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Welcome to our Senior Health and Wellness category, where we have curated a collection of articles to help guide seniors through various aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
One of our focus areas is on gray hair, where we discuss the top vitamins to potentially slow down its progression.
We shed light on the importance of oral hygiene for seniors, exploring topics such as dental visit frequency and the necessity of certain toothpaste ingredients like fluoride.
Finally, we also study how understanding how external factors, such as weather and climate, can impact senior health, and how the right climate may provide relief for conditions like arthritis. Browse through these articles to gain valuable insights into senior health and wellness!

    Senior man with arthritis with the desert in the background

    The Worst Places to Live With Arthritis – States to Avoid

    The link between climate and arthritis pain levels, while not fully understood, is well-documented. Many seniors will even move to areas with better weather to reduce their pain. So, if you are contemplating a move, here are the worst places to live with arthritis so you know what to avoid!

    Best Water Bottles for Arthritic Hands

    The Best Water Bottles for Arthritic Hands

    Arthritis pain often affects even simple tasks like drinking from a reusable water bottle. Keeping a tight grip or having to squeeze a plastic bottle hurts. So, to help you keep hydrated with less pain, here are the best water bottles for arthritic hands.