Personal Care

Aging can make many personal care tasks feel like a burden for many older adults. The tools needed for grooming and caring for one’s self are often small and difficult to manage, making matters worse.

We created these guides for personal care aids to make daily care tasks easier for seniors and the elderly. These guides include simple tips for making personal care less of a chore and reviews of tools and devices that make self-care tasks easier.

Best Lotion for Elderly Skin

Smooth and Supple Skin: Finding the Best Lotion for Elderly Skin

To address the common skin problems of seniors and elders, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid for wrinkles, glycerin and dimethicone for moisturizing, and natural moisturizers like mineral oil, jojoba, or shea butter. See our recommended lotions for elderly skin below.

Best Toenail Clippers for Seniors

Best Toenail Clippers for Seniors & the Elderly (7 Easy to Use Choices)

There are many toenail clippers on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best nail clippers for an elderly person. Some factors to consider when choosing a toenail clipper for an elderly person include the user’s nail type, the clipper’s ease of use, and its safety features.

Finger Toothbrushes for the Elderly

Finger Toothbrushes for the Elderly [The Need, Uses, and Which are Best]

Luckily, there are some alternatives to the standard toothbrush that can make brushing easier for the elderly. They are not always as effective as a traditional manual brush, but they are certainly better than not brushing at all. One of the simplest and most effective alternatives for seniors is the finger toothbrush.

Do Seniors Need Fluoride In Their Toothpaste

Do Seniors Need Fluoride In Their Toothpaste?

In addition to recommending a fluoride toothpaste, dentists frequently recommend that seniors use other fluoride products to keep teeth in good health. Using an oral rinse with fluoride can help to rinse away food particles that weren’t brushed away, and it can also ensure that older teeth have protection from this beneficial mineral.

Guide To Oral Care For Bedridden Elderly

A Guide To Oral Care For Bedridden Elderly Patients

Oral hygiene is important for bedridden adults because it is directly linked to their overall health. Use the following tips to help bed bound seniors improve their oral health which might just help them feel a little bit better.

Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

15 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

One key step to keeping your hair in place while sleeping is to prepare your head and hair for a night of rolling and rubbing against bedding. These tips will have your hair all set and ready for the battle.

Best Hair Brush For Seniors

The Best Hair Brush For Seniors And The Elderly

The best hair brushes for seniors and the elderly are generally made of boar hair bristles which are soft and easy to push through your hair. They should also have ergonomic handles and be easy to use. Here are the ones you should consider.

Best Essential Oils For Gray Hair

The Best Essential Oils For Gray Hair

There are a plethora of reasons why your hair may be graying. If you have noticed your hair starting to get gray and you want to put a stop to it, you should consider exploring the healing properties of the best essential oils for gray hair.

Best Eyebrow Pencil To Cover Gray Hair

The Best Eyebrow Pencil To Cover Gray Hair

Just because your eyebrow hair starts to turn gray, it doesn’t mean that your eyebrows shouldn’t look their best. Here are some features to look for when shopping for the best eyebrow pencil to cover your gray eyebrow hair plus a list of our favorites.

Best Mousse for Gray Hair

The Best Mousse for Gray Hair [Get a Hold on Gray Hair]

As more people learn to embrace their silver locks, the market for gray hair-specific products is growing. If you’re looking to add some life back into your graying locks, using a mousse seems to be the best way to go. Here are some of the best ones for gray hair.

Best Hair Mask For Gray Hair

The Best Hair Mask For Gray Hair [Strengthen and Moisturize]

As your hair loses melanin and turns gray, it’s not just the color that fades away. Some structural and compositional changes also occur in your hair, making it notoriously difficult to manage. This is where a hair mask can really improve the health of gray hair.

Best Oil for Dry Gray Hair

What’s the Best Oil for Dry Gray Hair? 8 Great OiI-Based Products

There are a number of oils available on the market that can help with prematurely graying hair – and also help to keep hair healthy, allowing those who suffer from dry hair to look and feel great. Here are some of the best with a few recommended products that contain these helpful oils.

Best Vitamins For Gray Hair

7 Best Vitamins For Gray Hair [Slow the Progression]

There are several remedies for gray hair, depending on what is causing your hair to gray. Bleaching or using dye for gray hair causes further damage. Opt for alternatives like eating a well-balanced meal and taking vitamins that contain ingredients proven to slow or reduce graying.

Best Flat Iron For Gray Hair

The Best Flat Iron For Gray Hair [More Style, Less Frizz!]

Gray hairs have a number of issues and heat makes them worsen. Due to these natural weaknesses, the heat damage resulting from the use of flat irons is more visible in gray hair than it is in regular tinted hair. So, here are the best flat irons for gray hair to minimize heat-related damage while straightening gray hair.

Onion Juice for Gray Hair

Should You Use Onion Juice for Gray Hair? Is It Effective?

Onion juice is a popular home remedy for gray hair and it has been believed to reverse the graying process. When applied topically, it is thought to improve blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind it to find out if these claims work.

Places To Donate Gray Hair for Wigs

Places To Donate Gray Hair for Wigs [Make the Kindest Cut of All]

Thinking about cutting your gray hair? How about making it the kindest cut of all? — Donate your hair to organizations that can use it to make free or low-cost wigs for seniors who have lost their hair due to various medical conditions. Here’s how to do it and a list of places that accept gray hair donations.

How to Look Younger With Gray Hair

8 Simple Tips on How to Look Younger With Gray Hair

Aging gracefully is something that we all strive for, and while gray hair might be seen as a sign of aging, it doesn’t have to mean you look old. Here’s how to keep your youthful appearance – even with gray hair!

body wash for bedridden

Body Wash Options For Bedridden Patients

Using the right body wash for bedridden seniors will leave them clean and refreshed. Let the senior choose the scent and application method they prefer for the best experience.

diabetic feet with well trimmed toenails

Safe, Easy to Use Toenail Clippers For Diabetics

Diabetics have to be especially careful when trimming their toenails because small cuts can turn into large problems. Here are some safe and easy to use toenail clippers for diabetics who choose to cut their own toenails.

woman showing well manicured fingernails hold a cane

Electric Nail Clippers for Seniors: Are They Worth Using?

Electric nail trimmers work by grinding or filing nails instead of actually cutting them. This provides a safe nail cutting experience for seniors but also a much slower one. Many of these devices aren’t well rated because of that. Keep reading to learn more!

senior woman having nail care done by caregiver

The Right Nail Care for Seniors and the Elderly

You can have healthy, beautiful nails regardless of your age. Following tips like maintaining a proper diet and keeping your nails clean, dry, trimmed, and shaped are important. Consider your choice of nail care tools too. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to care for the nails of seniors and elders.