Resources: Style and Fashion Tips

Welcome to our Style and Fashion Tips for Older Adults! As we age, our style naturally evolves – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous and functional. Embrace the freedom and wisdom that comes with age, and let it reflect in your wardrobe.
Whether you’re planning for a sunny beach getaway and need something stylish yet practical, or simply looking to refresh your everyday look to reflect a youthful spirit, we’ve got you covered.
Our expert fashion tips will guide both men and women on how to mix classic elegance with contemporary trends, to express their unique style at any age. Let’s rediscover the joy of dressing up together!

    dress like old man (1)

    10 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Man

    As an older man, you may wonder what trends are suitable for your age without making you look too old – or like you are trying to look like a teenager. Here are some tips that will ensure you look younger with looking like you are trying too hard!

    dress like an old lady

    9 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Lady

    No one wants to look or feel old, right? Well, one way you can look younger is by dressing younger. Here are some quick and simple tips to refresh your wardrobe and stop dressing like an old lady!

    senior woman smiling on beach in a white cover up

    6 Stylish and Functional Beach Cover-ups for Older Ladies

    You should pay attention to two things when buying a beach cover-up: coverage and comfort. Remember, your age doesn’t stop you from revealing what you are proud of. Therefore, choose what you feel will make you look trendy and stylish. Here are our favorites.