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Welcome to our Purses and Bags category, a dedicated hub where you will find practical and informative guides to choosing the right carry accessories for your unique needs.
We understand the struggle of living with conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis, which can be exacerbated by the simple act of carrying a purse. Our carefully curated selection of articles delves into the world of purses designed to alleviate shoulder pain and offer comfort for those with back pain.
We don’t stop there – we also cater to seniors seeking lightweight, ergonomic backpack options with wide straps for optimum comfort and support.
We aim to help you find the right balance of style, convenience, and comfort in every bag choice you make.

    senior woman with arthritis pain from purse

    What is the Best Purse for Arthritis to Reduce Shoulder Pain?

    Heavy purses just add to shoulder pain from arthritis. Look for purses that are lightweight and distribute weight across the body. The best purse for arthritis pain is usually a crossbody bag or lightweight purse with wide straps. Here are my top recommendations.

    smiling senior woman standing with a purse on her shoulder

    What Are the Best Purses For Back Pain?

    Few things make a back hurt quicker than a heavy purse. To reduce your back pain, look for a bag that is small and lightweight with shorter strap and easy access. Here are the best purses for back pain to help you out!

    senior woman smiling with the best purse for fibromyalgia

    Finding the Best Purse for Fibromyalgia for Less Shoulder Pain

    The goal of choosing a purse for a person with fibromyalgia is to reduce pain while still carrying the things you need. The best purse for fibromyalgia pain is usually a cross body or other bag that helps distribute the weight. Hand bags and carts are other options too.