Bathtub Safety

Falls while taking a bath – and while getting in and out of the bathtub – are a common cause of injury for seniors and the elderly. This is often due to losing balance and decreasing mobility from frailty and weakness due to aging. Another problem is being able to safely getting up and down to take a bath.

We created the following guides to help seniors improve their safety while bathing. These guides include tips and advice for bathtub safety, plus product recommendations for important bathtub safety equipment like bath lifts and non-slip bath mats.

elderly man bathing

Why Do Elderly Stop Bathing? 12 Surprising Reasons (& How to Help)

While the reasons an elderly person might stop bathing are numerous, most have to do with fear of injury, physical health concerns, or mental health problems. Use this guide to help identify potential causes plus learn some ideas that might help encourage the elderly to bathe.

bath mat and bath slippers next to a bath tub

The Best Non-Slip Bath Mats for Elderly People (And The Shower Too!)

Look for a safe bath or shower mat that securely sticks to the tub surface, has a textured surface to reduce slipping, drains well, fits your tub or shower, and is antibacterial and machine washable for easy cleaning. Even better, choose a mat that also is BPA-free! Avoid soft, fabric mats and any bathroom rugs.

senior woman getting in bathtub

The Best Bathtub Lifts for Seniors (Who Just Want a Good Hot Bath!)

Bathtub lifts, aka bath lifts, tub lifts, or bath lift chairs, are battery-powered devices that lower you into your tub and raise you out again. The best bath lifts for seniors are rustproof, with floating hand controls, safety lockouts, suction cupped feet for stability, and transfer flaps.