there are replacement options available.

in home dental care for seniors

How to Find In-Home Dental Care for Seniors & the Elderly

Why is it so common for seniors to go without dental treatment? There are many factors that keep older adults from seeking care, including cost and lack of access. For elderly adults with limited mobility, even getting to the dentist can be difficult. Thankfully, there are some dentists that are willing to come to seniors.