Shower Safety

Falls in the shower – and while getting in and out of the shower – are a common cause of injury for seniors and the elderly. This is often due to decreasing mobility and loss of balance. Generally, frailty and weakness due to aging also make showering dangerous for older adults.

We created the following guides to help seniors improve their safety while showering. These guides include tips and advice for shower safety, plus product recommendations for important shower safety equipment like shower chairs, handheld shower heads, tub transfer benches, and even non-slip shower mats.

Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs

Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs: What’s the Difference, Really?

Bath mats and rugs are essential items in any bathroom. They come in handy for seniors and elders who may have difficulty walking or bending. Learn about the different types of bath mats and rugs, their benefits, and where to find them.

How Does Bathtub Transfer Bench Work

How Does a Bathtub Transfer Bench Work?

A tub transfer bench works to make getting in and out of a tub and shower easier because it straddles the tub edge. So, you can sit on the outside the tub then scoot until you are inside the tub or shower.

senior woman getting in the shower

What Are The Best Showers for Seniors? Safe Showers!

The best shower for seniors and the elderly provide a safe experience that reduces the chance of a slip and fall. This guide lays out some changes and safety products you can easily put in place for safer bathing.