Resources: Pillows and Positioning

Welcome to our Pillows and Positioning Resource Page, where you’ll find essential information and resources to help you achieve superior comfort and support during sleep.
Our articles cover a wide range of topics, including wrist braces for enhanced rest, sleep gloves designed for arthritis sufferers, and various types of positioning pillows tailored to specific needs.
We understand the importance of proper support for bedridden seniors and the elderly, so we have compiled recommendations for neck support pillows, top-rated body pillows, and pillows specially designed for stroke patients.
Explore our expert tips and suggestions to find the best pillows for seniors and elevate your sleep quality to a whole new level!

    Best Pillows For Stroke Patients

    6 Best Pillows For Stroke Patients for Positioning and Comfort

    Suffering a stroke can make the affected side of your body feel numb. This lack of sensation makes you unaware of the body alignment, leading to discomfort and pain. Using pillows to position yourself properly after a stroke can get you in a better position for less pain.

    Best Reading Pillows for Seniors

    Reading in Complete Comfort: Best Reading Pillows for Seniors

    Whether you want to read your favorite book or use your laptop before going to sleep, the bed is probably the most likely place where older adults prefer to sit back and relax. Reading pillows like these provide great support and comfort for seniors with neck, shoulder, or back pain when sitting in bed.

    Best Pillows for Seniors

    The Best Pillows for Seniors & Elderly Who Want Better Sleep Now!

    When most people think of pillows, they think of relaxation and comfort. In reality, however, pillows are used to help support the head, spine, shoulders, and neck when sleeping. This comprehensive guide will explain what to look for in a pillow and recommend the best pillows for older adults who want quality sleep.

    Body Pillows For Seniors

    6 Top-Rated Body Pillows For Seniors and the Elderly

    Body pillows have several different uses for seniors and the elderly. They can be used to achieve a more comfortable sleeping position or used to prop and position an elderly person who spends a lot of time in bed. Here are the best body pillows for seniors and the elderly.

    Best Neck Support Pillows For Seniors

    Best Neck Support Pillows For Seniors (That Aren’t a Pain in the Neck!)

    One way to prevent you or your elderly loved one from getting neck pain when sleeping is to sleep with the right type of pillow. Read on to see the best pillows for supporting your neck, to understand how the right pillow can prevent neck pain, and, to get tips on how to choose the right pillow.