Resources: Nail Care

Welcome to our Nail Care resources with specialized guides committed to offering insights, tips, and product recommendations particularly designed to meet the unique nail care needs of seniors, the elderly, and individuals dealing with specific conditions like arthritis and diabetes.
Our in-depth articles explore a variety of subjects such as selecting the right toenail clippers for comfort and ease of use, understanding the benefits of electric nail clippers, and identifying specific nail care practices that can enhance safety and wellbeing for seniors and those with certain health conditions.
Discover how proper nail care can significantly improve your daily life with our well-researched, thoughtfully curated articles.

    Right Nail Care for Seniors

    The Right Nail Care for Seniors and the Elderly

    You can have healthy, beautiful nails regardless of your age. Following tips like maintaining a proper diet and keeping your nails clean, dry, trimmed, and shaped are important. Consider your choice of nail care tools too. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to care for the nails of seniors and elders.

    Toenail Clippers For Diabetics

    Safe, Easy to Use Toenail Clippers For Diabetics

    Diabetics have to be especially careful when trimming their toenails because small cuts can turn into large problems. Here are some safe and easy to use toenail clippers for diabetics who choose to cut their own toenails.

    woman showing well manicured fingernails hold a cane

    Electric Nail Clippers for Seniors: Are They Worth Using?

    Electric nail trimmers work by grinding or filing nails instead of actually cutting them. This provides a safe nail cutting experience for seniors but also a much slower one. Many of these devices aren’t well rated because of that. Keep reading to learn more!