Resources: General Hair Care

Welcome to our General Hair Care resource, a comprehensive source for understanding and managing your hair’s unique needs throughout various life situations and stages.
We cover a range of topics to guide you, whether you’re caring for someone who can’t leave their bed and needs a suitable shampoo or you’re seeking ways to maintain your hair’s style overnight. Additionally, we also delve into the needs of our older community members by providing insights into the ideal hair brushes suitable for seniors and the elderly.
Through these resources, we aim to ensure healthy, manageable, and beautiful hair for all.

    Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

    15 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

    One key step to keeping your hair in place while sleeping is to prepare your head and hair for a night of rolling and rubbing against bedding. These tips will have your hair all set and ready for the battle.

    Best Hair Brush For Seniors

    The Best Hair Brush For Seniors And The Elderly

    The best hair brushes for seniors and the elderly are generally made of boar hair bristles which are soft and easy to push through your hair. They should also have ergonomic handles and be easy to use. Here are the ones you should consider.