Best Rated Transport Wheelchair for Easy Mobility Assistance

young female doctor with an elderly patient in a transport wheelchair at the hospital.

When it comes to transport wheelchairs, you want the best of the best, right? Transport wheelchairs are great resources for the elderly who have limited mobility, and their caretakers who need to get them from point A to point B quickly and hassle-free. They typically come with four small wheels, and are easily foldable for quick and efficient storage and portability. They’re perfect for a …

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Wheelchairs for Narrow Doorways

senior woman sitting in a wheelchair staring out the window.

One of the most prohibitive elements of using a wheelchair is that it can be too bulky to navigate around your own home. Many older houses have narrow doorways that just don’t accommodate the large size of wide wheelchairs, so for maximum mobility when using a wheelchair, look for one that’s slightly narrower than usual when shopping. Below are some of the best features to …

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Rollator Transport Chair Combo: Walkers That Convert To Wheelchairs

happy senior man sitting in a rollator transport chair

Walkers that convert to wheelchairs are essential tools for seniors with limited mobility. They give the elderly the freedom to walk around as they please, but when they need the extra support of a wheelchair, it becomes an easy option for them to take advantage of. Most of these rollator transport chairs have comfortable, cushioned seats, storage areas for personal belongings, and customizable handles for …

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Manual Wheelchairs: Types, Uses, Buying and Guide

elderly woman being pushed in a manual wheelchair

A manual wheelchair is any wheelchair that is propelled manually. Usually, the user of the chair pushes themselves by using handrims mounted to the rear large wheels. Manual chairs are the opposite of power wheelchairs which use batteries and motors to make the wheelchair move. Types of Manual Wheelchairs Manual wheelchairs are usually classified by their weight and intended use. Transport Wheelchairs Transport wheelchairs, usually …

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What is An Ultralightweight Manual Wheelchair?

man using an ultralightweight wheelchair

Ultralightweight manual chairs are chairs that are extremely lightweight and easy to propel and maneuver.  These chairs are typically used by paraplegics with good upper body strength and who are independent in their mobility and most of their care.  These chairs come in folding and rigid styles. Ultralightweight manual wheelchairs are much more custom in nature and have a wider range of options than standard …

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How to Buy a Wheelchair Online: The Definitive Guide

how to buy a wheelchair

Does the thought of buying a wheelchair online scare you a little? Well, don’t worry, wheelchairs are nothing to be scared about! After learning some of the basic wheelchair lingo, choosing and buying a wheelchair online isn’t a big deal at all!  I work with wheelchairs every day as a custom wheelchair specialist for a durable medical equipment company. So, I am going to share …

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Transport Wheelchairs: Advantages and Disadvantages

blue transport wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs, also called transport chairs, are small, lightweight and easy to transport chairs that are intended to get a patient from point A to point B as easily as possible. There are some drawbacks to them though. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of transport wheelchairs below. Advantages of Transport Wheelchairs Transport chairs have several advantages that make them a good choice for …

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