choosing a mobility aid

The Top Mobility Aids for Elderly and Seniors

The loss of mobility can be devastating to the elderly and seniors. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence. The Census Bureau reports that mobility problems are the most common disability among the elderly. Fortunately, there are lots of choices … Read more

What is the Most Comfortable Manual Wheelchair?

The pursuit of comfort in a wheelchair is often challenging. It can be difficult to enjoy sitting in a steel and vinyl chair that is made for the masses. There are many important factors that can make a wheelchair comfortable … Read more

elderly lady walking with cane

Does Medicare Pay for Walking Canes?

Since I work at a durable medical equipment supply company, I get questions like this all the time. Especially on entry level mobility aids like canes and walkers. Many seniors and their families are not aware of Medicare coverage criteria. … Read more

senior man riding a mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters: Advantages and Disadvantages

One area I struggle with in my daily practice as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) is when I get a request to provide an electric mobility scooter.  Don’t get me wrong, they can be a wonderful help to someone who … Read more